NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 9 – The Fog (Poem)

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 9 The Fog (Poem)

Thinking About The Poem

1.) (i) What does Sandburg think the fog is like?
(ii) How does the fog come?
(iii) What does ‘it’ in the third line refer to?
(iv) Does the poet actually say that the fog is like a cat? Find three things that tell us that the fog is like a cat.

Ans- (i) Sandburg thinks the fog is like a cat. He describes it as coming on “little cat feet” and moving silently and stealthily through the city. The use of the metaphor suggests that the fog is mysterious and unpredictable, just like a cat.

(ii) The fog comes silently and stealthily, like a cat. Sandburg suggests that it creeps in on “little cat feet” and covers the city, obscuring everything in its path. The use of the metaphorical language creates an image of a slow and gradual movement of the fog.

(iii) ‘It’ in the third line refers to the fog. Sandburg describes the fog as coming on “little cat feet” and then using the pronoun “it” to refer to the fog. This is a common literary device used to create emphasis and draw attention to a particular element in the poem.

(iv) Yes, the poet does say that the fog is like a cat. Three reasons to indicate that the fog is similar to a cat the use of the phrase little cat feet is to describe the movement of the fog, the comparison of the fog from a cat in the poem’s first line, and the connotation that the fog is weird and unexpected much like a cat. All of these elements combine to produce the metaphorical link between fog and a cat

2.) Think about a storm. Try to visualise the force of the storm, hear the sound of the storm, feel the power of the storm and the sudden calm that happens afterwards. Write a poem about the storm comparing it with an Animal.

Ans- Do it yourself

3.) Does this poem have a rhyme scheme? Poetry that does not have an obvious rhythm or rhyme is called ‘free verse’.

Ans- Carl Sandburg’s poem “Fog” lacks a constant rhyme system. It is written in free verse, which means it does not follow a typical rhyme or metre pattern. Other literary devices, such as metaphor, alliteration, and repetition, are used by Sandburg to create a sense of rhythm and musicality in the poem. The lack of a typical rhyme system allows Sandburg to concentrate on the images and produce a more natural and organic flow to the poem, which highlights the fog’s mysterious and otherworldly features.

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