NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 8 – Bholi

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 8 Bholi

Here we have provided Bholi Class 10 Questions and Answers [NCERT + PYQ]. These solutions will help you in understanding the chapter better & will make you with the types of questions that can be framed for your exam.

NCERT Questions Solutions:

Why is Bholi’s father bothered about her? [Page – 54]

Ans. Bholi wasn’t like other children. She fell off a hut as a child due to which her brain was slightly damaged. She picked up to speak late and used to stammer. Her face and entire body were filled in with pockmarks. Therefore, her father was upset about her marriage perspectives.

For what offbeat reason is Bholi transferred to school? [Page – 54]

Ans. As Ramlal was a government functionary and the Tehsildar had asked Ramlal to shoot his daughters to the new school in his townlet. Bholi was transferred to school just to satiate the Tehsildar. As Ramlal’s woman felt that transferring girls to the academy affected their marriage prospects negatively, she didn’t want to shoot any of her daughters to the academy. Still, Bholi, with her fester-pronounced face and dull brain would not be possible to get wedded anyway, so Bholi’s parents decided to shoot her to the academy to satisfy the Tehsildar.

Does Bholi enjoy her first day at the academy? [Page – 55]

Ans. Bholi was hysterical at first. She indeed wept when the schoolteacher asked her name. She just sat in a corner. But, the beautiful filmland on the classroom wall attracted her. The gentle, kind, and loving manner of her schoolteacher made her comfortable. She was looking ahead to her new life by the moment the first day closed out. Therefore, although originally, she didn’t enjoy it, by the time she went home she had liked the academy.

Does she discover her schoolteacher to be distinct from the people at home? [Page – 55]

Ans. Bholi had been an ignored child at home. She was never bathed nor her clothes washed. She was blamed and everyone made fun of her. But, her schoolteacher is entirely different. Her schoolteacher didn’t make fun of her ugliness or her stammering. She encouraged her tenderly. Her affection deeply touched Bholi’s heart.

Why do Bholi’s parents undertake Bishamber’s marriage offer? [Page – 58]

Ans. Bholi’s parents took Bishamber’s marriage offer as he was a well-to-do grocer and hadn’t queried for any dowry.

Why does the marriage not take place? [Page – 58]

Ans. At the time of marriage, Bishamber asked for a dowry of five thousand rupees because he saw Bholi’s fester-pronounced face. Ramlal had no choice but to pay. But, Bholi denied marrying the moneygrubbing man. She asserted her rights and quality. Therefore the marriage party was turned down.

Bholi had numerous apprehensions about going to the academy. What made her sense that she was going to a better spot than her home? [Page – 62]

Ans. The day she was going to the academy forced her parents to dress her nicely. She was bathed and her hair was duly done. Until also she wasn’t being taken care of. The special treatment she entered made her feel that she was going to a better place.

How did Bholi’s educator play a significant part in altering the course of her life? [Page – 62]

Ans. Bholi stammered and was just a pack of jitters when she attended the academy in the morning. Her schoolteacher treated her kindly and encouraged her to have confidence and be bold. She tutored her to read and write and made her an independent girl who was apprehensive of her rights. Therefore, she changed her life.

Why did Bholi instead coincide with an unstable match? Why did she latterly decline the matrimony? What does this tell about her? [Page – 62]

Ans. Bholi agreed to the match at first to fulfill her parent’s wishes.

Latterly on, she rejected the marriage when the bride asked for dowry. This tells us that Bholi wasn’t a skittish and dumb girl. She was apprehensive of her rights. She also knew how to fight for her quality and stressed no bone.

Bholi’s real name is Sulekha. We’re told this right in the morning. But only in the last but one paragraph of the story is Bholi called Sulekha again. Why do you suppose she’s called Sulekha at that point in the story? [Page – 62]

Ans. The word Bholi means a simpleton. Throughout the story, she had been a simpleton who hardly expressed her opinion on any matter. The word Sulekha means a person with a beautiful sense of letters’. In this story, this word has a larger meaning of being knowledgeable, intelligent, and mature existent. After her education, Bholi has changed to Sulekha and her assertion at the time of her marriage is her advertisement to the world that she’s no more a Bholi, but is a Sulekha.

Should girls be apprehensive of their rights and assert them? Should girls and boys have the same rights, duties, and boons? What are some of how society treats them else? When we speak of’ Mortal rights do we separate between girl’s rights and boy’s rights? [Page – 62]

Ans. Yes, there’s isolation between girls’ and boys’ rights. Although equal in the eyes of law, society treats them else. Parents spend further on a boy’s education than that on a girl’s. A girl is just trained to be a woman and mama.

Boys have special boons in matters of food. career or freedom. Girls must be apprehensive of their rights to exercise them. They must use their education to save their tone- reliance and quality. They must be ready to demand their due and indeed fight for it.

