A Marriage Proposal Question Answer । Bihar Board Class 12 English Book Solutions Chapter 11

Here we have provided A Marriage Proposal Question Answer. A Marriage Proposal Question Answer will help you understand the chapter better and will be helpful in your exam preparation.

A Marriage Proposal Question Answer । Bihar Board Class 12 English Book Solutions Chapter 11

B.1.1. Read the following sentences and write T for True and F for False:

  1. Lomov is a neighbor of the Stepanovnas.
  2. He wore the morning coat to attend the party.
  3. Mr. Choobookov becomes angry to know Lomov’s desires..
  4. Lomov is a man of nervous temparament.
  5. Natalia is a quiet and peace loving lady.
  6. The ownership of Ox-meadows is disputed.


  1. T
  2. F
  3. F
  4. T
  5. F
  6. T

B.1.2. Answer the following questions briefly:

Q.1- How is Lomov greeted by Choobookov?

Ans- Choobookov gets surprised and nicely shakes hands with Lomov and generously welcomes him.

Q.2- How does Choobookov reacts when he comes to know that Lomov wants to marry Natalia?

Ans:- At first Choobookov gets overjoyed on hearing the news then he asked Lomov to repeat it and then he sheds tears of joy and starts hugging and kissing Lomov and tells him that he was yearning for this day to come.

Q.3- Why does Lomov thinks that his is a critical age?

Ans:- Lomov thinks that this is a critical age because he is already thirty-five and unmarried. People usually are either married by this age or get married.

Q.4- Why does Lomov feel nervous before proposing to Natalia?

Ans:- Lomov is of nervous temperament and also Natalia is an ideal woman any man can dream of, therefore, he is suspicious if she will accept him.

Q.5- Why is Natalia afraid that all her hay may rot?

Ans:- It started raining the day before and without the son the hay might rot. This is the reason Natalia is afraid of her hay might rot.

Q.6- What, according to her, is the real worth of Ox-meadows?

Ans:- The real worth of Ox-meadows, according to Natalia is three hundred rubles.

Q.7- Who, according to Lomov, had let the meadows and to whom?

Ans:- Lomov’s aunt’s grandmother lent them to Natalia’s paternal great grandfather’s peasants for an indefinite period of time.

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B.2.1. Read the following sentences and write T for True and F for False:

  1. Choobookov supports Lomov’s claim over Ox-meadows.
  2. His peasants used the land for forty years.
  3. It is Natalia who threatens to take the matter court.
  4. She does not use the abusive language of Lomov.
  5. She feels delighted to have behaved decently with Lomov.


  1. F
  2. F
  3. F
  4. F
  5. F

B.2.2. Answer the following questions briefly:

Q.1- What is Lomov’s explanation of ox meadows becoming a disputed piece of land?

Ans:- Lomov told that his aunt’s grandmother lent the meadows to Natalia’s grandfather’s peasants for temporary use and free of charge. His peasants used the land for forty years and got in the habit of regarding it as their own.

Q.2- What does Choobookov say about Lomov’s father and grandfather?

Ans:- Choobookov said that Lomov’s whole family is a bunch of pettifoggers. He also said that his grandfather drank a fish and his father was a gambler who ate a pig.

Q.3- Why does Lomov refer to the land settlement?

Ans:- Lomov referred to the land settlement because he says that the Ox-Meadows belonged to him which needs no dispute.

Q.4- Why does he complain all the time of palpitation and veins throbbing?

Ans:- Lomov was of a nervous temperament and people with such conditions generally face these consequences. Their veins throb and they get palpitations.

Q.5- Why does Natalia cry and weep to know that Lomov has come to propose her?

Ans:- Natalia is 25 years of age and might want to marry Lomov, a she could be the perfect man she wanted. This could be a reason that Natalia was wailing or crying and weeping.

B.3.1. Read the following words and write T for true and F for false:

  1. Lomov refuses to come back to Natalia.
  2. The name of Lomov’s pet dog is Leap.
  3. Choobookov bought his dog for eighty-five ‘rubbles’.
  4. According to Lomov, Leap is a pug-jawed.
  5. Lomov claims to have memory of an elephant.
  6. Choobookov thinks that Lomov is possessed by some ‘demon of contradiction’.
  7. Lomov faints when he realizes that he will not succeed in marrying Natalia.
  8. Choobookov takes the lead to settle the marriage of his daughter with Lomov.


  1. F
  2. F
  3. T
  4. T
  5. F
  6. F
  7. F
  8. T

B.3.2: Complete the following sentences on the basis of the unit you have just studied:

  1. It is not very nice of you to ………………… your neighbours.
  2. Do you think I may……….. on her accepting me?
  3. I’m always getting terribly …………. up.
  4. I was so greedy that i had the whole meadows …………..
  5. I have had the ……… of knowing your family.
  6. Your leap …………. behind by half mile.
  7. You only tag along in the order to …… with other people’s dogs.


