NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight For Anne Gregory

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight For Anne Gregory (Poem)

Thinking About The Poem (Page No 119)

Q 1. What does the young man mean by “great honey-coloured/Ramparts at your ear”? Why does he say the young men are “thrown into despair” by them?

Answer: The young man saying, “great honey-coloured/Ramparts at your ear” refers to the shining brownish golden hair of Anne Gregory.  Her hair is ‘honey-coloured’ symbolizing the brown and golden colour of her hair and putting emphasis on its beauty. Further, her hair has been compared to the walls of a castle that protects it from intrusion; hence, in the same way, her hair is like a wall that doesn’t let any men see her internal beauty. The beauty of her golden locks makes the young men “thrown into despair” as they can’t resist falling for her.

Q2. What colour is the women’s hair? What does she say she can change it to? Why would she want to do so?

Answer: The woman’s hair is of shining brownish-golden colour. Her golden locks make men fall in love with her but she wants a lover who loves her for her inner beauty, so she wants to dye her hair brown or black which symbolizes the withering trait of external beauty. She wants to dye her hair black or brown in order to find a lover who truly loves her for her personality and just for her golden hair.

Q3. Objects have qualities that make them desirable to others, can you think of some objects (a car, a phone, a dress…) and say what qualities make one object more desirable than another?  Imagine you were trying to sell an object: what qualities would you emphasize?

Answer: Humans are more used to prefer outer beauty than inner beauty. They tend to incline more towards the object that looks good, like, a beautiful dress. If a lady has to buy a dress, she’ll most probably look at the beauty of the dress; shine, colour, and design. Then after, maybe she will consider the quality of the cloth. Rather than getting more influenced by the outer beauty of any object, its quality and utility should be considered first. If I were to sell any object, I would highlight its utility and long-term quality more.

Q4. What about people? Do we love others because we like their qualities, whether physical or mental? Or is it possible to love someone “for themselves alone”? Discuss this question in pairs or in groups, considering points like the following:

(I)a parent or caregiver’s love for a newborn baby, for a mentally challenged child; for a clever child prodigy?

(ii)the public’s love for a film star, a sportsperson, a politician, or a social worker?

(iii)your love for a friend, brother, or sister?

(iv)your love for a pet, and the pet’s love for you?

Answer: Activity to do by yourself.

Hints: A parent’s love can never wither for their child as they share a more intense and deep relationship with each other. In a similar way, you can’t unlove your brother or sister as siblings share a deep bond and intimate relationship. Whereas, the relationship with a friend may wither as it depends upon the reason behind the friendship. The love for film stars, etc., can wither by their fading looks or degrading character.

People who share a deep, intense, and strong bond with each other, their love doesn’t fade so easily as they never considered each other’s outer beauty in the first place. Yes, it is possible to love someone only on the basis of who they really are. You just need to take a glimpse inside their heart.

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