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Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Poem 1 Macavity the Mystery

B.1. 1. Read the following sentences and write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements:

  • a) Macavity is an ordinary cat.
  • b) Macavity is an outlaw.
  • c) Macavity is always there on the scene of crime.
  • d) Macavity can be found in the basement.
  • e) The poet find Macavity lazy and half-asleep.
  • f) It can be seen in the by-street.
  • g) Mungojerrie and Griddlebone are also cats.
  • h) The poet is really angry with Macavity.
  • i) The poet compares Macavity to Napolean.
  • a) F
  • b) T
  • c) F
  • d) F
  • e) T
  • f) T
  • g) T
  • h) F
  • i) T

B.1. 2. Answer the following questions briefly:

1) Why does the poet call Macavity, a mystery cat?

Ans:- The poet calls Macavity a mysterious cat because he is a good escaper. He commits the crime and is never found on the scene of crime.

2) What are the adjectives that have been used to describe Macavity’s character?

Ans:- The adjectives used to describe Macavity’s characters are: Ginger, bafflement, fakir, dome, fiend, monster, depravity, suavity, deceitfulness and criminal.

3) Why is Macavity termed a ‘criminal’?

Ans:- Macavity is referred to as criminal because it never obeys human laws and does activities equivalent to the criminal offence.

4) What is suggested by the phrase ‘powers of levitation’?

Ans:- All cats possess this ability to jump high in the air. Therefore, the phrase ‘power of levitation’ here resembles the extraordinary ability of Macavity to jump in the air.

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5) What would you do if a cat enters your kitchen? Would you keep a cat as pet?

Ans:- If a cat enters my kitchen, I will drive away the cat. No, I will not keep a cat as a pet.


1. Discuss the poet’s impression of Macavity, the mystery cat. Why does he call it mysterious?

Ans:- T.S. Eliot calls the cat, Macavity, mysterious because he breaks the laws repeatedly and flees from the crime scene. When there is peace, Macavity can be found on the streets but when there is a crime like a larder’s looted, a jewel case is rifled when milk is missing, Peke’s been stifled, greenhouse glass is broken or the trellis past repair, Macavity will not be found. He is so clever that when he escapes, his footprints cannot be found.

He would be miles away, licking his thumb and behaving innocently. He is perfect in escapism and execution of his tasks without leaving any clue leading to no chance of being caught. 

2. ‘Macavity is never there’. Elaborate.

Ans:- Macavity can be seen all the time when there is peace around but whenever there is any criminal offence, he will not be seen. He would be miles away and behave innocently as if nothing happened. Even though Macavity becomes the suspect in many incidents yet his cleverness saves him. He leaves behind no clue in order to be caught.

3) Why does the poet call Macavity ‘outwardly respectable’? Discuss.

Ans:- The poet uses the statement ‘outwardly respectable’ as a satire against the cat as Macavity is a very clever and cunning cat who veils itself with the mask of innocence after committing a sinful crime. In any crime related situation, the cat is either not found or if found, he would be miles away, licking his thumb with innocence and no one would ever suspect him of the crime. Even if someone searches for him anywhere, Macavity would not be found after a crime. No matter how hard the police try to catch the cunning culprit, once the situation of one crime settles, Macavity goes out for another and the cycle goes on.      

4. There are other cats like Mungojerrie and Griddlebone, but ‘there’s no one line Macavity’. Explain.

Ans:- In general, cats are referred to as wicked animals who are ego-centric and never care about other beings around them, even the person who pets them. In this reference, T.S. Eliot mentions and compares Macavity with other two wicked cats, namely Mungojerrie and Griddlebone, who could be naughty and impish but not as slick as Macavity.  Macavity is so clever that it pretends to be lazy and sluggish but is rather very active and might be planning for some criminal activity.

5) Make a list of crimes Macavity is capable of.

Ans:- There are numerous activities that Macavity is capable of. Some of them include looting the larder, and a cupboard for storing food items. Thoroughly searching the jewel case, stealing the milk, suffocating the dog, Pete, and breaking the glasses of the greenhouse are some of the activities that Macavity cleverly does and no one is ever able to catch him. No matter how hard the police try to catch him, he is not found after the crime. Once everything settles, he goes out for another one soon after and is again prevented from being caught.

6) What would you do to tame Macavity?

Ans:- It is hard to tame a shrewd vile cat like Macavity but still it needs to be controlled. From the character sketch of the cat given by Eliot, it is clear that the cat creates huge trouble if not controlled properly. To control such a wild cat, the best way is to train the animal with professional guidance. Whatever Macavity did, he is an animal who deserves to be handled with love, care and support. Taming techniques like imprisonment and beating are animal abuse and a criminal offence. One should always choose the path of generosity and love in order to handle any animal if not then he or she should hand over their pet to any animal NGO.

