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Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Chapter 9 The Earth

B.1.1. Complete the following sentences on the basis of your reading of the unit.

  1. A simple minded person is ……………… , ………………. and ……………………..
  2. Johnson was more interested in ………………………………
  3. Johnson’s possession included …………………………
  4. Benjy’s simplicity seemed gradually to have become ………………………..


  1. insane, imbecile and not right in the head.
  2. his son
  3. the four acre plot, a plow, a two-wheeled cart, tools and a bony mare.
  4. a king of cunningness.

B.1.2. Read the following sentences and mark T for True and F for False staements:

  1. Johnson was a hard-working man.
  2. Johnson was interested in preaching.
  3. Johnson had an insane son.
  4. Benjy hated his hens.


  1. F
  2. T
  3. F
  4. F

B.1.3. Answer the following questions briefly:

Q.1- Who is a tenant farmer?

Ans:- A tenant farmer rents his land for a certain period of time.

Q.2- What did the doctor advise Benjy’s parents to ensure his mental growth?

Ans- The doctor advised Benjy’s parents to find an occupation of his interests that might help in strengthening and developing his mind. This would help him feel sense of responsibility.

Q.3- What did Benjy understand about a hen?

Ans- The only first and last thing that Benjy understood of a hen is that it lays eggs.

Q.4- What did Benjy understand about the business of hen?

Ans- Benjy understood about the business of hens that the eggs are sold to callers at the back of the house in scores, half-scores and fivers and money from these eggs was put to a large white basin on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard.

B.2.1: Complete the following sentences on the basis of the unit you have studied:

  1. Benjy left school at the age of ………………….
  2. By then Benjy had ………… hens.
  3. Benjy knew about segregating breeds of hens through …………………..
  4. Johnson believed that the earth designed and crested by god would ……………..
  5. When Benjy was 21, his father handed him ………………..


  1. Fourteen
  2. Forty or Fifty
  3. a paper
  4. take care of itself
  5. the passbook

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B.2.2. Answer the following questions briefly:

Q.1- What silent belief did Benjy’s parents cherish about their land?

Ans- The silent belief that Benjy’s parents cherished was that the earth would one day outgrow its poverty and Benjy would one day grow out of his simplicity.

Q.2- Why had their land not yielded much?

Ans- The land for Benjy’s parents had not yielded much for they put more value on the faith than they work.

Q.3- How did Benjy’s parents feel when he silently put the passbook in his pocket?

Ans:- Benjy’s parents felt hurt when Benjy put the passbook in his pocket. They felt a mixture of disappointment, fear, pride and pain.

Q.4- What had Benji’s parents expected when they handed him the pass book?

Ans- Benji’s parents expected from him to at least give thanks to his parents who worked hard on him and worked on him to make him get money more than they had.

Q.5- What did Benji want to do with money?

Ans- Benji wanted to buy a piece of land of four acres, which belonged to Mr. Whitmore, right next to his parents’ land.

B.3.1. Complete the following sentences from the chapter:

a) The only difference between Benji’s hens and his parents’ land was that …………….
b) Benjy wanted to buy his parents’ land to ……………..
c) It was possible to gauge Benjy’s progress by ………………..
d) Benjy’s parents did not like Florence because ……………………


a) the hens belonged to Benjy but the land never belonged to his parents.
b) put up more incubator houses on it.
c) the new chicken houses covering his father’s former land and by the fact that he now employ people to help him.
d) she was an undistinguished girl with ugly legs and a mouth that never shuts.

B.3.2. Answer the following questions briefly:

Q.1- Who had Johnson rented their land from?

Ans- Johnson had rented their land from Sanders.

Q.2- What information did Sanders give them that made them happy?

Ans- Sanders informed Benjy’s parents that Benjy is buying their land. This information made them happy.

Q.3- Who was Florence?

Ans- Florence was one of the people that Benji employed on his land.

Q.4- Why did Benjy want to marry Florence?

Ans- Benjy needed a woman to help with the hens and also he thought her as an intelligent girl. Besides, he was attracted towards her.

B.4.1. Complete the following sentences on the basis of the unit:

  • a) When Benjy asked his parents to vacate the front bedroom, they ………………
  • b) Benjy asked his parents to go somewhere else because he ……………….
  • c) Benjy’s parents did not speak when their son drove them down into the town because …………………..


  • a) vacated it and moved to the back
  • b) had bought the house and he wanted it.
  • c) they believed that he was not right at his head.

