A Pinch of Snuff Question Answer । Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Chapter 3

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Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Chapter 3 A Pinch of Snuff

B.1.1. Complete the following sentences on the basis of what you have studied:

  • a) …….. was coming to visit the narrator’s family.
  • b) The narrator was …….. on probation.
  • c) Nanukaka was to stay for …….. days.
  • d) Nanukaka was coming to Delhi to ……..
  • e) ………….. informed the under secretary about Nanukaka’s visit.
  • f) The under secretary had to put a charpoy for himself in back verandah because ………….
  • g) Nanukaka was related to the narrator as he was ……………..


  • a) Nanukaka
  • b) Undersecretary
  • c) 2-3 days
  • d) Meet the minister
  • e) Narrator’s mother
  • f) His bedroom was prepared for Nanukaka
  • g) Maternal uncle (his mother’s brother)

B.1.2. Answer the questions briefly:

Q.1- The news that made the mother happy disturbed the son. Why the news that made the mother happy disturbed her son? Why were their responses to different?

Ans- The news of the arrival of Nanukaka made the narrator’s mother happy but the same news disturbed the son because the arrival of Nanukaka was inconvenience for him. Nanukaka would bring discomfort to the narrator. This is the sole reason why their responses were different.

Q.2- Do you have a similar experience? Has your response to the news of the arrival of any guest ever been different from that of the
other members of the family?

Ans- I’ve had something comparable happen. My aunt’s visit made my family happy, which bothered me. Not that I dislike her; it’s simply that she always keeps an eye on everything, which makes me feel uneasy in my own home. I don’t enjoy having to share my bedroom with her.

Q.3- ‘Had a travel second on a third class ticket? But it was all arranged quite amicably?’ What ‘arrangement’ Nanukaka is referring to? How can such arrangement be amicable?

Ans- The arrangement Nanukaka is referring is to the train he came from to visit narrator and his mother. Nanukaka travelled in a second class compartment at a third class ticket. This was done with the help of Ticket collector. Also the kitten of Nanukaka travelled for free.

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B.2.1: Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False.

  1. It was easy for the narrator to get sent on a foreign assignment.
  2. Ratiram was the son of Sohanlal Ratiram.
  3. Sohanlal Ratiram was the party boss in Delhi.
  4. Nanukaka went to Lala Sohanlal because they both were Zamindars
  5. Nanukak went to Lala Sohanlal in the guise of an astrologer.
  6. Nanukaka’s’ meeting with Sohanlal Ratiram was very successful.


  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False
  5. False
  6. True

B.2.2: Answers the questions briefly:

Q.1- The under secretary always obeyed Nanukaka, although he was never willing to do so, Why?

Ans- The narrator loves his mom unconditionally and never wants to make her feel sad. If narrator disobeys Nanukaka, it would make her mother sad, which he never wants. Therefore, in order to make her mother feel happy, he had to follow the instructions of Nanukaka.

Q.2- “This tie-and-collar buisness is no good these days.” What did Nanukaka mean to say?

Ans- Nanukaka here is referring to the time of independence of India, when Indians protested to avoid wearing ties and collar. They preferred traditional handloomed clothes to these tie and collar.

Q.3- How did the undersecretary change his appearance to accompany Nanukaka?

Ans- The narrator put on a Jodhpuri coat and put on a turban on his head in order to accompany Nanukaka.

Q.4- Who is Zamindar? Do you know any zamindar in your locality? What do the people in your locality think about him?

Ans- A zamindar is a large landlord with full proprietary rights. Yes, I know one zamindar in my locality and people around him look him with respect and that he has a good status in the society.

Q.5- How did Nanukaka impress Sohanlal ratiram?

Ans- Sohanlal Ratiram wanted his son to work for Hazarat Barkat Ali, the ambassador but meeting him is quite impossible task. Nanukaka behaved like he knows Ali very well which made an impression on Ratiram.

Q.6- What important information did he collect from Ratiram’s place?

Ans- The important information Nanukaka collected from Ratiram’s place was that Sohanlal and welfare minister were once best friends but now at daggers drawn. This is because the minister wanted a prince to marry her daughter instead of Ratiram’s son.

