For Anne Gregory Summary Class 10 English First Flight

The poem revolves around the fact that the world only admires beauty and the one who loves you for yourself alone is
only god and parents are also your god.

For Anne Gregory Summary Class 10 English First Flight

In the first stanza of the poem the poet tells Anne Gregory that never ever a man would love her for herself but he will love her yellow hair. Yellow hair symbolizes the outer appearance or outer beauty of Anne Gregory which most men fall into. Her outer beauty is compared to a wall which is an obstacle for a man to look into her inner soul. In the next stanza, Anne replies that she can get a hair dye done in any color the man who loves her wants symbolizing that outer beauty can be manipulated as per the desire. She can manipulate her beauty if the man loves her for herself and not her yellow hair, i.e., outer beauty. In the last stanza, the poet explains Anne about the ultimate truth, which is also proved by big religious men, that only god can love her for herself alone and not her yellow hair.

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