An Epitaph Question Answer । Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Poem 5

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Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Poem 5 An Epitaph

B.1.1. Read the following sentences and write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements:

  • a) The poet expresses his sad feelings for a lady. Ans:- T
  • b) The lady belonged to the North Country. Ans:- F
  • c) The poet considers her the most beautiful lady. Ans:- T
  • d) ‘Beauty’ remains for ever if we take proper care for it. Ans:- F
  • e) There are other persons who also know the lady. Ans:- F
  • f) The poet feels that after his death nobody will remember her. Ans:- T
  • a) T
  • b) F
  • c) T
  • d) F
  • e) F
  • f) T

B.1.2. Answer the following questions briefly:

1) Where does the lady lie?

Ans:- The lady lies in the memories of the poet and in the words written on the headstone of her grave-the epitaph.

2) How does she look to the poet?

Ans:- The lady was the most beautiful lady ever in the west country encountered by the poet.

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3) Was she a kind and considerate lady?

Ans:- No, the lady was not a kind and considerate lady. Rather she was restless as she had the habit of always moving here and there.

4) What does the poet think about ‘beauty’?

Ans:- The poet thinks that ‘beauty’ is not a permanent thing in our life. As life moves on, no matter how beautiful ‘beauty’ is, it shall perish.

5) What does the poet mean when he says ‘And when I crumble’.

Ans:- The poet has suffered the loss of his wife and he is aware of the inevitable truth of life- death. So, when the poet says ‘And when I crumble’ he meant to say- when he dies. 


1) ‘Ambiguity’ is a poetic device which is used to suggest more than one meaning and attitdue. Comment on the ‘ambiguity’ in the use of the word ‘light’ in the second line of the poem?

Ans:- The word, ‘light’ is generally used to signify as a ray of hope. Light describes the vanishment of dark in our life. When we are in the state of despair, the word ‘light’ symbolises energy, as we are fresher and more energetic during day than at night.

The second meaning comes from the phrase used by the poet, ‘Light of step and heart’, which means the habit of repeated restless movement here and there without any commitment or purpose.

2. What, according to the poet, are the qualities of ‘beauty’? Discuss with your own comments.

Ans:- Walter De La Mare elegantly describes the two qualities of ‘beauty’ in a contrasting way. The first quality of beauty is the pleasure of mind and soul that we feel upon encountering beauty. The attraction that our mind feels and gets addicted to the pleasure. On the other hand, the second quality of beauty is shock of tremendous loss. In life, nothing is permanent, neither joy nor sorrow, so it applies to beauty too. No matter the intensity of beauty or how rare beauty is, it will fade away one day while leaving a scar on the admirer addicted to it.

3) What will happen when the poet dies?

Ans:- People generally admire the beauty that attracts and is pleasurable to eyes. Therefore, it is easy for such type of people to move on and get attracted to a more beautiful thing or person. But a person who admires the true beauty gets affected by the vanishment of the beauty. That person is not affected by anything more beautiful. Here, the poet is the second type of person, who is afraid that when he will die, who will admire the true beauty as other people would have already moved on. The poet believes after his death, everyone will forget about the lady who was once the most beautiful.

4. Write a note on the philosophical meaning of the poem.

Ans:- The poem ‘An Epitaph’ is beautifully penned down by the poet Walter De La Mare. The philosophical meaning of the poem is – Anything in existence will fade away, be it a person, thing or the beauty that lies with them. The two examples of the philosophical meaning are given the poet in terms of his two losses. The first is the demise of his wife and the other is the disappearance of his wife’s beauty. Neither the person nor the things are permanent in our life, we should be adaptable to change, for life is about ‘Survival of the fittest’. In the end what remains with us are the memories until we are alive then nothing remains.

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Bihar Board Class 12th English Solution
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5) What makes you feel that the poem is ‘ironical’ in meaning?

Ans:- The poem by Walter De La Mare is full of irony. The lady who was lively and had the habit of restlessly moving here and there for no reason is now motionless and laid under the ground. The man who used to admire the beauty of his wife has suffered the loss of the most precious person of his life. Now he could do nothing but just mourn his loss. The beauty of the woman has now vanished away. For the poet, the demise of her wife is like the disappearance of his life. What remains behind are the memories only which might fade too when the poet dies. Life- a beautiful lie and Death-an ugly truth are two contrasting phases that everyone must go through. In this world everything and everyone has come with an expiry date.


Write a paragraph in about 100 words on the following:

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.

The phrase ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ was termed by a very famous poet John Keats. A Thing of beauty is a constant source of happiness. Relating it with the example of the given poem, whenever the poet thought about his wife, he always admired her beauty and would become happy. Beauty might fade away from the real world after a time but its impression on us and its fascination always remains in our heart engraved. Joy is the most profound feeling in the world. Sometimes we should not only feel joyous about the concrete things around us for they will not remain with us forever. But, if we learn to feel happy about the good memories we had, our life would be made so easy. We should not feel sad about a past joyous memory because you cannot experience it again rathe we must feel grateful that we could enjoy that moment. If we learn to enjoy every moment and stopped regretting than only a thing of beauty will be a joy for us forever.

All that glitters is not gold.

‘All that glitters is not gold’ is an aphorism, short and clever phrase to state something true, which means that we should not believe that everything that looks beautiful from the outside must be beautiful from the inside. External appearance of a person or even things should not be a factor to judge the performance or it should not be a reliable indication of its true nature. Personalities of any human being can be categorised into three categories. First, the personality they show the world which is not true. Second, that they show to their families and closed ones. And the third one that they show to themselves. No one shows the true self reflection of themselves to the world. There is also a very famous counterpart phrase, known by everyone, that ‘We should not judge a book by its cover’. We should not determine the functioning of things and a person’s true character by just seeing their presentation. Rather we should determine their worth form their true functioning or true character.


D.1. Dictionary Use

Correct the spelling of the following word:

beautyful vanises crumbul rimembar ladie


  • beautyful – beautiful
  • vanises – vanishes
  • crumbul – crumble
  • rimembar – remember
  • ladie – lady

D.2. Write 10 words that end in ‘-ful’.

  • Wonderful
  • Sorrowful
  • Joyful
  • Cheerful
  • Cupful
  • Fruitful
  • Harmful
  • Graceful
  • Faithful
  • Sinful

D.3. Word-meaning

Ex 1. Fill in the blanks with the antonyms of the following words given in the box:

  • i) The stars suddenly ………………….. from behind the clouds.
  • ii) As the room was ………………… I could not see anything.
  • iii) They created an ………………… scene when they fought together.
  • iv) A crow is a ………………… bird in India.
  • v) We can never ……………… the valuable sacrifice of the leaders of the freedom struggle movement.


  • i) Appeared
  • ii) Dark
  • iii) Ugly
  • iv) Common
  • v) Forget


  • i) Most of ………………….. students today want to work in …………. U.S.A
  • ii) There is …………….. red rose on ……….. plant, ………….. rose has become quite attractive.
  • iii) There are very few students in …………….. university, who want to pursue research work.
  • iv) …………. apple ………… day keeps …………. doctor away.
  • v) I have met ……………… M.L.A today.


  • i) The, the
  • ii) A, the, the
  • iii) The
  • iv) An, a, the
  • v) an

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