NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 8 – Mijbil the Otter

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter

Oral Comprehension check (Page 106)

1. What ‘experiment’ did Maxwell think Camusfearna would be suitable for?

Ans:- The ‘experiment’ was to keep an otter instead of a dog.

2. Why does he go to Basra? How long does he wait there, and why?

Ans:- He was going to Basra to the Consulate-General to collect and answer his mail from Europe. After arriving at their destination he found that his friend’s mail had arrived but this had yet to arrive. After being cabled to England and waiting for three days nothing had happened, he tried to telephone. It took not less than eight day of waiting for his mail to arrive, in order to make a call one had to book it twenty-four hours in advance or they wouldn’t be able to make the call at all. For some or the other reason the call couldn’t be made for three consecutive days. Then after five more days of waiting was when his mail arrived.

3. How does he get the otter? Does he like it? Pick out the words that tell you this.

Ans:- His most awaited mail had arrived and was escorted by two Arabs, beside them was a sack that seemed liked squirming from time to time. They handed Maxwell a note from his friend defining that the sack contained the otter that he had asked for.

The words such as ‘thraldom to otters’ and ‘an otter fixation’ showed us that he liked the otter very much.

4. Why was the otter named ‘Maxwell’s otter’?

Ans:- Mijbil was how Maxwell referred to the otter as, was, in fact, of a race previously unknown to science, and was afterwards named by zoologists as Lutrogale perspicillata maxwelli, or Maxwell’s otter.

5. Tick the right answer. In the beginning, the otter was
  • aloof and indifferent
  • friendly
  • hostile

Ans:- Aloof and indifferent

6. What happened when Maxwell took Mijbil to the bathroom? What did it do two days after that?

Ans:- According to the text, when Maxwell took Mijbil to the bathroom, for around half an hour Mijbil went wild with joy in the water, he was all over the place, and was splashing the water all around him which seemed quite amusing to Maxwell. Two days later an even more interesting event occurred, by the time Maxwell followed Mijbil to the bathroom, Mijbil was trying his best to turn the taps on with his little paws. Mijbil ended up being successful in turning the tap from a trickle of water to it’s full flow, which was a big achievement for Mijbil as he had already faced far too many disappointments in doing so from his past attempts and it was surprising for Maxwell.

Oral Comprehension check (Page 108)
1. How was Mijbil transported to England?

Ans:- In accordance to the rules of the British airline to London, animals were not allowed in the flight, therefore, Maxwell had to take another route so he decided to booked a flight to Paris on another airline, which would allow animals in the flight, and from there to London on the same airline. That was how Maxwell planned to transport Mij to England.

2. What did Mijbil do to the box?

Ans:- The lining of the box was torn into shreds by Mijbil and ended up injuring itself from the torn box.

3. Why did Maxwell put the otter back in the box? How do you think he felt when he did this?

Ans:- Ten minutes were left for the flight and the airport’s distance was not less than five miles and therefore they needed to hurry if they wanted to catch the flight that was why Maxwell ended up putting the injured otter back in the box. I think Maxwell was very sad and heartbroken to do such a thing to his Mij even though the little one was in pain.

4. Why does Maxwell say the airhostess was “the very queen of her kind”?

Ans:- Maxwell says the air hostess was “the very queen of her kind” because she suggested Maxwell to put Mijbil, his pet, on his knee rather than keeping it in the box, after hearing about the whole situation, which was certainly kind of her as it was not mentioned to Maxwell that if he can take Mij out if he sees fit or not.

5. What happened when the box was opened?

Ans:- Mij was out of the box but in a flash, he was out of sight, he disappeared at high speed down the aircraft. Although in the end, he returned to Maxwell.

Oral Comprehension Check (Page 110)
1. What game had Mij invented?

Ans:- Mij discovered that if he placed the ball on the high end it would run down the length of the suitcase. He would dash around to the other end to ambush its arrival, hide from it, crouching, spring up and take it by surprise, grab it, and trot off with it to the high end once more.

2. What are ‘compulsive habits’? What does Maxwell say are the compulsive habits of
  • school children
  • Mij

Ans:- ‘Compulsive habits’ are habits impossible to control. Maxwell refers to the rituals of children who on their way to and from school must place their feet squarely on the center of each paving block as the children’s compulsive habit and Mij’s habit to touch every seventh upright of the iron railings, or pass to the outside of every second lamp post as Mij’s compulsive habit.

3. What group of animals do otters belong to?

Ans:- Otter belongs to the Mustelliners group of animals.

4. What guesses did the Londoners make about what Mij was?

Ans:- ‘a baby seal’, ‘a squirrel’, ‘a walrus’, ‘a hippo’, ‘a beaver’, ‘a bear cub’, ‘a leopard’ that had changed its spots — and a ‘brontosaur’; Mij was anything but an otter to the Londoners.

