NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 9 – The Book that Saved the Earth

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 9 The Book that Saved the Earth

Read and find out (Page 63)

1. Why was the twentieth century called the ‘Era of the book’?

Ans:- The twentieth century had books about everything and everyone which was the main reason why it was called the ‘Era of the Book’ and it seemed like the twenty-fifth century did not depend on books at all therefore found the twentieth century to be an extraordinary era.

2. Who tried to invade the Earth in the twenty first century?

Ans:- The foreign beings of Mars led by Think-Tank or to be specific the leader of Mars Think-Tank were the ones who tried to invade the earth in the twenty-first century.

Page 65

3. What guesses are made by Think-Tank about the books found on Earth?

Ans:- To begin with, Think-Tank thought that the book was a sandwich the reason being that he thought that the cover was the ingredient called ‘bread’ and the pages were filling, he even ordered his soldiers to eat them, and this ended up in giving Oop, who had to eat it, a very bad taste. Then after Noodle’s suggestion that it may be a communication device, Think-Tank ordered his soldiers to listen closely to what the ‘communication sandwich’ was conveying, which ended in no result. Then Noodle gave a new piece of information stating that it was a ‘communication sandwich for the eye’, as eccentric as it sounds this was the closest they could get to what the book was.

Think about it (Page 74)

1. Noodle avoids offending Think-Tank but at the same time, he corrects his mistakes. How does he manage to do that?

Ans:- Whenever Think-Tank made a mistake, Noodle gave his suggestion as him getting some information defining that the ‘information’ was not something he has thought but had gotten from elsewhere and left all the other decision-making for Think-Tank which couldn’t have been, in any way, mislead as him offending Think-Tank. It seemed to have become a very common instance for him, making him efficient in it as well.

2. If you were in Noodle’s place, how would you handle Think-Tank’s mistakes?

Ans:- I would probably take the same route. It may be annoying but it is the best way of handling the situation without stepping out of our bounds. It isn’t risky and can also solve the problem-in-hand without any waste of time.

3. Do you think books are being replaced by electronic media? Can we do away with books altogether?

Ans:- It’s happening in real-time, so it can’t be called ‘what I think’ as this is what we are experiencing and what is going to develop even more in the upcoming future. We can do away with books altogether, it’s not a very far-fetched thought as it is an ongoing process presently.

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4. Why are books referred to as a man’s best companion? Which is your favourite book and why? Write a paragraph about that book.

Ans:- Books are referred to as a man’s best companion because once bought, they will always remain with you even when everyone will leave you will still stay with any educate you in your confused state, inspire you at your depressing moment, make you laugh at your sad moment and entertain you at your leisure moment, that’s how a companion ought to be and this is how books will be for you.

My favourite book is a romance-fantasy novel titled – ‘the vampire diaries’, which features romance and the day-to-day life of a human with vampires and other supernatural beings among them. The main protagonist, Elena Gilbert, a high school student, gets tangled, falls in love, and starts a relationship with a vampire named – Stephan Salvatore. He was a very tamed, calm, and human-loving vampire which was why he was solely surviving on drinking animal blood instead of preying on human blood which was the second nature for a vampire and also their source of power. Not knowing the horrors this bond will bring, they continue their lifestyle and then we see many more supernatural beings like werewolves, doppelgangers, and sirens. We also get to see the best love triangle of all – Elena, Stephan, and the new character, Damon Salvatore, he was Stephan’s brother and was opposite to him. It was a book that showed us many supernatural things which are, in real-time, considered superstitions. The book has many series and a TV series was featured with the same storyline and same title, although with a different climax.

Talk about it (Page 74)

1. In what ways does Think-Tank misinterpret innocent nursery rhymes as threats to the Martians? Can you think of any incidents where you misinterpreted a word or an action? How did you resolve the misunderstanding?

Ans:- Firstly, he misinterprets the first poem as Earthling having the technology or technique of combining agriculture and mining, he thought that the Earth citizens have successfully attained the median to procure silver, cockle shells, and even high explosives through mining or vegetation. Secondly, he misinterpreted the second poem as the Earth being able to teach their domestic animals the educational subjects of musical culture and space techniques, he also came up with Earthlings being capable of engaging in an ‘attack of millions of cows’ at another planet. Finally, he misinterpreted the picture of Humpty Dumpty and Earthlings already having the knowledge of Mars’ leader Think-Tank and are going to target him while making a plan for the capture of Mars.

It’s not a big thing for one to misinterpret another’s words or even actions. For instance, there was this incident that happened but the reason behind it was being too young to understand so, a teacher asked me to write the names of all the students present and write them on small papers, she was asking me to make chits and write everyone’s name on it but I misinterpreted it as her asking me to write everyone’s name on a small piece of paper for her to mark the attendance afterwards. I remember being scolded for it although I tried explaining my side of the story she scolded me even more for replying to elders that is the reason why it became an everlasting memory for me. I couldn’t resolve the situation but I tried my best and not every outcome is a good outcome so neither was mine.

2. The aliens in the play speak English. Do you think this is their language? What could be the language of i.e. aliens?

Ans:- It does seem like they can read English through some medicine but English wasn’t their language as they couldn’t read the English poem and understand it without the medicine. It’s not within our knowledge to determine the alien’s language.

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