Q.7- Who is a prince? Do we have any prince now? If yes, do they enjoy the same privileges which they used to do?

Ans- A prince is the upcoming king of a state and enjoys royal powers and authorities. No, India no longer has dictatorship which tends to no princely powers to anyone. It was stopped back when Britishers colonized India.

B.3. Answer the following questions briefly:

Q.1- Who was the second important person Nanukaka had planned to meet?

Ans- The second important person Nanukaka planned to meet was the welfare minister.

Q.2- What preparation did he make to meet him?

Ans- Nanukaka asked the narrator to arrange a private car so, narrator arranged an outlandish car. Then narrator drove the car wearing his white Jodhpuri coat and wearing orange turban. On the other hand, Nanukaka sat regally at the back like a hereditary pundit from a princely state.

Q.3- What new role did Nanukaka give the under secretary to play?

Ans- The role that Nanukaka give the undersecretary was a driver.

Q.4- How did he manage to impress, the Sikki auto-dealers?

Ans- Nanukaka intentionally left a thousand rupees check in his coat which was given to dhobi, the washerman which the washer man returned to Nanukaka and he was awarded two rupees. This demonstration of wealth by Nanukaka impressed the Sikka auto-dealers.

Q.5- What did he do at minister’s residence?

Ans- Nanukaka at minister’s residence went and said that he wants to make a formal call. He also said he did not want to disturb the minister. In the visitor’s book at minister’s house, Nanukaka wrote ‘Hereditary astrologer to the Maharaja of Ninnore’ along with his name and gave the address of Narrator’s Delhi address.

Q.6- How did he impress the minister?

Ans- Nanukaka was driven by a military person and he said to take him to Maharaja Sutkatta’s palace which impressed the minister.

Q.7- ‘Is the under secretary impressed with Nanukaka at any point? When and why? Find out the evidence from the story.

Ans- Yes, at the end of the story, it seems that the author and undersecretary is finally convinced by the cunningness of Nanukaka. At the end of the story the author says that he doubts what if minister found out the truth of Nanukaka yet he belives that Nanukaka will come out of that trouble without allowing a single fold of his angocha to fall of place.

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C.1. Long answer questions:

Q.1- Nanukaka tells lots of lies. Why does he do so? Does he succeed in his pursuit?

Ans- Nanukaka lied at various places only to meet the welfare minister. He did such a thing because he wanted to meet the minister at the earliest. The reason for his emergency visit is unknown even to the author who is his nephew. Nanukaka did not want to wait for days to meet the minister, as generally people have to wait for days or weeks to meet such a higher position authority. Yes, Nanukaka succeeded in his pursuit. Instead of waiting for days, he used his cunning brain and took a risky path in such a way that with so many chances of being caught, he managed to meet the minister in just two days.

Q.2- What impression does Nanukaka make on you? Do you like him? Attempt character sketch of Nanukaka.

Ans- Nanukaka is a wise and clever personality who has strong grit towards achieving his goals. He loves taking risk and is very adventurous person. The way he lied and managed to meet the minister in just two days instead of waiting for unknown number of long days or weeks to meet the minister, made me believe that if I really want something, it can be achieved with clever planning and hard work. Yes, I really loved the personality of Nanukaka as he knew the risk of the path he chose yet he chose that path and managed to achieve his destiny.

Q.3- Suppose you have Nanukaka as your uncle. How would you behave with him? Explain in detail.

Ans- Nanukaka as my uncle would be a terrible idea. Handling him would be a trouble yet as he would be my mother’s brother, I would have to treat him with utmost respect. I would behave with generosity and obey him just like author. I would listen to stories he would tell me about the past of my mother and we used to chit-chat with each other.

Q.4- Nanukaka made a big promise to Sohanlal Ratiram. Did he even fulfil his promise?

