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The scene is set in Chubukov’s drawing room, where Lomov enters dressed in formal attire. Chubukov greets him warmly and asks about his visit. Lomov explains that he has come to make a request and seeks Chubukov’s assistance. Chubukov assumes Lomov has come to borrow money but encourages him to speak up.

Lomov hesitates but eventually reveals that he has come to ask for Chubukov’s daughter’s hand in marriage. Chubukov is overjoyed and expresses his long-held desire for the union. Lomov, moved by the moment, asks if he can count on Natalya’s consent.

Chubukov assures Lomov that Natalya is in love with him and will gladly accept the proposal. He leaves to fetch Natalya while Lomov contemplates his decision, feeling anxious about his health issues and the need for a stable life. He convinces himself that
Natalya is a suitable match and resolves to go through with the proposal.

Natalya enters the room, wearing an apron, and engages in small talk with Lomov. He then musters the courage to express his request, but their conversation takes an unexpected turn when they argue over the ownership of Oxen Meadows, a piece of land.
Lomov claims the meadows are his, while Natalya insists they belong to her family.

They engage in a heated debate, each defending their claim to the land. The argument escalates, and Lomov’s health deteriorates due to his palpitations. Chubukov enters the room and asks about the commotion. Natalya asks her father to settle the dispute and affirm that the meadows belong to their family.

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Chubukov sides with Natalya, claiming ownership of the meadows. Lomov tries to reason with him, explaining the historical background of the dispute, but Chubukov dismisses his argument. The play ends with the disagreement unresolved, leaving Lomov frustrated and the future of his proposal uncertain

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