Class 12 Chemistry Notes

CBSE Class 12 chemistry notes

For students, the 12th grade is a crucial year in which to focus on various extracurricular activities and make professional decisions. Exam pressure and challenging courses like Chemistry can weigh you down, so getting aid from professionals might be beneficial. For students who desire to excel in academics and pass competitive exams, Readaxis’s exceptional team’s class 12 chemistry notes are the ideal option. These class 12 chemistry notes are written in straightforward, understandable language, and you may obtain help from our teachers if you run into problems while reading the notes.

Class 12 chemistry notes chapter wise given below chapter wise given below

Chapter 1 The Solid State Class 12 Notes
Chapter 2 Solutions Class 12 Notes
Chapter 4 Chemical Kinetics Class 12 Notes
Chapter 5 Surface Chemistry Class 12 Notes
Chapter 7 The p-Block Elements Class 12 Notes
Chapter 8 The d and f Block Elements Class 12 Notes
Chapter 10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Class 12 Notes


It takes time and effort to understand, internalize, and comprehend the main concepts of both organic and inorganic chemistry in Class 12. Chemistry is a very important topic. The course material is extensive and must be studied in its entirety in order to fully understand the concepts and be able to work through any challenges that may arise. You won’t have to waste time hunting for last-minute revision materials because we have supplied revision notes for each chapter. Everything is there on Readaxis’s website, ready and waiting for you to take it and use it. Additionally, we advise students to visit the links to the chapter-by-chapter revision notes that are provided in this post.

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