I have a Dream Question Answer । Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Chapter 4

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I have a Dream Question Answer


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D. Word Study

D. 1.Dictionary Use

EX. 1.Correct the spelling of the following words:

  • opportunity
  • begining
  • hatered
  • prodegeons
  • curvacous
  • antem


  • Opportunity
  • Beginning
  • Hatred
  • Prodigious
  • Curvacious
  • Anthem

D. 2. Word-formation

momentous segregation discrimination marvellous righteousness persecution nullification freedom community devotee brotherhood spiritual


  • Moment – ous
  • Segregate – tion
  • Discriminate – tion
  • Marvel – ous
  • Right – iousness
  • Persecute – tion
  • Null – ification
  • Free – ification
  • Common – nity

D.3 Word-meaning

Ex. 1. Match the words given in Column A with their meanings in Column B

Column AColumn B
legitimatecompensating for the faults
inextricablyin accordance with law
staggeredsmall pile of earth
oppressionclosely bound
tranquilizingbecoming calm
molehillthe point just before a new situation
janglingwalk or move unsteadily
emancipationunpleasantly harsh


Column AColumn B
legitimatein accordance with law
thresholdthe point just before a new situation
inextricablyclosely bound
staggeredwalk or move unsteadily
oppressionunpleasantly harsh
tranquilizingbecoming calm
molehillsmall pile of earth
emancipationcompensating for the faults

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EX.1. Put the correct form of verbs given in the brackets given and complete the sentences:

  • a) The Negro still …………. himself an exile in his own country. (find)
  • b) People ………… to realise the plight of the Negroes.(come)
  • c) We will not ………… until justice is done. (satisy)
  • d) Let freedom ………. from the mighty mountains of New York.(ring)
  • e) Martin Luther ……… America proud. (do)


  • a) finds
  • b) have Came
  • c) get satisfied
  • d) ring
  • e) did make feel

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