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Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Chapter 5 Ideas That helped Mankind

B.1. Read the following sentences and write T for true and F for false statements:

  • i) Ideas help mankind.
  • ii) Survival was never a problem for homo sapiens.
  • iii) Long infancy was a biological advantage to mankind.
  • iv) Man’s earliest technical skill was devoted to increasing their population.
  • v) Congenital skills play a more important role than the acquired skills.
  • vi) Unlike birds, human beings can foresee a catastrophe.
  • vii) Forethought can avert physical danger.
  • viii) The intelligent qualities account for the glory of man.
  • ix) In a secure future there are neither worries nor lack of joy.
  • i) T
  • ii) F
  • iii) T
  • iv) F
  • v) T
  • vi) T
  • vii) T
  • viii) T
  • ix) T

B.2.1: Read the following sentences and write T for true and F for false statements:

  • i) Utilization of fire was a milestone in human progress.
  • ii) Fire was used only for cooking.
  • iii) Domestication of animals had nothing to do with religion.
  • iv) Our earliest form of writing was pictorial.
  • v) Invention of agriculture was less important than domestication of animals.
  • vi) In course of time we have progressed.
  • i) T
  • ii) F
  • iii) F
  • iv) T
  • v) F
  • vi) T

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B.2.2. Answer the following questions briefly:

1) Has civilization taught us to be more friendly towards one another?

Ans:- The simple answer to this question is yes, civilization has taught us to be more friendly towards one another. For example, Robin birds (the English species) kill the older Robin birds whereas humans take care of and give pensions to old age people.

2) What is our attitude towards those ‘outside our herd’?

Ans:- ‘Outside the herd’ here means, those species or creatures who are not defined as homo sapiens. So, outside the herd, our behaviour is not humane. It is just like animals, ferocious against each other.

3) What are the two broad categories of ideas that have helped mankind?

Ans:- The two broad categories of ideas that have helped mankind are:

First, that contributes to knowledge and technique.

Second, are those which are concerned with morals and politics.

4) Did language play a role in human development?

Ans:- Language played a very significant role in the development of mankind. Without language, it would not be possible to hand inventions and discoveries from one generation to another generation.

5) How many languages do you know apart from your mother tongue? Has it helped you in any way?

Ans:- AI knows English apart from my mother tongue Hindi. Yes, English has helped me in so many ways. English is the language of science and international business and communication. It has helped me a lot in learning about international trends.

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1) Discuss the ideas that have helped mankind.

Ans:- The main ideas that significantly helped mankind were:

  • The use of fire. First, the fire was discovered and used to prevent the wild beasts from entering the tribe but when a child accidentally threw meat into the fire, the meat tasted much better. Through this, the art of cooking came into existence.
  • Domestication of animals was another step that helped in better cultivation and reduced the workload of peasants.
  • The invention of agriculture was a big leap through which most of our food comes. Through this invention lives of many animals got saved due to the rise of vegetables and vegetarians.
  • The writing was also a very important idea because of which the history of discovery and inventions could be passed.

2) How are human beings different from animals? Explain.

Ans:- Humans are different from animals through empathy and morals. Animals are ferocious to each other that they have no feelings like empathy and they are inhumane. On the other hand, humans show empathy to each other, they are not ferocious to each other, they have morals and they are humane, i.e., they show humanity to each other.

3) How has the civilization helped us? Discuss.

Ans:- Civilization has helped us by providing us with the necessities we have now. Civilization has made us more humane and empathetic towards each other. This is why we learn and try to discover and invent things for the upliftment of our society or civilization. The invention of fire which led to the creation of the art of cooking, the invention of agriculture which became an important part of our society and gives us food, the taming of domestic animals for reducing the work load on peasants and efficient work and writing are some of the ways through which civilization has helped us with.

4) Is it important for us to be civilized? Give examples of the civilized behaviour that you practise in your everyday life.

Ans:- Yes, it is very important for us to be civilized. Showing empathy to others and helping each other. As a part of civilization, we are using the history, inventions and discoveries left by our past generations for us. Therefore, it is our duty to maintain this legacy and continue to pass it on to our forthcoming generations.

As a part of a civilization, I do what I can possibly do from my side. Like giving seats in public transport to elders. Helping the needy. Using my ideas and knowledge for good purposes and not for the destruction of society.


1) Write a letter to your friend in Delhi about the culture of Bihar.