7) Do you find the poem humorous? Give your comments on the poem.

Ans:- The poem is quite humorous when comparing the cat with Napoleon and referring to it as a criminal. Eliot has elegantly described the character sketch of the cat as well as the setting of the poem. The humour of the poem increases when the poet complains that Macavity breaks human laws and it needs not follow them. The cat, on the other hand, is also a notorious creature who ensures to create trouble for everyone and his innocence saves him all the time. The cunningness of the cat and the impotence of the police adds more humour to the poem. The vivid description of the notorious activities by the cat is the icing on the cake.


Write a short essay in about 150 words on the following:

a) Your favourite pet

I am an animal lover, therefore I have pets many animals and dogs are my favourite pets. I have pet around 3 dogs in which one is about one year old, the other one is around two and a half years old. Sadly the third one is no more. Dogs are the most loyal creatures ever made on earth. They are so protective, loving, friendly and loyal that even human characters cannot match the level of the character of a dog. Whenever I came back home tired or felt low after coming back from school my two dogs, Pab and Neru have always cheered me up. Going on evening walks with them became my favourite daily routine which I never wanted to miss. My compassionate friends never left me alone in my low times as humans did. My two friends not only stay with me in my bad times but also teach me lessons about life every now and then. They teach me the importance of sticking together in harsh times. They teach me to live life with zeal for every day is a new adventure for us.

b) Animals in prison

In this contemporary world, humans are using their powers in every worst possible way. In order to live in harmony with nature, we need to live hand in hand with every creature nature created. Cutting down the trees and making roads on forest lands, is taking away the homes of animals. When these animals try to come on roads or towns which were their homes once, they are either tranquillized and sent far away to other forests or are kept in zoos. Zoo is a place where an innocent animal is kept in prison. Animal cruelty never stops in this world and the day is not far when nature will avenge the disbalance of harmony in nature by humans. By keeping animals in prisons, humans are making money. Humans are misusing their powers and intelligence against animals. For humans, even animals are nothing but material through which they are earning money. The aquarium is another such example where aquatic life has been taken away from their homes and is displayed to the public.


Ex.1. Look up a dictionary and write two meanings of each of the following words – the one in which it is used in the lesson and other which is more common

a) Ginger

  • i) tall and thin    
  • ii)a root that tastes hot and is used in cooking

b) Loot

  • i) to steal things
  • ii) valuable objects taken by soldiers after defeating enemy

c) Alibi

  • i) excuse
  • ii) statement by someone who claims to be on a different place at the time of crime in order to defend the accusation 

d) Coat

  • i) The furry skin of animals
  • ii) To put a layer of something on any other thing

e) Master

  • i) expert
  • ii) To learn something on a good level

f) Pulse    

  • i) regular beating of heart
  • ii) seeds of some plant such as beans which are cooked

g) Repair

  • i) restoration
  • ii) to put something damaged back together

D.2. Word- Formation

gravity baffle national profound jovial celebrate

  1. The force of attraction between two bodies is due to the gravitational force.
  2. Pitman provoked criticism and bafflement after the fact.
  3. Our nationality is Indian.
  4. Some people profoundly announce their achievement.
  5. There was an air of joviality in the room.
  6. It’s time for some celebration.

D.3. Word-meaning

Ex. 1. Match the words in Column A with their meaning in Column B:

Column AColumn B
Pawaway from the correct path
Starecovered with dust
Dustyhaving an elegant manner
Depravity excuse
astrayfoot of an animal
suavitylook sternly
alibiroom below the ground level
Column AColumn B
Pawfoot of an animal
Starelook sternly
Dustycovered with dust
Depravity room below the ground level
astrayaway from the correct path
suavityhaving an elegant manner


Ex.1. Fill in the blanks selecting suitable words given in the bracket against each sentence:

  • i) If you ………….. to him, he would help you. (go, went)
  • ii) Their footprints …….. seen there. (was, were)
  • iii) When you …………. here, I will help you. (reach, will reach)
  • iv) The boy ……… father lives here is my friend. (whom, whose)
  • v) Manoj is the boy …………. can do anything. (who, whom)
  • vi) Sita is engaged …………. some important work today. (in , with)
  • vii) He is more …………… a poet. (than, but)
  • viii) She …………… herself even in a critical situation. (control, controls)
  • ix) He has …………. every human law. (broke, broken)
  • x) There may be …………. point of discussion. (a, the)


  • i) Go
  • ii) Were
  • iii) Will Reach
  • iv) Whose
  • v) Who
  • vi) In
  • vii) Than
  • viii) Controls
  • ix) Broken
  • x) The  

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