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Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Poem 6 The Soldier

B.1. 1. Read the following sentences and write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements:

  • a) The speaker of the poem is a soldier.
  • b) He is a French soldier.
  • c) The soldier is very sad.
  • d) He praises England.
  • e) He talks about his friends.
  • f) It is a love poem.
  • g) The poet is depicting the miseries of war.
  • h) The poet expresses his indebtedness to Englad.
  • i) The poem is a sonnet.


  • a) True
  • b) False
  • c) False
  • d) True
  • e) True
  • f) False
  • g) False
  • h) True
  • i ) True

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B.1. 2. Answer the following questions briefly:

1) Is the speaker afraid of death?

Ans:- No, the speaker is not afraid of death. The poet is a very brave Soldier who has immense love for his country.

2) If at all he dies in the battle, how would he like to be remembered?

Ans:- According to the poet, if he dies in a battle, the only thing he wants everyone to think about him is that the land on which he sacrifices his life shall become forever England’s land.

3) How can ‘some corner of a foreign field’ be ‘for ever England’?

Ans:- ‘Some corner of a foreign field’ can be ‘for ever England’ by the sacrifice of the soldier who laid down his life for the country. The poet says so because all of us are made of the dust of our own country. Our country is our mother who nurtures and loves us throughout our life.

4) ‘In that rich earth a richer dust concealed.’ What does ‘dust’ stand for?

Ans:- Here, ‘dust’ stands for the body of the Soldier.

5) What is meant by the phrase ‘A pulse in the eternal mind’?

Ans:- This phrase indicates the vibration or the sensation felt in our mind when we relive all the moments of love and joy in our country.

C.1. Long Answer Questions

1. Do you think that the title of the poem is appropriate? Give reasons.

Ans:- The title of the poem is appropriate. It tells us about the point of view of a soldier and his love for his country. The soldier depicted in the poem is brave and patriotic and is not afraid of death.

2. Discuss the main ideas contained in the first eight lines i.e., octave.

Ans:- The mean ideas contained in the first 8 lines are octaves and the thoughts of a soldier about the aftermath of his death in a foreign field. The soldier wants everyone to remember that if he dies, the land of a sacrifice will be England’s forever. He refers to his body as the dust of England which is rich. He mentions that his body is the one whom England give birth to, shaped, made aware of, gave her flowers to love, her ways to roam as well as fresh English air. The author remembers all the blessings given by his country to him since his birth.

3. What do you understand by patriotism? Is this a patriotic poem? Discuss.

Ans:- Patriotism refers to the feeling of love, respect and sacrifice for one’s own country. This poem is a patriotic poem since the author expresses his immense love and willingness to sacrifice for England. He has portrayed his country as a mother who nurtures her child with all her love and cares throughout her life

4. Summarise the poem in your own words.

Ans:- ‘The Soldier’ is a patriotic Sonnet written by Rupert Brooke. The poem shows the hard life of a brave soldier and his thoughts about his country. The poet is very brief and loving towards his country. He wants his death field to be remembered as England’s land. He refers to his body as the dust of England. Also, He mentions all the favours of his country given to him. He portrays his country as a mother who bore and shaped him, made him aware of the world, gave her air to breathe, her flowers to love, her fruits to eat and her ways to roam. He says that his thoughts are also given by England. The poet wants to remember all of them when all hearts are at peace under an English heaven.

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5. How many times does the poet use ‘England’ or ‘English’ in the poem? What does it show?

Ans:- The poet uses these words 6 times in the poem. This shows the love of the poet for his country.

6. How can you show that you love your country?

Ans:- We can show that we love our country really by joining the armed forces of the country. It is the highest action of showing respect and love for the country. As a citizen of a country, we should contribute to its development and whatever ways we can like keeping its ways clean, paying taxes, contributing to the betterment of the economy, minimizing crimes etc.

7. What is a sonnet? Comment on the language of the prescribed poem. Also, mention its rhyme-scheme.

Ans:- A Sonnet is a short poem of fourteen lines. It has two parts. The first 8 lines are called octave and the last line are known as seslet. It contains an expression of a single thought, feeling a situation for example in the above poem it is patriotism. The prescribed poem is also a Sonnet and the rhyme scheme of the poem is ababab.

C. 3. Composition

Write a short essay in about 100 words on the following:

a. Life of a soldier

The life of a soldier is very difficult. Becoming a soldier is a very major and brave choice. As it is not a job or a profession but it is a service for the nation in which the nation is your first priority. It is all about sacrificing yourself and submitting yourself completely to the nation. Apart from being rough, the life of a soldier is also full of respect. The uniform of a soldier inspires everyone to become like him and stills a feeling of patriotism in individuals. The soldiers of a country are real heroes. They don’t sleep even when the whole country snoozes. The Nation stays at peace only because of the soldiers of our country who are available 24/7.

b. War widows

A war widow of a soldier who died in war is remembered as a Brave woman. Being the wife of a soldier is the equivalent difficulty of being a soldier. It’s never easy to say goodbye to your loved ones when you know how uncertain life is. Moreover, the government assistance given to them is not enough and they have to struggle to make ends meet. After being widowed, they are left with a huge amount of struggle to survive their loss, raise the children and take care of their families. According to me, War Widows deserve more attention and respect from the government.

DustBodythe finer and light particles of mud
Boregave birthuninteresting
Awarebeing informed
Englishthe people and every thing related to England is referred as Englishlanguage
BodyThe ultimate home of an individual
Eternallasting for ever

D.2. Word-formation

Write adjectives showing nationality, against the names of the countries given below:

New ZealandNew Zealandians
West IndiesWest Indians

D.3. Word-meaning

Ex 1. Write the antonyms of the words given below:


E. Grammar

Ex. 1.Read the following lines from the poem carefully:

Fill in the blanks with suitable modals to complete the sentences:

  • i) Amod ………… complete his homework in an hour. (ability).
  • ii) Students ………… remain in discipline during the period. (compulsion)
  • iii) ………. you succeed in life. (wish)
  • iv) If …….. rain today. (possibility)
  • v) What ……… I do in this uncommon situation! (advice)
  • vi) you ……… to take proper care of your old parents. (moral duty)
  • vii) If Chhabi had participated in the dance competition, she ………… have won the admiration of the audience. (a possibility that did not realise)
  • viii) In evening they …………. go out for a walk. (habit)
  • ix) ………….. you, please, bring a cup of tea for me? (polite request)
  • x) Safdar ………… be in Delhi in the first week of January. (future time)


  • i) can
  • ii) should
  • iii) may
  • iv) might
  • v) should
  • vi) should
  • vii) would
  • viii) will
  • ix) could
  • x) will

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