Ans- No, I don’t think that Nanukaka would have fulfilled his promise. He lied to Sohanlal ratiram that he knows Hazrat Barkat Ali. Ratiram wanted his son to work for Ali as a trade commissioner but it was a quite impossible task for ratiram to do so. In order to meet welfare minister and get some weakness for him, he lied to Ratiram that he would happily ask Ali to give his son a job. Nanukaka does not even know the existence of Hazrat Barkat Ali, therefore there are less chances of him to fulfill his promise.

Q.5- Can a person like Nanukaka be more successful in the present society? Give reasons.

Ans- I strongly believe that person like Nanukaka would be a great success in our society as these types of people are ready to take risk. Anyone who takes the risk can only be successful in life. Nanukaka knew the art of convincing people and critical thinking, this is the only reason he was able to achieve what he wanted by going through such tough situations. Nanukaka was the combination of both cleverness and intelligence and he knew very well how to use his brain at different situations and be crafty in situations. Notice to detail is a very important skill in today’s time that Nanukaka had. He noticed every possible thing and crafted himself according to the weakness of other people.

Q.6- ‘I wonder what is going to happen when the minister discovers that my uncle has never been within hundred miles of a place called Ninnore… Only when it happens , I want to be somewhere far out of range.’ What light does it throw on the motive of the writer in the story? Does he want to glorify manipulation? Warn us of the consequences which it discovers leads to? Expose the reality we are living in.

Ans- The writer from the given statements wants to throw a light on th epath they chose. Lying to the minister and hitting him on his weak part is definitely a really risky thing. The author fears the consequences of the actions of Nanukaka, Author assumes for a minute that if minister manages to find out the truth about Nanukaka and him, the whole dynamics would be changed and the life of both of them would be in danger. No, the author is not glorifying manipulation, all he had to dois obey his Nanukaka and make his mother happy. The reality we are living in is clearly depicted by the story ‘A Pinch of Snow’. The way Nanukaka pretended to be someone else in many cases, this is what a person do in front of people. Every person is different in front of different person and he will wear a mask on his face and pretend to be someone else which he/she is not. This is what I, you and everyone do.

Q.7- What is ‘linguistic emergency’? Do we all face it? How does it affect our speech?

Ans- Linguistic emergency refers to a language emergency where people used to communicate between their mother tongue. This was a widespread term during the times of oppression, when India was a colony of British power. This was done so, people can effectively communicate and the oppressor authorities could not understand the communication. Yes we all sometimes face this linguistic emergency in case of foreign countries. It greatly affects our speech as, we are only able to express our true and real emotions through words of our mother tongue. Be it anger, anxiety or joy.

Q.8- Discuss the significance of the title? How is it related to the theme of the story?

Ans- The title ‘A Pinch of Snuff’ is very apt for the story. Snuff is a type of tobacco eaten to show high standards. Showing high standards, or say show off, is a flex of rich people. Most people related with politics and power show off. Nanukaka was being a fake person in order to meet various people of power. To show off high standards, nanukaka had to show off by using a pinch of snuff. This title also symbolize the fakeness everyone do to show themselves off.

C.3. Compostion:

a) A scene at the railway platform

Railway platforms are one of the most chaos areas anyone could ever find. The hustle and bustle are ten times that of any famous market or fair. The moment you step inside railway station, the whole world changes. You are now in a place where you can find every type of people from the law makers to law breakers. People will be doing everything on the railway station, be it making it dirty and unhygienic things or other cleaners who spend a hard day cleaning the station every now and then. If you are lucky, you might see some dangerous and horrific scenes of stunts or risk taken by people on railway station like crossing railway tracks when train is near or coming in or out of a moving train. Some people might be doing these stunts for social media likes and comments to gain popularity. Apart from this you can find variety of stalls around ranging from food stalls to book shops and accessories too with cheap prices. Some people would be using bedsheets and sit on the ground due to lack of sitting space on the station. Your ears will get tired of frequent announcements, which is extremely important though. Many railway stations are also playing ground of various animals, namely, dog and monkeys. You will find either of them in one or the other railway station. Overall, the scene at railway station is a different world and a different experience everyone should have once in life.

