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Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Chapter 2 Bharat is My Home

1. ‘This work, as I see it, has two aspects”. What are the two aspects of the works? Explain in your own words?

Ans:- Personal work and social work are the two categories of jobs. Personal labour, in the author’s opinion, entails a commitment to oneself, and this kind of work attempts to pursue the drive for moral development while maintaining freedom from external pressure. is. Your finished product is a morally upright individual. On the other side, social labor is work that benefits society. People require social support to grow completely. As a result, we must give this work’s two components our whole attention.

2. What did Dr. Zakir Husain say about the material and cultural life, individual and social development giving Special flavor to India?

Ans:- In his speech, Dr. Zakir Hussein discussed material and artistic life, as well as specific and social development in India.

Material and Cultural Existence In terms of our people’s material lives, the author suggests that we work more and more. The author is sincere about our artistic lives. He claims that our culture is vibrant and dynamic. Our previous culture was passed down directly from the ancient pundits, from Adipursh to Mannu to Saint Tulcidus. It is still alive and evolving on a daily basis.

SOCIAL AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT In terms of individual and social development in our country, Dr. Zakir Husain stated that both are intertwined. There are two types of work for specific gain, both financial and innocuously, but there are two types of work for specific gain, both financially and innocuously, but two types of specific gain must be released into the world. According to the author, personality cannot fully develop without social support.

3. ‘Power should be used only for moral purposes’ Explain

Ans: Social labor and political power are the two primary forms of power that are prevalent in human civilization. Gandhi believed that authority should always be used for good. There is tranquilly while the powerful labor. The author claims that when it comes to state power, we transform the state into a moral organization as well as a structure for the exercise of power. Because of this, society’s total evolution depends on the moral aim of authority.

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4. ‘The past is not dead and static’. How does Dr.Zakir Husain emphasizes the significance of the past?

Ans:- Dr. Zakir Hussain believes that our past is crucial. He believed that regardless matter where they originated from or who brought them, we should swore loyalty to the civilizations of the past. Most importantly, we should cherish the accomplishments of the past. The achievements of the past and our culture serve as the cornerstone for the development of our country’s culture and identity. So, the author is correct when she asserts that our previous history is not static and unchanging. It’s still lively and alive. Our view for the future is influenced by how significant the past was

5. What does Zakir Husain exhort us to do to build the new life of the nation?.

Ans:- In his lecture, the author gave the audience the advice to put their all into creating a better life for the populace. Our family is large in his eyes. We are expanding quickly and steadily. We have to help him create his new life. He counsels the Indians not to do nothing. Although the work we do for our country is difficult, we must not give up. He said that the state of the nation requires us to labour tirelessly, honestly, and steadily to reconstruct every aspect of our people’s material and cultural existence. says

 6. In what context does Dr.Zakir Husain say ‘Bharat is my home

Ans:- In his presidential address, Dr. Zakir Hussein articulated public feeling. He adores his motherland. He claims to be devoted to our ancestors’ culture. He also vows to contribute to the advancement of our old culture.” All of Bharat is my home, and the people there are my cousins,” He swears. He’s pleased to be a Bharat citizen. He claims that the majesty of the people picked him to lead this family. He pledges to make’ Bharat’ his important and lovely home. He’ll enrich and blazon people’s lives. The author’s strong public character shines through then. Zakir Hussein was an outstanding loyalist.


a) Write a summary of Dr Zakir Husain’s speech in about 150 words.

Dr. Zakir Hussain admits in his presidential speech that he is overcome with emotion after witnessing his people’s trust in him. He expresses gratitude to Dr. Radhakrishnan for his achievements as President. Zakir swore allegiance to the Indian Constitution and pledged to serve for the good of the entire country. According to him, education is what causes a population’s thinking to evolve through time. He considers India to be his home, and its people to be his family. He underlined the importance of working hard to reconstruct the entire country. There are two kinds of hard work: working on oneself and working on society. This will add a “unique flavour”.He says how using power for the right purposes is part of our national conduct, which was also followed by Mahatma Gandhi. As a result, he encourages us to commit to working to improve the nation and keep peace within it.

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b) Write a short essay in about 150 words on ‘Unity in diversity’.

The phrase “unity in diversity” refers to the display of harmony and unity between various persons or groups. It refers to a state of closeness or oneness despite significant contrasts. It represents unity among people who have diversity in culture, language, religion, ideology, sect, race, ethnicity, and so on. India is a prime example of “Unity in Diversity,” since individuals from various cultures, religions, lifestyles, religious faith, dialects, dressing styles, and social statuses dwell in peace and love. Individuals respect each other’s opinions and personal space. It lowers the likelihood of riots and disturbances. India’s freedom struggle might be seen as a shining example.The story of India’s unity in the face of diversity is extraordinary because it sends a clear message that the country is greater than any religion or community in particular.

c) Write a speech to be delivered on Teachers’ Day justifying the celebration of Dr Radhakrishnan’s birthday as Teachers’ Day.

