The Thief’s Story Summary Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 1

The Thief’s Story Summary Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 1

There is a thief who is confident in his work and then he meets a guy named Anil who was his next target.

The thief introduced himself by saying that his name was ‘Hari Singh’ and explained that he wanted to work for him as he didn’t have anything going for himself. Anil explained that he couldn’t pay him so in return the thief asked if he could feed him for his work. Anil asked if he could cook and the thief lied in affirmation. And he was soon after he prepared the first meal for a meal but somehow the thief was able to pacify him and accept him for his menial work. Anil taught him how to cook and also how to read and write. The thief would slip a rupee for himself while shopping for daily necessities or while grocery shopping, it seemed like Anil had already noticed that but just didn’t say anything.

The thief started to dream of a respectable life soon after gaining education but it all turned upside down by his greed.

 One day Anil returned with a bundle of money that he had received for his book being published. The thief’s greed took over him and the same night he stole money which was kept under Anil’s pillow by Anil. The thief ran as fast as he could and paused to count the money, it was 600 rupees in the fifties.

He ran towards the train station and didn’t stop for a ticket but ran straight towards the train leaving for Lucknow but for some reason, he couldn’t step in and stopped right before hopping inside the train, the train had left and he was standing at the platform having a blank expression. He couldn’t escape.

He found himself in the maiden and sat down on a bench, he was scared to see the expression on Anil’s face which would show the sadness of his trust being broken. He walked through the same road back, it was raining and the notes had gone damp from them being soaked in the rainwater.

According to the bazaar’s clock tower, it was midnight, the thief sat there for a while and procrastinated about how he wanted to become an intelligent and respectful person which could have only been provided to him by studying with the help of Anil. After thinking about these things he went back to Anil.

Anil was still sound asleep so, the thief swiftly slid the bundle of money back to where he slid it from and went back to sleep in the place where he was used to sleeping.

The next day, Anil handed the thief a note of the same bundle and that was when he realized that Anil had already figured out what had transpired last night as the note was still wet from yesterday’s rain.

With no signs of disappointment or anger, instead, Anil told the thief that he will teach him how to make sentences, today.

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