Thinking about the text (Page 110, 111)

1. What things does Mij do which tell you that he is an intelligent, friendly and fun-loving animal who needs love?

Ans:- When Miji had turned the tap far enough to produce a trickle of water, and after a moment or two achieved the full flow as he wanted to play with water showed his Intelligence, Miji followed Maxwell’s lead while walking and also let children near him which told us about his friendly nature. Miji loved having fun whether it be by discovering new games with his different balls or by playing with even a little amount of water and splashing it around with no aim.

2. What are some of the things we come to know about otters from this text?

Ans:- With this text, we get to know about the main fact that an otter can be an as well while it does require a lot of care and most importantly a lot of water, it is a very friendly and intelligent animal as well.

3. Why is Mij’s species now known to the world as Maxwell’s otter?

Ans:- Mijbil was, in fact, of arace previously unknown to science, and was at length christened by zoologists Lutrogale perspicillata maxwelli, or Maxwell’s otter.

4. Maxwell in the story speaks for the otter, Mij. He tells us what the otter feels and thinks on different occasions. Given below are some things the otter does. Complete the column on the right to say what Maxwell says about what Mij feels and thinks.
What Mij DoesHow Mij Feels or Thinks
Plunges, rolls in the water and makes the water splosh and splash
Screws the tap in the wrong way
Nuzzles Maxwell’s face and neck in the aeroplane


What Mij DoesHow Mij Feels or Thinks
Plunges, rolls in the water and makes the water splosh and splashAccording to Maxwell, otters want every drop of water that must be, so to speak, extended and spread about the place; a bowl must at once be overturned, or, if it will not be overturned, be sat in and sploshed in until it overflows. Water must be kept on the move and made to do things; when static it is wasted and provoking.
Screws the tap in the wrong wayWhen Mij screws the tap tighter, Maxwell thinks of him as chittering with irritation and disappointment at the tap’s failure to cooperate.
Nuzzles Maxwell’s face and neck in the aeroplaneWhen suddenly Maxwell thought the distressed chitter from his feet as an act of Mij’s recognition and welcome.
5. Read the story and find the sentences where Maxwell describes his pet otter.

Then choose and arrange your sentences to illustrate those statements below that you think are true. Maxwell’s description

  1. makes Mij seem almost human, like a small boy.
  2. shows that he is often irritated with what Mij does.
  3. shows that he is often surprised by what Mij does.
  4. of Mij’s antics is comical.
  5. shows that he observes the antics of Mij very carefully.
  6. shows that he thinks Mij is a very ordinary otter.
  7. shows that he thinks the otter is very unusual.


  1. True
  2. False
  3. True
  4. True
  5. True
  6. False
  7. True

Thinking about language

I. Describing a Repeated Action in the Past

From the table below, make as many correct sentences as you can using would and/or used to, as appropriate.

  1. Emperor Akbar used to be fond of musical evenings.
  2. Every evening we would take long walks on the beach.
  3. Fifty years ago, very few people used to own cars.
  4. Till the 1980s, Shanghai would have very dirty streets.
  5. My uncle used to spend his holidays by the sea.

II. Noun Modifiers

1) Look at these examples from the text, and say whether the modifiers (in italics) are nouns, proper nouns, or adjective plus noun.

  • i) An otter fixation
  • ii) The iron railings
  • iii) The Tigris marshes
  • iv) The London streets
  • v) soft velvet fur
  • vi) A four-footed soccer player


  • i) Noun
  • ii) Proper noun
  • iii) Noun
  • iv) Adjective plus noun
  • v) Proper noun
  • vi) Adjective plus noun
1. Match the words on the left with a word on the right. Some words on the left can go with more than one word on the right.
  • i). A portion of – of fried fish
  • ii). A pool of – water
  • iii). Flakes of – snow
  • iv). A huge heap of – stones
  • v). A gust of – wind
  • vi). Little drop of – water, blood
  • vii). A piece of – gold, stone, fried fish
  • viii). A pot of – gold
2. Use a bit of/a piece of/a bunch of/a cloud of/a lump of with the italicised nouns in the following sentences. The first has been done for you as an example.
  • i) My teacher gave me some advice.
  • ii) Can you give me some clay, please.
  • iii) The information you gave was very useful.
  • iv) Because of these factories, smoke hangs over the city.
  • v) Two stones rubbed together can produce sparks of fire.
  • vi) He gave me some flowers on my birthday.


  • i) My teacher gave me a bit of advice.
  • ii) Can you give me a lump of clay please?
  • iii) The bit of information you gave was very useful.
  • iv) Because of, these factories, a cloud of smoke hangs over the city.
  • v) Two pieces of stone rubbed together can produce sparks of fire.
  • vi) He gave me a bunch of flowers on my birthday.

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