As Dr. Radhakrishnan once stated,

“True teachers assist us in thinking for ourselves.”

In India, Teachers’ Day is observed on September 5, the birthday of former President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a well-known scholar and educator. He was a philosopher and guru who made significant contributions to Indian education. He was the vice-chancellor of the University of Delhi (DU) and the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) (BHU). He taught at numerous universities in India, including the University of Calcutta and the University of Mysore. He wrote the book The Fundamentals of the Upanishads.

Dr. Radhakrishnan had a totally different understanding of education. He thought that the proper education provided by a teacher may aid in eradicating many social problems and superstitious beliefs. He sought to bring about a significant shift in the Indian education system. He highlighted that a teacher and a student must have a solid understanding and relationship that supports imparting and receiving knowledge.

He responded, “Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if 5 September is observed as Teacher’s day.” This was in response to some students suggesting that we celebrate Teacher’s Day on his birthday to honour his wisdom, knowledge, and contribution to the development of the country and its students, the future citizens.

d) You have been elected as the President of your school’s Student Council. Make a diary entry about changes you propose to introduce for the betterment of your school.

 3 april 20

Hello, diary

My efforts today paid off, as I was chosen to lead the student government at my school. Because I want to bring about a few improvements in our school, I am quite eager and determined to use this ability.

Starting with health, I feel that adding healthier lunch alternatives like juices, salads, and fruits to our cafeteria menu might greatly improve it. A 15-minute meditation break can be included in between classes to help students and teachers relax and be more productive. The drinking water taps need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness.

So that the kids continue to be physically active, more and more sporting events might be offered. Last but not least, to encourage learning multiple languages, our library may offer a whole area of newspapers in various languages.

I would need a comprehensive proposal to offer to the Student Council and our Principal ma’am in order to do this. I hope I can carry out my responsibilities well.


D.1. Dictionary Use

Ex. 1. Correct the spelling of the following words:

Confes, overwelmed, errudition, prayfull, prejumption, inascapably


  • Confes- confess
  • overwelmed- overwhelmed  
  • errudition- erudition
  • Prayfull- prayerful        
  • prejumption- presumption    
  • Inascapably- Inescapably

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Ex. 2. Look up a dictionary and write two meanings of the following words — the one in which it is used in the lesson and the other which is more common.

brought          degree            enter   dead    renewal


Brought –

  • As per lesson- come with (him)
  • As per common usage- caused to be in a state or position


  • As per lesson- the amount, level
  • As per common usage- the course of study in a university


  • As per lesson- come or go into a place
  • As per common usage- write or key information in a book, computer, etc


  • As per lesson- no longer living
  • As per common usage- complete or absolute silence


  • As per lesson- starting again
  • As per common usage- extension of time for which it is valid

D. 2. Word-formation

Read carefully the following sentence taken from the lesson:

The process of its constant renewal is indeed, the process of growth of national culture and national character.

In the above sentence the word ‘renewal’ is derived from the adjective ‘new’ by adding a suffix ‘-al’ and a prefix ‘re-‘ to it.

Point out which words the following are derived from:

renewal           myself totality constantly        building


  • Renewal- new
  • Myself- my
  • Totality- total
  • Constantly- constant
  • Building- build

D. 3. Word-meaning

Ex. 1. Match the words given in Column A with their meanings given in Column B:

Column AColumn B


Column AColumn B


Ex. 2. Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives:

new     special            dual     long    prayerful

  • a) Dr Zakir Husain entered the office in a spirit of _______ humility.
  • b) It is a constitution of a _______ State.
  • c) The choice of this office has been made due to ________ association.
  • d) This ________ effort will give to the life of our state a ______ flavor.


  • a) Dr Zakir Husain entered the office in a spirit of prayerful
  • b) It is a constitution of a comparatively new
  • c) The choice of this office has been made due to long educational
  • d) This dual effort will give to the life of our state a special

D. 4. Phrases

Ex.1. Read the lesson carefully and find out the sentences in which the following phrases have been used. Then use these phrases in sentences of your own:

pursuit of       bring to           approximation of      bring forth


  • 1 .Pursuit of:- He works day and night in pursuit of excellence
  • 2.Bring to:- Please bring the matter to the notice of the principal immediately
  • 3.Approximation of:- The account is given by the witness was an approximation of the truth
  • 4.Bring forth:- our new principal has brought forth many remarkable improvements


Read the following sentences from the lesson carefully:

I must confess that………….

I can only assure you that……..

Mark the use of modal auxiliaries – ‘must’ and ‘can’ – in the sentences given above.

Ex.1. Find out other modal auxiliaries used in the lesson and tell the specific meaning in which these modal auxiliaries have been used.


  • Must – bound to
  • Can – be capable of
  • May – a possibility
  • I may be forgiven – please forgive me

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