NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 8 – The Tree (Poem)

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight The Tree

Thinking About The Poem

1.) Find, in the first stanza, three things that cannot happen in a treeless forest.

What picture do these words create in your mind: “… sun bury its feet in shadow…”? What could the poet mean by the sun’s ‘feet’?

Ans- (i) In the first stanza, the poet mentions that birds cannot make their nests, the wind cannot play and the rain cannot cool in a treeless forest.

(ii) The phrase “sun bury its feet in shadow” creates an image of the sun setting behind the trees, with its rays of light fading away into the darkness of the forest. The poet could mean that the sun is being covered by the shadow of the trees, as if the trees are protecting the sun.

2. (i) Where are the trees in the poem? What do their roots, their leaves, and their twigs do?
(ii) What does the poet compare their branches to?

Ans- (i) The trees in the poem are in a forest. Their roots hold the earth, their leaves make a green roof, and their twigs weave a net to catch the sky.

(ii) The poet compares the tree branches like a wrestlers arms implying that they are robust and powerful.

3.) (i) How does the poet describe the moon: (a) at the beginning of the third stanza, and (b) at its end? What causes this change?
(ii) What happens to the house when the trees move out of it?
(iii) Why do you think the poet does not mention “the departure of the forest from the house” in her letters?

Ans- (i) At the start of the third stanza The moon is characterised as “a white-faced woman” at the beginning of the third stanza but has “gone up in smoke” by the end. The trees have shifted away from the house, creating a new setting

(ii) When the trees move away from the house, it is exposed to the moonlight and appears to lose its privacy.

(iii) The poet might not mention “the departure of the forest from the house” in her letters because it was an unexpected event, and she might have felt embarrassed to share it. This might also be interpreted as a metaphor for how some significant events in our life go unnoticed or unheard

4.) Now that you have read the poem in detail, we can begin to ask what the poem might mean. Here are two suggestions. Can you think of others?
(i) Does the poem present a conflict between man and nature? Compare it with A Tiger in the Zoo. Is the poet suggesting that plants and trees, used for ‘interior decoration’ in cities while forests are cut down, are ‘imprisoned’, and need to ‘break out’?
(ii) On the other hand, Adrienne Rich has been known to use trees as a metaphor for human beings; this is a recurrent image in her poetry.
What new meanings emerge from the poem if you take its trees to be symbolic of this particular meaning?


According to one interpretation, the poem shows a conflict between man and nature. The poet may be saying that trees are imprisoned in cities for interior decoration, whilst forests are destroyed for human needs, and that the trees must break free. The trees in the poem could also be seen as metaphors for humanity, with the poem emphasising that we need to reconnect with nature and escape the limits of our contemporary life.

5.) You may read the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ by Gieve Patel (Beehive – Textbook in English for Class IX, NCERT). Compare and contrast it with the poem you have just read.

Ans- The poem ‘On Murdering a Tree’ by Gieve Patel discusses the process of murdering a tree and how difficult it is to destroy something that has lived for so long. The poem is similar to ‘The Trees’ in that it investigates the link between humans and nature. ‘On Killing a Tree’, on the other hand, concentrates on the destructive aspect of human nature and our inclination to damage the environment for our own wants, whilst ‘The Trees’ gives a more positive picture of nature and the need to protect it.

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