My Grandmother’s House Poem Questions and Answers । Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Poem 10

Here we have provided My Grandmother’s House Poem Questions and Answers. My Grandmother’s House Poem Questions and Answers will help you understand the chapter better and will be helpful in your exam preparation.

Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution Poem 10 My Grandmother’s House

B.1.1. Write T for True and F for False:

  • a) The woman of the house is alive.
  • b) The snakes were seen in the house.
  • c) The speaker read the books with great interest.
  • d) The speaker wished to peep through the window.


  • a) False
  • b) True
  • c) True
  • d) False

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B.2. Answer the questions briefly:

1. Who is ‘I’ in the second line of the poem?

Ans- ‘I’ in the second line of the poem is the poet, Kamala Das.

2. Where did the speaker once receive love?

Ans- The speaker once received love from her old grandmother in the past in her grandmother’s house when she used to visit them.

3. Why did the house go into silence?

Ans- The house was gone into silence because the grandmother of the poet was dead.

4. Why was the speaker unable to read the books?

Ans- The speaker was unable to read the books because she was too young and too young kids are unable to read books.

5. Why did the speaker often wish to go to that house?

Ans- The speaker wished to go to that house often because she used to feel love in that house. The only thing she had now is the memories of her grandmother when she was a toddler. She wanted to again feel that love.

6. Why was the speaker proud of living in that house?

Ans- The speaker was very proud of the adventurous experience she had and the love she received from her grandmother.

7. Why does the speaker say she had lost her way?

Ans- The speaker has lost her way because her grandmother is dead, and no one can replace the love her grandmother used to give her.

8. Is the speaker satisfied with her personal life? If not, why?

Ans- No, the speaker is not satisfied with her personal life. She could not get the love of her grandmother that she used to get as a toddler. The only thing she remembers is the memory she had with her grandmother.

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Bihar Board Class 12th English Solution
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C.1. Long Answer Questions:

Q.1. How does the speaker describe the condition of her grandmother’s house? Does it resemble the house of any of your acquaintances?

Ans- The speaker is describing the condition of her grandmother’s house as cold and despair which symbolizes the grief that the house beholds. The air of the house is freezing as the warmth of her grandmother and her love is no longer in the house. The place is dark as no one lives there. Hence, no one lights the house, so it remains dark. The door of her grandmother’s house used to create a brooding dog-like sound but now it is silent too.

Q.2- What type of love or relation do you find, between the grandmother and the speaker?

Ans- The relationship between the poet and her grandmother was truly pure and really close. The way the poet expressed her grief through the poem using symbolism and imagery tells us about the grief the poet is going through after the uncertain demise of her grandmother. The poet is also devastated by the fact that she only had good memories of her grandmother when she was a toddler and could not receive that same love now, when she needs it the most, as an adult.

Q.3- What changes have taken place since the speaker’s grandmother died?

Ans- A lot has changed after the death of the speaker’s grandmother. The warmth of the air has vanished away and the air of the house now feels cold denoting the absence of human motion. The house is no longer a home now because the house lost the person who made it home because a house becomes home with the presence of joy. The house has also lost the light. The house now is filled completely with darkness. The poet who wanted to spend time with her grandmother now only has distorted memories of her past from when she was a toddler.

Q.4- Point out the similes in the poem.

Ans- Simile is a figure of speech where two situations are compared to each other using the words ‘like’ or ‘as well as’. Following are the similes in the poem:

  • i) my blood turned cold like the moon
  • ii) bedroom dog like a brooding dog


Write a letter describing your neighbors to your friend in Delhi. Do not exceed 150 words.

Sector 32
New Delhi
Anand Vihar

19th April 2023

Dear Rohan,

I am really happy that you are about to shift to Delhi by next month. You asked me about how we are neighbors in Delhi. My neighbors are very friendly and polite. They are people from northern Uttar Pradesh. Whenever my parents or I encounter them in the neighborhood or in the market we greet each other. Whenever we need any type of help, they are always ready to help. We also celebrate many religious rituals and festivals together as a family. Whenever the aunty makes any special dish, she shares it with us. You are really going to enjoy Delhi and the people of Delhi.

Your friend

Rohit Srivastava

2. Write the summary of the poem in about 150 words.

The poem starts when the poet describes her grandmother’s house which is very far and her grandmother used to love her a lot.
Then the last part of the second line shocks us when she writes, ‘That woman died’. Then the poet gives a vivid description of the house that went into silence after the death of her grandmother. The poet then glumly and painfully describes her last memories of her with her grandmother when she could not even read and write properly. The poet then tells the readers how badly she wanted to meet her grandmother when she was alive. In the next few lines the poet gives a vivid picture of whenever she saw the darkness in the house or felt the frozen air she reminisced about her grandmother and once again wanted to spend time with her. The poet proudly says that she used to live in a vibrant house full of love. In the end, the poet questions if she could ever get the same love she used to get.


D.1. Dictionary Use:

Ex.1. Fill in the blanks, using appropriate prepositions from the list given below:
into to of in at through among

  1. Grandmother threw the letter ………………fire.
  2. My grandmother’s house is ………… the hills.
  3. Ramesh died …………… an accident.
  4. Come ……….. nine in the evening.
  5. The mathematics book is kept ………… the piles of computer books
  6. The grandmother pushed her away …………. the crowd.
  7. The grandmother is going ………….. the grandfather.
  8. The Ganga flows ………………. Patna.
  9. Prabhu is cleared ……………………. all blame.


  1. into
  2. among
  3. of
  4. at
  5. in
  6. within
  7. to
  8. through
  9. of

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