Two Stories About Flying Summary

Two Stories About Flying Summary Class 10 English | Chapter 3

Two stories about flying summary: Two pieces of prose—His First Flight by Liam O’Flaherty and Black Aeroplane by Fredrik Forsyth—make up Chapter 3 on Two Stories about Flying in Class 10 English. It plays a significant role in the CBSE English Class 10 curriculum. We provide you with a summary of the Two Stories about Flying class 10 in this blog. So reading this article will be a wonderful help to you if you want to grasp these two stories about flying.

CBSE Class 10 English two stories about flying summary

Two Stories About Flying consists of two stories – “I – His First Flight” and “II – Black Aeroplane”. We have made the decision to produce the most thorough English Summary possible in order to aid students in their comprehension and learning.

Part 1: His First Flight Summary

A baby seagull with a fear of flying is the subject of Liam O’Flaherty’s story, “His First Flight.” On a ledge, a family of seagulls resided. A baby seagull who is slow to learn and is terrified of flying is left alone. This juvenile seagull only required inspiration. His family fled from him and abandoned him on the cliff as a kind of punishment. He was reprimanded, made fun of for being a coward, and even threatened with starvation. He couldn’t get over his fear of flying, so he went for 24 hours without eating. He sobbed, pleading with his mother to bring him food.

She soared across him, picked up a piece of fish in her beak, and then stopped just in front of him. Her beak had a piece of fish that was almost within his grasp. The hungry juvenile seagull was out of control. To get the fish, he dove. He suddenly discovered himself falling outward and into space. He extended and fluttered his wings instinctively. All of his fear vanished as he rose in the air. The occasion brought happiness to his family. He lost memory of any prior fear of flying.

Part 2: Black Aeroplane Summary

This is a puzzling tale. The author was piloting his Dakota. He was suddenly trapped in a large cloud, and his compass, radio, and other devices stopped working. He had a small amount of fuel in his aircraft. He abruptly noticed a black jet approaching him. He was led by the plane’s pilot. He was able to land safely as a result. He was shocked to learn that the writer’s Dakota was the only aircraft in the sky that night from the woman at the control center.

According to the author, he was flying an airplane at one in the morning. Behind him, the moon was rising in the east. The sky above him was clear, with stars gleaming. He was returning to England while overflying France in his ancient Dakota airplane. He was daydreaming about his vacation. He was eager to spend time with his family.

He made the choice to dial the Paris command. After that, he radioed it. He stated that he was traveling to England. He turned in that direction as required. Paris control was acknowledged in full. It instructed him to make a twelve-degree west turn. He turned in that direction as required. The situation was excellent. About 150 miles later was Paris. Then he noticed the stormy skies. In front of him, they seemed like dark mountains. He was aware that he could not soar beyond them.

He made the choice to return to Paris. He wanted to get home, though. He, therefore, took a chance and flew into the storm. Outside of his plane, he had no view. The entire scene was dark. The aging aircraft leaped and turned in the air. The compass caught his eye. It vanished. He attempted to get hold of Paris control. In the storm, he became lost.

Then he spotted another plane in the pitch-black sky. Its wings lacked any illumination. In the midst of the storm, he could see it flying close by. He was happy to see someone else. He gave the command, “Follow me.” The author believed he was attempting to assist him. He then went after him. He flew for thirty minutes. He had enough fuel for the next five to ten minutes. He started to feel afraid. Then he began to fall.

In an instant, he was on the runway. He searched the black jet for his pal. He wanted to say thank you. But there was no sky. He entered the command post. Where was he, he enquired a woman. She gave him an odd look before laughing. She claimed that his plane was the only one in existence. The author was astounded. He questioned how they had gotten him there. The pilot of the weird, dark airplane, which was flying in the storm without lights, had no compass, no radio, and no more fuel in his tanks.

ConclusionTwo Stories About Flying Summary

Two examples that demonstrate the need for inner strength and tenacity to conquer fear are included in the chapter “Two Stories About Flying.” It gives us the strength to get through challenging circumstances in our lives. We hope that the two stories about flying summary for Class 10 have helped you better understand the plot and the two distinct stories on flying by different authors. The blog and the two stories about flying summary will be useful for any last-minute exam preparation. Continue following Readaxis for more fascinating and instructive readings, and achieve great grades with Readaxis.

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