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Dust of snow summary:- After reading a summary of this poem you will clearly understand this poem very easily. The message poet wants to give through the poem will be clear to you very easily. In this poem, the poet has tried to change the conception of people toward omens.

About the poet

Dust of snow summary is based on the poem written by the poet Robert frost. He was a citizen of the USA. He was a well-known poet of his time. He wrote epics like The boy’s will and The Road not taken. He won gold medals in writing. In this poem, the poet has cleverly used all the symbols to change conceptions about omens in the mind of the people.

Dust of snow summary

The way a crow,

shook down on me;

The dust of snow,

From a hemlock tree

Explanation:- The poets say the way a crow shook on him, the dust of snow. From a Hemlock tree. A hemlock tree is a poisonous tree. Also, the crow is dark and black. So a crow indicates sadness. Also, the hemlock tree’s sadness is poisonous. The crow shook snow on the poet from the hemlock tree. This means the poet is under a hemlock tree. It’s wintertime because snow is there in winter as the crow flew off the tree. The movement made the snow off the tree fall on the poet.

Has given my heart,

A change of mood

And save some part,

Of a day I rued

Explanation:- The poet says the crow shoes the dust of snow on him, from a hemlock tree; has given his heart a change and said some part of a day he would have rued. This means, that the poet was in good mood before. But when the crow shooks on him this changed his mood. The fall of snow made him happy. If he was in bad mood, he would waste his day in sadness. The meaning of this poem is that; nature can easily make you happy. As it was a hemlock tree, and the crow indicates a bad mood. But because of the snow, his mood became happy. The poet used the hemlock tree and crow as symbols of happiness, instead of a beautiful bird or a tree. Because he wanted to show extreme sadness and happiness when the snow falls.

Conclusion:- Dust of Snow summary

In this blog Dusk of snow summary, we have discussed all the symbols and omens that are shared by the poet for the battle of mood. In the beginning, it all started with despair and a bad mood but by the end of the poem, the poet’s optimism changes the whole scenario of the poem in which omens are taken positively.

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