NCERT Solution for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5 – Footprints without Feet

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NCERT Solution for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5 – Footprints without Feet

Read and find out (Page 26)

1. How did the invisible man first become visible ?

Ans:- The invisible man stepped in some mud resulting in him showing his presence for the very first time.

2 . Why was he wandering the streets?

Ans:- The invisible man had no money, no clothes, and was on a run for burning his landlord’s house which was why he was wandering the streets.

Read and find out (Page 28)

1. Why does Mrs Hall find the scientist eccentric?

Ans:- Mrs. Hall thought that the man’s appearance was strange and had an odd nature that’s why she found him as an eccentric scientist.

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2. What curious episode occurs in the study?

Ans:- Griffin stole money from the clergyman’s desk in his invisible state, although the clergyman woke up from all sound he couldn’t catch him as there was nobody in his sight, although he and Mrs. Hall tried to look into the scientist’s room whose door was wide open, which was unusual and uncommon, they came out with seeing extraordinary things from the scientist’s room.

3. What other extraordinary things happen at the inn?

Ans:- When the clergyman and Mrs. Hall enter the scientist’s room which was unusually wide open they saw clothes and the bandages that the scientist wore lying and then a chair started flying towards them and forced them out of the room while closing the door shut as they stepped out. Then the scientist came out of the same room which seemed to be empty. These incidents were unusual and extraordinary.

Think about it (Page 31)

1. “Griffin was rather a lawless person”. Comment

Ans:- The given statement clearly warns us that whatever Griffin does was not according to the laws of society and was not acceptable as well.

2. How would you assess Griffin as a scientist?

Ans:- Griffin was not like any other scientist. He had no principles or values of his own and did not care about anyone other than himself. He never gave a second thought about how great his discovery was but how he can use his finding to take his revenge.

Talk about it

1. Would you like to become invisible? What advantages and disadvantages do you foresee, if you did?

Ans:- I would like to become invisible.

It would have both advantages and disadvantages like, we can go around the world unnoticed and undisturbed, we can disappear from situations we don’t want to be in while being naked is not something to be proud of, and hiding from something or someone will not solve any situation rather it may even make the situation much worse.

2. Are there forces around us that are invisible, for example, magnetism? Are there aspects of matter that are ‘invisible1 or not visible to the naked eye? What would the world be like if you could see such forces or such aspects of matter?’

Ans:- We cannot see friction, gravity, glass, and air but these are matters that are ‘invisible’ or not visible to the naked eye. It would be a mess if we see everything and I think there need to be forces that are unseen as space is limited and these unseen forces require unlimited space.

3. What makes glass or water transparent (what is the scientific explanation for this)? Do you think it would be scientifically possible for a man to become invisible, or transparent? (Keep in mind that writers of science fiction have often turned out to be prophetic in their imagination).

Ans:- In scientific language, the High quantity of intermolecular space makes water or glass transparent. I think it may be possible if scientists are successful in increasing the intermolecular space of the molecules in human beings.

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