The Necklace Class 10 Summary

The Necklace Class 10 Summary

The Necklace, is a fictional story of Matilda Loisel and her husband that teaches us that we should be satisfied and content with whatever we have. This story stresses the fact that we should not crave extravagant luxuries that are beyond our affordability.

The Necklace Class 10 Summary
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The Necklace Class 10 Summary

Matilda Loisel and her Unhappiness

Matilda Loisel, a middle-class lady, desperately wished she were wealthy. She was very pretty and charming but had the bad luck to be born into a family of clerks and married to another clerk, M Loisel. Her husband worked as a clerk in the office of the Board of Education. Matilda was simple but she was unhappy. She was so convinced that she was meant to be wealthy that she detested her real life and spent all daydreaming and despairing about the fabulous life that she was not having.

M Loisel Brings an Invitation

One day, M Loisel brought an invitation to a fancy ball (party) organised by his boss, the Minister of Education. M Loisel thought that her wife would be delighted to read the invitation but she was not happy to see the invitation. She told her husband that she did not have a good dress to wear to that occasion and asked him to give the invitation to his friend. Her husband M Loisel, told her that she could buy a new dress. He had saved four hundred francs to buy a gun to join some hunting parties. He said that he would give that money to her to buy a new dress

Matilda Gets a Necklace from Mme Forestier

Matilda brought a new dress but she was not happy. Her husband asked the reason for her sadness. She said that she would not go to the ball as she did not have jewellery to wear with the dress. He replied that she should wear some natural flowers, but she was not convinced. Then he advised her to borrow it from her friend, Mme Forestier. The next day, she went to her friend’s house and borrowed a necklace for the ball.

Matilda at the Day of Ball

The night of the ball arrived and Matilda was happy at the occasion. She looked very beautiful in the dress. Everyone liked her and she was absolutely thrilled. She and her husband did not leave until 4 am. Then they caught a cab and returned home.

The Necklace was Lost

When she returned home and was changing her dress, Matilda wanted to see her beauty in the final view before the mirror. Suddenly, she noticed that the necklace was not around her neck. She was shocked to see that her necklace had gotten lost. She cried out and informed her husband that she had lost the necklace. Her husband searched for the necklace in every place, where they went last night. He went to the police and the cab offices. He also put an advertisement in the newspapers, but the necklace was not found. So he advised her wife to write a letter to her friend telling her that she needed some time to get the necklace repaired.

Matilda Replace the Necklace

At last, Matilda decided to replace the necklace with a necklace that looked similar to it. Her husband gave her 18000 francs which his father had left for him. He took a loan of the remaining amount and purchased a diamond necklace for 36000 francs. She returned the necklace to her friend. Buying the necklace bought the Loisels in poverty. They lost their house, their maid, their comfortable lifestyle and on top of it all, Matilda lost her good-looking face.

The Truth Revealed Out

After ten years, all the debts were finally paid. One day Matilda was walking in the Champs-Elysees and saw Mme Forestier. She was looking charming and beautiful as she had looked ten years before. Now all the debts were paid off. Matilda decided to tell the story to Mme Forestier about her necklace. At this, Mme Forestier informed her that it was a fake necklace and the cost was only five hundred francs.

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