I have a Dream Question Answer । Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Chapter 4

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Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Chapter 4 I have a Dream

Long Answer Questions

1. ‘The life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination.’ Elaborate.

Ans. ‘ The life of negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination ‘. The author says so because even after years of the Emancipation Proclamation, the negro community is still not free and it’s devoid of its basic human rights. The community still faces racial discrimination and segregation. They are still not treated equally as the white people of America. Negro are devoid of their basic citizenship rights. The author also states that the revolts for justice will continue until racial injustice eradicates.

2. What would be fatal for the nation? Why? Explain.

Ans. It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the movement and to underestimate the determination of the negro. The author insists that 1963 is the start of the journey of attaining equality and justice for the negro community. The author says that in this process, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Moreover, the struggle should be conducted on the grounds of dignity and discipline. The author is strictly against physical violence and wants to remind all the people through his speech about the urgency of providing justice to the Negros.

3. What was the ‘dream’? How many times ‘I have a dream’ appears in the lesson? Discuss the importance of this repetition.

Ans. The dream refers to the belief in a better future in which there is no difference on the grounds of race, sex, ethnicity, language or any other status. The author aspires for a nation that would be free from slavery, and inequality. The phrase’ I have a dream’ appears a total of 8 times in the speech. The repetition of this phrase stresses the need for equality between all men including the white and the black people of America.

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4. What is the pledge? When will it be fulfilled?

Ans. The author states that we must make the pledge that we shall always March ahead and not turn back. This pledge will only be satisfied when every negro in Mississippi has the right to vote. It will be satisfied when justice rolls like water and righteousness like a mighty dream. It will only be fulfilled when equality and peace prevail between all the communities of the country.

5. Do you have a dream for your state? Narrate your dream in your own words.

Ans. Yes, I too have a dream for my state. I believe in a state where pollution and corruption levels are at their lowest and happiness and health levels are at their highest. According to me and ideal state would be one in which every citizen is free in aspects of following a particular religion, and receiving healthcare services and education. The poverty rate should be low and food should be available to everyone in the country.

C. 3.Composition

Write a paragraph of about 100 words on each of the following:

1. Human Rights

Human rights refer to basic rights like the right to life, freedom, education, work, opinion, expression and many more. These Rights are the rights of every human being irrespective of his/her sex, race, caste, nationality, language, ethnicity or religion. There are six fundamental human rights as stated in the Indian Constitution. The first and foremost one is the right to equality  According to which everyone is equal before the law. This right states that every human irrespective of his or her status are equal before the law. The second one is the right to freedom. This right in itself is a container for many rights like freedom of speech, expression, following a certain religion, practicing any profession, movement throughout the country, etc.

The third right is the right against exploitation under which human trafficking, child labor and forced labor are prohibited. The fourth one is the right to freedom of religion. It guarantees every individual secularism i.e. to follow whichever religion they like. Also that the state will not consider any religion as the official religion. This right includes cultural and educational rights and the last one is the right to constitutional remedies which ensures its citizens approach the supreme court of India if any of their rights get violated in any case.

2. Secularism

The freedom of every religion to exist gives rise to secularism. They should be no restriction on following of any religion by anyone. Secularism demands that religion be treated as a purely personal matter. Secularism in simple words can be described as an ideology that provides people with the right to follow any religion or not follow any. It entitles the state to the responsibility to maintain neutrality in matters of religion. In a secular country, no state can legally favor or loathe a particular religion whereas individuals residing in a country are free to follow and practice the religion of their choice.

Secular states are not supposed to have any officially declared state religion and the governing body along with its officials should ensure that no decision of the state should be influenced by any religious body that is independent of the state in the matter of decision-making and equal treatment to all religions should be maintained. No religion can be prioritized or favored in a truly secular state. Many democracies around the world have inculcated the ideology of secularism within their constitution as it ensures peace among the various religious groups and also checks the peaceful functioning of state affairs.

D. Word Study

D. 1.Dictionary Use

EX. 1.Correct the spelling of the following words:

  • opportunity
  • begining
  • hatered
  • prodegeons
  • curvacous
  • antem


  • Opportunity
  • Beginning
  • Hatred
  • Prodigious
  • Curvacious
  • Anthem

D. 2. Word-formation

momentous segregation discrimination marvellous righteousness persecution nullification freedom community devotee brotherhood spiritual


  • Moment – ous
  • Segregate – tion
  • Discriminate – tion
  • Marvel – ous
  • Right – iousness
  • Persecute – tion
  • Null – ification
  • Free – ification
  • Common – nity

D.3 Word-meaning

Ex. 1. Match the words given in Column A with their meanings in Column B

Column AColumn B
legitimatecompensating for the faults
inextricablyin accordance with law
staggeredsmall pile of earth
oppressionclosely bound
tranquilizingbecoming calm
molehillthe point just before a new situation
janglingwalk or move unsteadily
emancipationunpleasantly harsh


Column AColumn B
legitimatein accordance with law
thresholdthe point just before a new situation
inextricablyclosely bound
staggeredwalk or move unsteadily
oppressionunpleasantly harsh
tranquilizingbecoming calm
molehillsmall pile of earth
emancipationcompensating for the faults


EX.1. Put the correct form of verbs given in the brackets given and complete the sentences:

  • a) The Negro still …………. himself an exile in his own country. (find)
  • b) People ………… to realise the plight of the Negroes.(come)
  • c) We will not ………… until justice is done. (satisy)
  • d) Let freedom ………. from the mighty mountains of New York.(ring)
  • e) Martin Luther ……… America proud. (do)


  • a) finds
  • b) have Came
  • c) get satisfied
  • d) ring
  • e) did make feel

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