FREE NCERT Solutions For Class 10th English

We have collected all the information about the NCERT Solutions For Class 10th English on one page. Candidates can lay a solid foundation for the subject of English by working through the Solutions For Class 10th.

Every student needs to have a solid command of the language because English is so important in every student’s life. Additionally, English is regarded as a class 10 subject that scores well. So, students who want a good score in class 10 might focus on English to ace the test and earn impressive grades.

Solutions For Class 10th English- First Flight (Prose)

Solutions For Class 10th English- First Flight (Poem)

Chapter 1 Dust of Snow
Chapter 6 Amanda
Chapter 7 Animals
Chapter 8 The Tree
Chapter 9 Fog
Chapter 10 The Tale of Custard The Dragon

Solutions For Class 10th English- Footprints Without Feet

Chapter 2 The Theif’s Story
Chapter 3 The Midnight Visitor
Chapter 7 The Necklace
Chapter 8 Bholi
Chapter 9 The Book that Saved the Earth


We hope the NCERT solutions for English for Class 10 would be helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about the CBSE English NCERT Solutions for Class 10. We will respond as soon as possible.

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