Footprints Without Feet Summary । Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5

Footprints Without Feet Summary । Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5

The first scene begins with children tracking some footprints which faints along the path. This was the first time that the invisible man was seen without actually being seen. The ‘invisible man’ is a scientist, named Griffin, who was experimenting and researching on the human body becoming transparent and the object he was experimenting on was he himself. Griffin achieved his objective and ended up becoming transparent at the end of the experiment. He did not seem to have any morals or principles in his life which affected everything that was to come.

Griffin was disliked by his landlord and the feelings were mutual so, he removed his clothes making him completely invisible and burned the house into nothingness, and ran from the scene itself in order to not get caught or even get suspected.

It was winter and Griffin was without any clothes on his body which would eventually kill him so he sought out a big London store and warmed himself in the room heater of the store. At closing time, he relaxed, took clothes and food from the store, ate comfortably, and had a good night’s sleep. The only problem was that he could not wake up before the time the staff had arrived and had to run as soon as he woke up while undressing himself along the chase.

Next time he entered the stock of theatrical industry and found himself a suitable store, he went in in his invisible state and came out wearing bandages around his forehead, dark glasses, a false nose, big bushy side-whiskers, and a large hat. He threatened money out of the shopkeeper.

Then Griffin went to a village named Iping and booked two rooms for himself while paying with the money that he had robbed the clergyman and his wife were definitely suspicious but not suspicious enough to doubt the hand that was feeding them so, Griffin adjusted there for a few days then when he got out of the money that he had robbed from the shopkeeper he planned to rob the clergyman.

On an early morning, although the innkeeper and his wife had heard the sound of someone disturbing their desk, they couldn’t see anyone around when they arrived there but they saw the scientist’s door to be wide open which was out of the ordinary. When they entered the room they didn’t see anyone there but bandages lying on the ground. Then suddenly a chair came floating toward the clergyman and his wife pushing them out of the room and as they fall out of the room, the door gets shut out of nowhere. Then the scientist came out of the same empty room which was empty just a few moments ago, they were horrified but the conclusion they come up with was that it was all the scientist’s doing so, they called the constable, named Jeffer, but when Mr. Jeffer came to interrogate him Griffin lost his temper and removed his bandages, making everyone shocked. The constable tried to capture him while he still could and struggled in doing so but in the end, the invisible man had got away.

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