  1. cheat
  2. count
  3. wrought
  4. mown
  5. honour
  6. lagged
  7. meddle

B.3.3 : Answer the questions briefly:

Q.1- Why does Natalia want to talk about something else?

Ans:- Natalia wants to talk about the marriage proposal that Lomov came for which turned into a dispute between both of them.

Q.2- What, according to Lomov, is the main defect of Leap?

Ans:- The main defect in Leap, according to Lomov, is that it is a pug-jawed dog which makes it a poor hunting dog.

Q.3- How does Natalia describe her own pet dog, Leap?

Ans:- Natalia says that her pet dog, Leap is superior to Guess, pet dog of Lomov. Natalia says that her dog is pedigreed greyhound. He is a squeezer breed – son of harness and chiser. Guess is piebald according to Natalia.

Q.4- ‘That’s a load off my back.’ What is this ‘load’? Why does Choobookov says so?

Ans:- The load is the marriage of his twenty-five years old daughter, Natalia. He considered the marriage of his daughter as his responsibility, so after she got married to Lomov, Choobookov got a sense of relief.

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C.1: Long Answer Questions:

Q.1- On the basis of your reading of scene I, do you think that Lomov and Choobookov are cordial neighbours?

Ans:- Yes, I strongly believe that Lomov and Choobookov are cordial neighbors as Choobookov gave Lomov a really friendly and warm welcome at his house and shakes hands. Choobookov also said that he felt so nice to see Lomov after a long time. Lomov also mentions Choobookov as an esteemed neighbour in Scene I. Lomov came to ask for the hand of Natalia from Choobookov and Choobookov always used to think if Natalia would marry Lomov. This can only happen if they both are on good terms and cordial neighbors.

Q.2- Write a short note on the character of Lomov on the basis of self-revelation in scene-II.

Ans:- Lomov is thirty-five years old which is considered a really old age to marry around the world as most people either have kids around that age or are already married. Apart from this, he had a nervous temperament because of which he had issues like palpitations of the heart and throbbing of veins. This altogether made him a shy and underconfident person which makes him believe that Natalia would not like him and might reject him.

Q.3- Are Lomov and Natalia really interested in laying claim on Ox-meadows?

Ans:- No, the main interest of both of them was not Ox-meadows. Lomov came for a marriage proposal to Natalia but as he was shy and believed that she might reject him, he did not propose straight to her rather he tried to propose to her indirectly which lead to him saying that his Ox-meadows run along her birch forest. This is when Natalia interrupted and claimed Ox meadows to be belonging to her family which is then denied by Lomov. After the quarrel, when Natalia realizes that Lomov had come to propose to her, she immediately regrets her mistake.

Q.4- Do you think that Natalia was also interested in marrying Lomov? What makes you think so?

Ans:- Absolutely yes, Natalia was very interested in marrying Lomov as he is her neighbor and she might be knowing him well and he is wealthy too. We know this because after a good quarrel between Lomov and her, she was informed by her father that Lomov had come to propose to her and she regrets it immediately after listening to her father. Choobookov, Natalia’s father, and Lomov knew each other very well and also Natalia was also of a marrying age where most women get married. For Lomov, Natalia was even ready to disclaim the ownership of Ox-meadows for which she had a dispute over with him.

Q.5- Despite his heated arguments with Lomov, Choobookov in the last scene shows haste in finalizing the marriage. What could be the reason for his haste?

Ans:- Choobookov considers marriage of his daughter as his responsibility because she has reached the age where most girls of her age are either married or are in the process of marriage whereas he had not gotten any marriage proposal for his daughter. Lomov is a man who has almost everything, he is wealthy and a man with good character as they both know each other for long. Therefore, he can give the hands of his daughter without any hesitation, as he knows his daughter will be in safe hands. Despite Lomov and Natalia’s heated argument against each other infuriating the environment between all of them yet Choobookov knew Lomov would always keep Natalia happy.

Q.6- Do you think the title of the drama is suitable? Give reasons in support of your views. Suggest a different title of the drama.

Ans:- Yes I think the title of the drama is suitable. Although there were heated arguments between the characters of the story and the conflict of the story was opposite to what the title suggested yet the situation of both the male and female protagonists remained the same, their age of marriage. Both of them were at their ideal ages of marriage and did not have any good marriage proposal but as both of them were neighbors, they knew each other nicely. As they say, two halves together make one. This was the condition of both of them. The infuriated behavior of both of them included a hidden insecurity of rejection.

Q.7- Natalia and Lomov would be an ideal couple. Do you agree? Give reasons.