Bholi’s schoolteacher helped her overcome social walls by encouraging and motivating her. How do you suppose you can contribute towards changing the social stations illustrated in this story? [Page – 62]

Ans. We can contribute by saying no to taking or giving dowry. We mustn’t distinguish between a boy and a girl. Both should be given equal rights and openings to grow. We must also learn to admire those who are else-abled and treat them at par.

Do you suppose the characters in the story were speaking to each other in English? If not, in! which language were they speaking? (you can get suggestions from the names of the persons and the non-English words used in the story. [Page – 62]

Ans. No, we don’t suppose so. They spoke in Hindi. Several words like ‘numberdar, tehsildar sahib, izzat, and pitaji’ are ample evidence of that. Indeed the names of characters like ‘Ramlal’ and ‘Bholi’ support that.

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Previous Year Bholi Class 10 Questions and Answers

” Put the fear out of your heart and you’ll be suitable to speak like anyone differently.”These words of stimulant from the schoolteacher highlight that change of social station and encourages help a child like Bholi to come confident and face the world bravely. Taking help front’Bholi’ write how the social station towards Bholi made her a wallflower. What should help similar children to face the world bravely?

Ans. Bholi suffered a weak mind due to her accident (falling from her hut) during her immaturity. She also started stammer while speaking. Also, she came unattractive due to festering- marks on her face and body contracting the smallpox complaint. All these made her family and other children treat her poorly, performing in her getting a wallflower. To help such kiddos face the public bravely, we must treat them with love and attachment and cultivate them to abut mainstream society. We mustn’t mock their disabilities; rather, we should give them hope that they can be as good as the other children by motivating and upping them.

As we know that every child is unique and proper advice and support can hoist up the morals and incubate them to do good in their lives. There are a lot of children like Bholi in our society who need the ultimate care and devotedness from us. And we can help them to amend their lives to exceed in their future.

What kind of mama was Ramlal’s woman?

Ans. Ramlal’s woman was a traditional housewife who believed that daughters shouldn’t be educated, as it would be delicate to find misters for them. She neglected to look after her son Bholi because she was a slow learner.

Bholi elected a dignified life of favor rather than handing over herself to a greedy old man for the rest of her life. Education provides the wanted incentive to master one’s barriers. Explain the function of education in tailoring the life of a child dealing with the lesson ‘Bholi’.

Ans. Gone are the days when girls’ education was considered an inferior right as they weren’t allowed to come out of their houses. But teaching is the response to all social ailments. Ignorance and ignorance bring nothing but poverty, suffering, and misery. Bholi lacks confidence originally because of her! disabilities. She’s silent, skittish, and weak in mind. Her ugliness and her stammer don’t let her progress. She’s hysterical to speak as others make fun of her.

School changes her life fully. It opens a new world of a stopgap for her. Her schoolteacher treats her with love and kindness. Her affection and support help Bholi to have faith in herself.

She studies and grows into a confident youthful woman. She knows her birthrights and she asserts them as hands down. She refuses to wed a guy who demands dowry. Therefore, being educated changes the life of Bholi.

Then, Bholi represents all the girls of society who take! stand for their rights and know what’s right or what! is wrong. This happens only due to the proper education of girls. However, she can change! the society and nation, If a girl is educated.

She’s like the base of the family and imparts her knowledge and experience to her family and the coming generation. So schooling is authentic and a must for the girls.

Why did Bishamber’s marriage with Bholi not take place?

Ans. Bishamber’s marriage with Bholi didn’t take place because he’d demanded a dowry of five thousand rupees from her father for the marriage. So, Bholi refused to marry him and called him a greedy sissy.

What filled Bholi’, a dumb cow, with a new stopgap in her?

Ans. Bholi’s first day of academy brought a stopgap of a new life. She had planted a loving and kind schoolteacher. The schoolteacher had inspired her and given her a book and had made Bholi feel confident about herself and realised that a new life was soliciting for her.

Why do Bholi’s parents accept Bishamber’s marriage offer?

Ans. Bholi’s parents took Bishamber’s marriage offer because they were fortunate that he was well off and hadn’t asked for dowry. And they also caught on that because of her gorgeousness, he’d be the complete match.

He said to Ramlal, “As a profit functionary you’re the representative of the government in the vill and so you must set an illustration to the townies. You must shoot your daughters to the academy”.

(a) Who’s’he’?
(b) What illustration does he want Ramlal to set?
(c) What does the word’ profit’ mean?

Ans. (a) He’s the ‘Tehsildar’.

(b) The Tehsildar wanted Ramlal to shoot his daughters to the village academy so that other townies will follow his illustration by transferring their daughters to the academy too.

(c) It means ‘duty’.

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