Class 10 Social Science Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

Class 10 Social Science contains vast knowledge about the environment and society that students live in. It encourages them to analyse things that are going on around them and it gives them the basic and fundamental details about things like the structure of the society, the global challenges and many more. Class 10 Social Science is offering students a great deal of opportunity to study and open their world to another level of intelligence.

It not only focuses on giving information but also focuses on how to apply that information in a given circumstance which intrigues students even more. Students get encouraged to study more and learn more. Our class 10 Social Science has provided you with the summarized version of what class 10 Social Science will teach you therefore, studying this before starting to Study class 10 Social Science will help you boost your curiosity and it’ll be comparably easier for you to understand.

Class 10 History Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

S.NChapter Name
1The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
2Nationalism in India
3The Making of a Global World
4The Age of Industrialisation
5Print Culture and The Modern World

Class 10 Geography Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

S.NChapter Name
1Resources and Development
2Forest and Wildlife Resources
3Water Resources
5Minerals and Energy Resources
6Manufacturing Industries
7Lifelines of National Economy

Class 10 Civics Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

S.NChapter Name
1Power Sharing
3Gender, Religion and Caste
4Political Parties
5Outcomes of Democracy

Class 10 Economics Handwritten Note Pdf Download

S.NChapter Name
1.Consumer Rights
2.Globalisation and the Indian Economy
3.Money and Credit
4.Sectors of the Indian Economy

Class 10 Science Handwritten Notes Pdf

Holistic Understanding of Society:

Social science deals with understanding the society as a whole. As we all know, there are different society’s with their different cultures, practices and taste, class 10 Social Science helps students under what all these societies have in common and what they don’t have in common. This gives students a sense of self-actualisation and an identity in society. It also provides them with knowledge of the economic and political aspects of society while making students under how the earth’s surface differs from place to place and so does the cultivation making them environmentally conscious.

Citizenship Education:

Citizenship education has been considered one of the primary objectives of class 10 Social science. It provides students with the knowledge of the government structure, principles of justice, rights and responsibilities a citizen has. This makes students aware of what they are obliged to do as a citizen and what rights they ought to fight for while living in a democratic society.

Interdisciplinary Connections:

Class 10 Social Science directs itself toward the integration of history, geography, economics and political science. It tries connecting these subjects and the topics that these subjects can provide some valuable topics in return. For example, students can understand the economic factors that influence political decisions or how geographical factors shape historical events. These interdisciplinary connections provide students with a holistic approach to seeing everything as a whole not a separate part helps them in developing a comprehensive understanding of the world.

Real-life Applications:

Class 10 Social Science equips students with knowledge that can be practised in real-life circumstances. It gives students situation-based questions and asks them what they would do in those situations such as economics, it tells students about the current financial conditions of their country and how they can understand the concepts of budgeting, savings and investment which will be later on applied in their financial decision makings. Similarly, geography indulges students in the environmental world, explaining to them how our environment is reaching its downfall and what they can and should do to prevent this downfall. These real-life applications will help students in their informed future decision makings and provide them with their own opinion that they will get through living in their own surroundings or environment.

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