b). Influence of an astrologer

Astrology is an act which is sometimes confused with astronomy. To clear this cause let us dig into the meanings of both. Astronomy is
the study of everything beyond earth’s atmosphere, universe. Astrology is defined as the study of the positions and movements of the stars and planets and the way that some people believe they affect people and events. Astrologers use this study of astrology and tell the future predictions of a human’s life. Life is full of challenges; a human must face both ups and downs because sun can never rise in the life if it does not set. Therefore, when a person is going through tough times one by one, they tend to think they have done something wrong or that their luck is bad at this period. So, in order to fix the bad luck (in accordance to astrology) people refer astrologers. If any coincidence happens, the credit is given to astrology and this influences more people to go for it. In my opinion, I do not support the practice of astrology, for I believe the ultimate power has true plans for everything. The future lies only with The Almighty, the Creator. He created every being and every fortune and no one has that power to furl it.

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D.1. Dictionary use:
Ex.1. Correct the spelling of the following words:

  1. mustach
  2. assinment
  3. ambasador
  4. secretry
  5. campainer
  6. cautiond
  7. genuine
  8. casualy
  9. leiger
  10. hearditary


  1. moustache
  2. assignment
  3. ambassador
  4. secretary
  5. campaigner
  6. cautioned
  7. genuine
  8. casually
  9. leisure
  10. hereditary

Ex.2. Look up a dictionary and write two meaning of each of the following words – one which it is used in the lesson and one which is more common:

  1. interview
  2. transfer
  3. blast
  4. trade
  5. course
  6. touch
  7. surprise
  8. match
  9. snort


  1. To ask somebody questions in private meeting.
    An official meeting where people ask a person questions for a job or a position.
  2. Change from one place to another
    An official change of place for work purpose.
  3. To criticize something very strongly
    An explosion
  4. To exchange something for something else
    Exchange of goods for buissness purpose
  5. Over a period of time
    Way of dealing a particular situation
  6. The sense of feeling while using sense of organ
    To be close together with no space between them.
  7. The feeling we get when something happen we don’t expect.
    Feeling of little fear when unexpected happens
  8. To find something/someone which is suitable for someone/something else.
    a small wooden stick to light fire.
  9. To blow out air noisily to show impatience.
    To blow out air form mouth or nose.

D.2. Read the following sentences carefully

Use suffixes in the following verbs and make nouns from them:

  1. impress
  2. arrange
  3. transact
  4. explain
  5. acquaint
  6. manage
  7. demonstrate
  8. marry


  1. impression
  2. arrangement
  3. transaction
  4. explanation
  5. acquaintance
  6. management
  7. demonstration
  8. marriage

D.3. Word meaning

Ex.1. Find from the lesson words the meanings of which have been given on the left hand side. The last part of each word is given on the right hand side.

in a friendly manner and without argument ………..ably
large in size or quantity …………mous
attracting your interest or attention …………king
small nail with a flat top ………….cks
correct according to law ………….mate
extremely strange or unusual …………..dish


  • Comfortably
  • enormous
  • breath taking
  • tracks
  • legitimate
  • outlanddish

D.4. Phrases:

Ex.1. Read the lesson carefully and find out the sentences in which the following phrases have been used. Use these phrases and make sentences of your own.

  1. at daggers drawn
  2. drop in
  3. as soon as
  4. turn out
  5. of course
  6. try out


  1. People were at daggers drawn.
  2. She asked him if he could drop in her to home.
  3. Students will leave class as soon as professor declare non-instructional class.
  4. The project had turn out to be of great use.
  5. People will of course help others in need.
  6. The travel guide asked us to try out the famous market.

E. Grammar:

E.1. Read the following sentences carefully.

You’ve got a close collar Jodhpur coat, haven’t you?
(it is) Amazing, isn’t it?

Write tag questions for the following sentences:

  1. Amod was speaking in an unusually loud voice,………….
  2. That should be quite simple,……………
  3. Nanukaka chuckled his tongue several times,…………….
  4. You will do the work………….
  5. Gulu is eating a mango,……………..


  1. wasn’t he?
  2. shouldn’t it?
  3. didn’t he?
  4. won’t you?
  5. isn’t he?

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