B.4.2. Read the following sentences and write T for True and F for False:

  • i. With the arrival of Florence as Benjy’s wife, the house was filled with happiness.
  • ii. Benjy and his wife lived in one part of the house whereas his parents in the other.
  • iii. Benjy paid utmost attention to his ageing parents.


  • i. F
  • ii. T
  • iii. F

C.1. Long Answer questions:

Q.1- Did Benjy treat his parents justly? What would you do if you were Benjy?

Ans- No, Benjy did not treat his parents justly. They gave him hens, cared for him, made him save the money since a very early age yet Benjy was very ungrateful to his parents. He had no affection towards his parents even when they used to unnotice all his mistakes for his mind was not in the right place. Benjy drove them down and left them on their own. If, I were Benjy, I would take care of my parents and respect them and would never abandon them. if there was not enough accommodation in the house, I would have got constructed extra rooms in the house.

Q.2- On how many occasions were Benjy’s parents disappointed with Benjy’s behavior? Describe each occasion briefly in your own words.

Ans- There were many occasions where Benjy’s parents were disappointed by Benjy’s behavior. First incident was when his parents created a passbook on his name and helped him save the money, more than them. The parents in return expected a word of gratitude but Benjy opened and looked the passbook then, kept it in the pocket without any reaction. Second occasion was when Benjy was going to buy the land from Sanders, he was asked what he will do with the land, by his parents. His reply once again hurt his parents. They expected a different reason. He replied that he was going to put more incubator houses. Another disappointment was when Benjy decided to marry and live with Florence. Then the other disappointment was when Benjy asked his parents to vacate their front room because he required it. Then what disappointed most was when Benjy exiled his own parents from the house and told to live on their own.

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Q.3- ‘Looks are deceptive’. How does this apply to Benjy?

Ans- Since childhood, Benjy looked innocent and simple-minded person. Since then only parents knew that Benjy needed special attention from their end. They did ever possible thing they could, supported him to follow his interest and also made a passbook in his name so he could save money. But, in return, all they receive is betrayal from Benjy. Benjy was in love with a woman named Florence and he always supported her. He and Florence lived in one part of the house whereas his parents lived in the other. After some times, Benjy asked his parents to leave the house for it is better for them. Even after convincing a lot that they do not have anywhere to go, he did not listen and became furious at them. This makes us believe that look are deceptive.

Q.4- What is the role of Florence in the story? How did she affect Benjy’s life?

Ans- Florence was an employee employed by Benjy. Her role in this story was to create more distance between Benjy and his parents. She affected Benjy’s life in many ways. She made Benjy fall in love with her. she is the only person Benjy loved after his hens. Benjy’s parents, however, did not like her legs, attitude and the mouth that never stops. Benjy always wanted a woman to take care of his hens with him. She used Benjy and created distance between him ad his parents.

Q.5- Johnson himself was responsible for his tragedy or troubles? Do you agree with this? Give reasons.

Ans- Yes, I completely agree with this statement that Johnson himself was responsible for his tragedy or troubles. Johnson and his wife always thought that their child is very simple-minded and his mind is not at the right place. They took doctor’s advice and let him keep his hens. Soon Benjy showed behaviors like not spending time with parents and only with hens. When his parents gave him a passbook of his own. He showed selfish behavior by not being thankful to them and not showing gratitude. Johnson and his wife also believed in the morals of faith than hard work because of which they lost their land. He also did not save money for himself rather focused more on the savings of Benjy.

Q.6- How is simple-minded man defined in the story? Do you agree with this definition?

Ans- The simple-minded man is described as a person who is different from others. Since childhood he never used to play with other children and spent most of his time with his hens. This made his parents believe that their child is different from other, his mind is not in the right place, Therefore, they need to put special attention to him. His parents sacrificed so much for hi yet he was ungrateful to them and never showed gratitude towards them. I don’t agree with this definition. People like Benjy who are selfish are not different.

Q.7- Sketch the character of Johnson.

Ans- Johnson was a tenant farmer. He believed in the moral of faith than hard work. Therefore, he always just believed that things would happen but never worked to get them. One such example is the fertilization of the land. He had all the tools but never used them for he just wanted to believe. Similarly, when his child did not wanted to play with other children of his age, he just believed that his child is a simple-minded person and is different from others, he just needs extra attention. Because of his belief about his child, he sacrificed a lot in his life. When Benjy turned out to be selfish, he even exiled his parents from their own house. This way Johnson had nothing left with him but just regrets.

Q.8- Sketch the character of Benjy.

