The Sick Rose Questions and Answers Class 11 (MCQ, Short and Long)

The chapter The Sick Rose is written by William Blake. In this blog, we have discussed all the possible questions of The Sick Rose. The Sick Rose questions and answers will help you in the preparation for your exam.

The Sick Rose Questions and Answers Class 11

The Sick Rose MCQ

1. William Blake was born on?

  • 1757
  • 1758
  • 1777
  • 1788

Ans:- 1757

2. William Blake died on?

  • 1887
  • 1827
  • 1897
  • 1800

Ans:- 1827

3. William Blake belongs to the age of?

  • Chaucer’s age
  • Neo-classical age
  • Romantic age
  • Classical age

Ans:- Romantic age

4. Nathan Cervo summarizes the poem as follows:

  • most baffling
  • enigmatic
  • both
  • anyone

Ans:- both

5. When does the worm take flight?

  • Night
  • Evening
  • Early morning
  • Dawn

Ans:- Night

6. In the poem, what does the ‘rose’ represent?

  • Innocence
  •  Beauty
  •  Purity
  • All

Ans:- All

7. How is the love of the worm?

  • Deep
  • Dark
  • Pure
  • Both a and c

Ans:- Dark

8. Worm destroys the life of?

  • Rose
  • Itself
  • Another insect
  • Ant

Ans:- Rose

9. What colour is the worm’s joy?

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Crimson
  • Violet

Ans:- Crimson

10. Who is missing from Blake’s poem The Sick Rose?

  • Rose
  • The poet himself
  • Worm
  • None

Ans:- Worm

The Sick Rose Short Question Answers

11. Who is the poem’s speaker?

Ans:- The poet William Blake himself is the speaker in this poem.

12. “The Sick Rose” is what kind of poem?

Ans:- “The Sick Rose” is symbolic poetry.

13. Where did the worm get in?

Ans:- The worm has penetrated the rose’s crimson bed.

14. How is the love of the worm?

Ans:- The worm’s love is dark and mysterious.

15. What makes the worm happy?

Ans:- The worm is overjoyed because it has entered the rose’s heart.

16. What exactly do you mean by “howling storm”?

Ans:- The howling storm signifies that nature is enraged because something bad is attempting to disrupt the natural order of things.

17. Whose ‘love’ is being discussed here?

Ans:- The worm’s ‘love’ is redirected here.

18. Who ends their life?

Ans:- The rose’s life is destroyed by the worm.

19. Who travels through the night in a roaring storm?

Ans:- The worm flies through the night in the midst of a screaming storm.

20. How does William Blake begin “The Sick Rose”?

Ans:- Blake’s poem “The Sick Rose” opens with an emotional invocation to the rose.

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The Sick Rose Long Question Answers


  • Has found out thy bed
  • Of crimson joy:

Describe the above from the poem

Ans:- The speaker adds to the worm’s story by noting that it has reached the rose’s bed. The state of this bed is unknown. It might just be a resting place for the “crimson” rose. It might also be a “bed” of anything, such as “roses” or another red object. This would indicate that the rose is a gardener.

22. What are the forms used in the poem?

Ans:- This poem’s two quatrains rhyme ABCB. The foreboding rhythm of these brief, two-beat lines adds to the poem’s feeling of foreboding or dread, and it supports the speaker’s uncompromising directness in telling the rose she is dying. Due to a lack of structure, the scansion is difficult to position; the stanzas are asymmetrical: the first contains syllables of 5,6,5,5, while the second has syllables of 5,4,6,5.

23. What are the symbols and imageries used in the poem?

Ans:- The poet here uses simple imagery and the Allegory of Rose to highlight the ethereal beauty of a tranquil innocent lady. Yet the worst longing has devastated that sanctuary of beauty, and “The Rose” has become “The Sick Rose.” The woman grows unwell after losing her virginity to an illegal love of a corrupt guy. In the Bible, the worm represents Satan, the snake who tempted Adam and Eve and caused their fall. The poem narrates the tale of humanity’s descent from innocence via the shroud/veil of symbolism.

24. With “The Sick Rose,” characterize William Blake as a prophetic poet:

Ans:- The poetry of William Blake is filled with vision, enthusiasm, and ideas. He analyses various dialectics using his experiences. The story “The Sick Rose” is about Blake’s understanding of human existence.

Blake has utilized symbolism and imagery to portray the greed and avarice of the experienced heart and soul by demurring/ destroying rose’s innocence. The hidden sensuous delight overwhelms the rose’s bed of scarlet Pleasure on a night of the flood. The dark longing of a meaty love ruffles the fresh petals of an innocent rose.

25. Discuss the Rose Symbol.

Ans:- The poem “The Sick Rose” revolves around Rose. In this scenario, the rose has been addressed as a sick rose. The rose is a common symbolic of beauty, humility, and calm on the horizon of global literature. It signifies a spectacular beauty; historically, the rose is connected with innocence, purity, modesty, and ethereal pleasure; yet, in this poetry, the rose is sick; it lacks the supreme of excellent quality that is conferred upon it. The rose is not a sign of purity in this context; rather, it has been termed “the sick” due to its horrible odour of experience. The experience detracts from rather than improves its quality.

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