Ans:- The basic requirement of a couple in a marriage is mutual respect and mutual understanding. From the drama’s conflict, it is easily understandable that the understanding of both Lomov and Natalia does not match with each other at all. Both of them still have a little part of immaturity in themselves which would become a major drawback in their relationship in future. They quite tried to resolve their dispute but their true nagging nature would reveal itself time and time again.

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Write a short essay in about 150 words on the following:

a) Role and responsibility of parents in a marriage

Parents play a crucial role in the marriage of their children. In every culture and religion, a marriage is incomplete without the blessing of the parents. Parents are the god and the holy marriage is incomplete without their presence. All the rituals include the presence of parents and it is a once in a lifetime moment for a parent to witness their child getting married. Marriage is the real beginning of the real world of the child according to their parents. This is the real time when their child chooses to be with a partner who is going to be with him/her lifetime. This would be the beginning of the time when their children will start experiencing and realizing the world the way their parents would have done. Their child will be creating another crucial and holy bond with their life partner.

b) Social relevance of marriage

Society considers marriage as a bond between two people mainly a bond between a male with a female. Society considers a married couple to be independent enough to take their own decisions and is ready to live nobly with society. Society believes until and unless a couple is married they tend to outlaw the general regulations that they should follow in order to live with the society with respect. Marriage is so important in society that certain ages for both men and women are defined by society which is considered as an ideal age to get married and a critical age where a person should just marry beyond which marriage is a tough task. In certain places, only the entry of married couples is allowed. In addition to all of this, there are so many government schemes beneficial for both couples. Also, it is great to have a partner with you in this world where people are all egoistic and self-centered.

2. Write a letter to your friend describing the marriage ceremony that you attended recently in your family:

Sector 50
Anand Vihar
New Delhi

14th May, 2023

Dear Rahul,
I am really excited while writing this letter and overwhelmed to share with you the experience I had at the marriage ceremony of my cousin. The whole ceremony constituted of three days with various rituals done on the first day and the second day followed by a party at night and the main wedding event happened on the third day. There were lots of different types of dishes that I tried and I along with all the other cousins danced a lot. Overall it was definitely a once in a time moment and a major memory for me. I enjoyed it a lot.

Your friend
Ved Sharma



Ex.1. Correct the spelling of the following words:

  1. interept
  2. weged in
  3. impertinant
  4. embelgelment
  5. kolossal
  6. retrive
  7. palpitetion
  8. intrige
  9. twiching


  1. interrupt
  2. wagged in
  3. impertinent
  4. embezzelment
  5. colossal
  6. retrieve
  7. palpitation
  8. intrigue
  9. twitching
D.2. Word formation

Make five compound words using the following words:

air college night cyber young


  • fresh air
  • men’s college
  • starry night
  • cyber security
  • young self

Ex.1. Fill in the blanks with suitable phrases given in the box:

call on
make up
count on
carry on
run after
talk about
superior to
envious of
accustomed to

a) Snigdha’s intelligence made her ………….. to her classmates.
b) In time of crisis, you may ………… your friends.
c) We must ……….. the glorious tradition of the past.
d) I advised Ankita to ……….. a doctor
e) You should ……….. your mind before joining the army.
f) Shylock was ……….. Antonio’s popularity.
g) We were asked to …………….. our aim in life.
h) Priya is not ……….. such severe cold.


a) superior
b) call on
c) talk about
d) run after
e) make up
f) envious of
g) talk about
h) accustomed to

E. Make sentences of your own both as adjectives and verbs in sentences of your known. One is done for you.

  • esteemed
  • delighted
  • inherited
  • maintained
  • mistaken
  • disputed
  • paralyzed
  • accustomed
  • abused
  • insulted
  • twisted


esteemed (v): Tendulkar is esteemed as the best batsman.
esteemed (adj): He is my esteemed neighbour.

delighted(V): He was delighted on hearing the news.
delighted(adj): Delighted woman rushed to store for the discount.

inherited(v): This trait has been inherited from his father
inherited(adj): This inherited trait is not good for your future

maintained (v): He had nicely maintained his notebooks.
maintained(adj): Disciplined and maintained people to something good in life

mistaken(v): She had been mistaken in that case.
mistaken(adj): It is a mistaken advise.

disputed(v): They disputed among themsleves.
disputed(adj): This is a disputed piece of land.

paralyzed(v): he was paralyzed upon hearing the shocking news.
paralyzed(adj): Paralyzed Raman was also present among them.

accustomed(v): He is accustomed of such situations.
accustomed(adj): These are accustomed rituals.

abused(v): They were abused for ill behavior.
abused(adj): Abused animals do not have a mouth to speak.

insulted(v): She was insulted for her dress in the college
insulted(adj): Insulted Rita swore to avenge the insult

twisted(v): They twisted the clothes.
twisted(adj): Audience don’t like twisted facts.

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