Ans- Benjy is a very selfish person. Since childhood he never used to play with children of his own age because he was selfish. This got a wrong assumption in his parents mind that he is a simple-minded person and is different from others. He used to spent most of his time with his hens and he had such a thankless nature that when his parents handed him a passbook of savings he saved, and his parents sacrificed a lot for it, he did not even showed gratitude towards them or say thanks. He never thought about his parents. He fell in love with a girl named Florence and when a small quarrel started between her and his mother, he asked his parents to eat in the kitchen and he and Florence will eat in other room. Soon he and his parents started living in different parts of the house. Then, one day Benjy asked his parents to go out of the house and live on their own. These incidents clearly depicts the selfish nature of Benjy.


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1. Write an essay about an ‘ideal family’ in about 150 words.

A family can make house as home. When there is no family or conflict in the family, home becomes the house. House is just four walls with a ceiling and a floor but home is the presence of the loved ones. The presence of ideal family. Ideal family is a family which shares the joy together and show gratitude towards each other. Every family members understand each other. If someone believes that an ideal family is made from engineers or doctors, then that person is wrong. An ideal family is made by sharing joys and sorrows together. It is made by understanding each other. An ideal family should not be confused with a perfect family. Perfection never lies with any person, therefore, there is no perfect person so there lies no perfect family. people often make mistakes, some are forgivable so some are not. However big the mistake is, only an ideal family can forgive the person. There lies no space for ego or self-centredness or selfishness in the ideal family.

2. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘duties of children towards their parents’.

Children should be grateful to their parents. Children never know how much hard work their parents put and what all they go through to provide the life they have. At first it seems easy to do a job and not study but we realize only when we lose our time. Parents work their whole life and sacrifice so many things for their children, therefore, it is the duty of a child to loo after them when they get old. Exiling parents from their own home is the biggest sin a child can ever do. Children should treat their parents like god for them they are the biggest blessing. We should always show care, love and support to our actions. We should never show rebellious attitude to our parents. Parents decisions could go wrong but their intentions will never go wrong. Always respect your parents and your ideals should be your parents.


D.1. Dictionary Use:

Ex.1. Correct the spelling of the following words:

  1. tremore
  2. disapointment
  3. bussiness
  4. cobsession
  5. inormos
  6. precupied
  7. imobile
  8. cronicle


  1. tremor
  2. disappointment
  3. business
  4. obsession
  5. enormous
  6. preoccupied
  7. immobile
  8. chronicle

Ex.2. Write two meanings of the following words one which is used in the lesson and one which is more common:

i) anxious:-

  • worried and afraid
  • intensely desirous

ii) insane

  • crazy
  • foolish or irresponsible

iii) concession

  • act of yielding or conceding
  • reduction in the ususal price

iv) cunning

  • crafty
  • ingenuity

v) simple –

  • feeble minded
  • easy to understand

vi) interest

  • hobby
  • charge on credit


Make nouns from the following verbs:

  1. suggest
  2. relate
  3. confess
  4. narrate
  5. create
  6. irrigate
  7. humiliate
  8. frustrate
  9. cultivate
  10. violate


  1. suggestion
  2. relation
  3. confession
  4. narration
  5. creation
  6. irrigation
  7. humiliation
  8. frustration
  9. cultivation
  10. violation


Find words from the lesson the meaning of which have been given in Column A. Last part of every word is given in Column B:

Column A Column B
weak in mind …………………ible
stalk of grain …………………blr
stunned …………………..ent
to separate ……………………ate
obstinate ………………….orn


  • imbecile
  • stubble
  • stupefied
  • segregate
  • stubborn


Ex.1. Make sentences from the given phrases below:

  1. grow up- Her clumsy behavior made him say to her to grow up.
  2. come from – These apples come from Kashmir.
  3. cut off- She cut off her friend because her friend was using her.
  4. by the time- You can complete the work by the time I make dinner for the family.
  5. all the time- You cannot look after the hens all the time. You have to go to school too.
  6. take care of- We should take care of our parents.
  7. for long time- He was battling anxiety for long time.
  8. look at- Look at those flower buds. they will grow up to br beautiful flowers one day.


Find ten conjunctions that have been used in the story and make sentences of your own:

  1. because- I work every day because I love my work.
  2. and- He and I are to be blamed for the mishappening.
  3. but- He worked hard but still could not score good in the exams.
  4. or- Either he or me will go inside the room.
  5. before- Let me check check the presence of the teacher before students enter her cabin.
  6. once- Once upon a time, there lived a little girl.
  7. after- He entered the room after her.
  8. also- He is also good in drawing.
  9. so- he was tired so he went away.
  10. when- She left the rom when he came.

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