Dear friend, I hope you are doing fine in Delhi. Since you are coming to visit Bihar for your vacation you asked me about the culture of Bihar. I must tell you that the culture of Bihar is very diverse and very religious. Here you can find people from all religions living together with peace and harmony. Some famous crafts are: Madhubani painting, Patna Qalam, embroidery, lac bangle making and famous folk arts include Chhau dance, jat-jatin dance Bidesia.  One of the most prominent festivals of Bihar is Chhat Puja. It is a festival of four days where people keep fast and don’t even drink water. It includes standing in water and praying. This is the festival for the sun god. It is one of the most eco-friendly religious festivals famous widely across the world.  It is said that, Karna, who was the son of Sun used to perform this Puja. Karna was the king of Anga Desh, which is believed to be Bhagalpur at present in Bihar. On this people worship the Sun for their bountiful blessings on earth.

2) Write a paragraph in about 100 words on the ‘significance of original thinking’.

Thinking originally is very important in this world of plagiarism.

Original thinking helps in two ways. One way it helps is in new inventions and discoveries in the world which leads to more information and knowledge. All this knowledge, if used properly and correctly, will help in the upliftment of mankind. This knowledge will then be passed to upcoming generations and they will utilize it for more upliftment of the world. Remember ‘Knowledge and Intelligence makes a man powerful.’ Our Intelligence is what makes us, humans, different from other animal species. Also, when we express our unique idea, it inspires everyone, therefore, in one or the other way it inspires others to think originally too. This becomes a fundamental root for the development of mankind.  

On a personal level, it hones our creative and critical thinking. We become more creative and observe the world differently. With this habit, we then start to draw inspiration from all around the world.

Therefore, on a personal level as well as for the mankind it is extremely important that we come up with original ideas. No idea is a waste until and unless it is yours and original.


D.1. Dictionary Use

Ex.1. Correct the spelling of the following words:

  1. numerus
  2. prelimnary
  3. continualy
  4. vareity
  5. teknique
  6. acquaintence


  1. Numerous
  2. preliminary 
  3. continually
  4. Variety  
  5. technique
  6. acquaintance

Ex.2. Look up a dictionary and write two meanings of each of the following words – the one in which it is used in the lesson and the other which is more common:


  • i) Large number of people of same species who live together
  • ii) large number of animals who live and feed together


  • i) An event that causes great difficulty
  • ii) sudden disaster that causes great suffering


  • i) used to say a group of people
  • ii) word or symbol that represents a quantity


  • i) a large strong animal
  • ii) cruel man


  • i) Related to living beings
  • ii) Related to biology


  • i) ability to do something
  • ii) ability you acquired after practice


  • i) period of 100 years
  • ii) general period of 100 years


  • i) a path with walls all sides and connects two sides.
  • ii) a tube in your body through which air and food pass.


  • i) cultural
  • ii) intellectual

D.2. Word-formation

Given below is a list of words from the lesson. Write their antonyms by adding prefixes like ‘in-‘, ‘un-‘, ‘dis-‘, ‘im-‘

  • advantage – Disadvantage
  • certain – uncertain
  • definite – indefinite
  • friendly – Unfriendly
  • moral – immoral
  • agreeable – disagreeable
  • sure – Unsure
  • foreseen – unforeseen
  • pleasure – displeasure                                                       

D.3. Word-meaning

Column AColumn B
Hirsutecovered with hair, furry
Catastrophesudden great disaster
Snoozenod off


Column AColumn B
Hirsutenod off
Humanesudden great disaster
Cannibalismcovered with hair, furry

D.4. Use these phrases in sentences of your own:

  1. at any rate:- This new model of car can go at any rate you can imagine.
  2. have to do with:- He has nothing to do with the project.
  3. hand on:- Can you hand on this pen to him?
  4. last for:- Did spring last for even a month?
  5. tend to:- Police tend to think she is the criminal.


Ex.1. Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions:

  • a) Please read ……… line 5 ………….. page 10
  • b) Birds die ……….. hunger ……………… the winter
  • c) Mamta prefers coffee ……….. tea.
  • d) Mahatma Gandhi was born ………….. porbandar ……………….. Gujarat.
  • e) Chhabi swam ………….. the river.
  • f) We have become ………………….. certain respects less like animals.


  • a) in, on
  • b) of, during
  • c) to
  • d) at, in
  • e) across
  • f) in

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