NCERT Solution For Footprints Without Feet Chapter 3 The Midnight Visitor

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NCERT Solution For Footprints Without Feet Chapter 3 The Midnight Visitor

Read and Find out

Page 14

1.) How is Ausable different from other secret agents?

Ans– Ausable was different from the other secret agents as he was very fat and had an extraordinary accent depicting his migration from Boston to Paris.

2.) Who is Fowler and what is his first authentic thrill of the day?

Ans- Fowler is a writer and his first authentic thrill of the day was having a man aiming a gun towards him and demanding some documents from a spy, who looked to be every bit of incompetent enough to handle the situation they were in, which Fowler had no idea about.

Read and Find out

Page 15

1.) How has Max got in?

Ans- Max had gotten in with the help of a passkey.

2.) How does Ausable say he got in?

Ans- Ausable says that he got in through a balcony.

Think About It

1.) Ausable did not fit any description of a secret agent Fowler had ever read.” What do secret agents in books and films look like, in your opinion? Discuss in groups or in class some stories or movies featuring spies, detectives and secret agents, and compare their appearance with that of Ausable in this story. (You may mention characters from fiction in languages other than English. In English fiction you may have come across Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, or Miss Marple. Have you watched any movies featuring James Bond?)

Ans- Fictionally, secret agents are physically fit, mentally sharp, and technologically equipped at all times. They are the embodiment of cool and ideal. ‘Men in Black’ is an English film featuring secret agents, wearing black suits on the job, being physically fit, and having in-hand advanced technology. In comparison, these agents from the movie are far more different from Ausable who is very fat and wants the easy way out of a situation.

2.) How does Ausable manage to make Max believe that there is a balcony attached to his room? Look back at his detailed description of it. What makes it a convincing story?

Ans- Ausable manages to make Max believe that there is a balcony attached to his room by saying that there was someone other than him who enter his room through that balcony and by explaining that the room he was staying in used to be a large unit and there was a door leading to another room which used to be its living room which used to have that balcony but it was extended to his room’s window now and he also explained that it can be accessed from the room that is two empty rooms below. This was convincing enough for Max to believe Ausable’s words.

3.) Looking back at the story, when do you think Ausable thought up his plan for getting rid of Max? Do you think he had worked out his plan in detail right from the beginning? Or did he make up a plan taking advantage of events as they happened?

Ans- I think that his being a secret agent made him pre-prepared for this sort of incident to occur and the initialization was from the knocking on the door and then taking advantage of the events as they happened.

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Talk About It

1.) In this story, Ausable shows great ‘presence of mind,’ or the ability
to think quickly, and act calmly and wisely, in a situation of danger
and surprise. Give examples from your own experience, or narrate
a story, which shows someone’s presence of mind.

Ans- A beautiful day, beginning with me visiting the bank to submit some documents. It started as any other ordinary day but turned into a thriller movie in an instance, I could not keep up with what was happening but what I did highlight was – a middle-aged man holding a gun pointing towards the banker, asking for all the cash they have with them, and rest of the civilian’s head down in fear. The guard entered the office to check what all the fuss was about and stopped the moment he saw the gun. He did not flinch neither did he seem frightened of the situation. He calmly asked the man “Why are you doing that?”, The man replied “I don’t have any other choice, I’ve got a ₹5,00,000 worth of loan but I don’t have the means to cover even the interests it’s charging”, the guard continued to ask “Do you have any family member?” He told that he lived with his wife and his daughter.

Everybody was shocked, there was a sound of a siren, which seemed to be the police car’s siren. The guard still staying as calm as he was, told the man, who was panicking and inquiring about who was the one who called the police among us, that the cameras of the bank are linked to the security office a little far away from there and they may have called the police, he also told the man to take the money, drop the gun and run as fast as he can from the door behind or he will be surrounded with no way to escape. It seemed the best choice for him so he did as the guard had said as he dropped the gun the guard caught him and pinned him down on the ground. It was a scene right out of a film. The banker called the police and the man was arrested without any issues.

2.) Discuss what you would do in the situations described below. Remember that presence of mind comes out of a state of mental preparedness. If you have thought about possible problems or dangers, and about how to act in such situations, you have a better chance of dealing with such situations if they do arise.


  1. Use the fire extinguisher if any or prepare at least a bucket of water to extinguish the fire.
  2. I will ask for any doctor present at the situation or try getting the out by patting mildly on their back.
  3. Turn the switch off, take the plug out, and get it checked out.
  4. Firstly take the bicycle off, then check for any major injuries and treat their wounds accordingly.
  5. Turn all the electrical appliances off to avoid any short circuits and preserve food as much as possible.
  6. Contact every person related to them and if still there is no update then contact hospitals and police stations to inquir about them.

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