The Making of A Scientist Summary Class 10 English

The Making of a Scientist Summary Class 10 English

This story describes the scientific journey of Richard H Ebright who, with his roommate, introduced the theory of cells at the age of twenty-two in an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

It was a really big achievement for Richard H Ebright as it was the first time that the scientific journal had published the work of a college student. It all began with butterflies.

Ebright grew up north of Reading, Pennsylvania. There weren’t many kids around him so all he could do was collect things and so that became his hobby.

In kindergarten, Ebright started by collecting butterflies including rocks, fossils, and coins.

He was a very curious and eccentric kid while his mother supported him in his every curiosity. His mother was his biggest supporter. Even when he didn’t have anything to do or learn, his mother would bring him something to learn about. He was the topper of his grade.

In his second grade, he collected all twenty-five species of butterflies which could be found around his hometown. That probably should’ve been the end of Ebright’s butterfly-collecting journey but his mother bought him a book titled “Travels of Monarch X”, a book explaining how monarch butterflies migrate to Central America. This book was the beginning of his journey into science.

At the end that book was an invitation to study the migration of butterflies under Dr. Urquhart. Ebright’s mother contacted Dr Urquhart and soon Ebright was working under him, tagging monarch butterflies and when someone came in contact with them, they were asked to send the tag to Dr. Urquhart.

After some time, it became tedious for Ebright as it took too much time and hardly any tags would return.

In seventh grade he got to see what a real competition looks like and what science is all about, he lost the contest and didn’t get anything for his submission of the project. The reason behind his loss was that he didn’t show his theory with a real experiment but with his neat display.

Ebright wanted to win next time so he studied the topic which he knew very well, insects. During his high school he tried and won which led to prize projects in the country and international science fairs.

In eighth grade, he demonstrated his experiment to cure monarch caterpillars of their viral disease that would lead to the. To their deaths. His experiment showed the possibility of the beetle being the reason behind the disease, although it was a failure, he won the first prize for the experiment itself.

In the very next year, Ebright had to explain why viceroy butterflies tend to imitate monarch butterflies. Ebright’s experiment showed how a starling wouldn’t eat ordinary bird food but what it did eat was monarch. This project was placed first in the zoology division and third overall in the county science fair.

In Ebright’s second year, his insect research led him to the discovery of a hormone that was unknown, this was the foundation of cell theory.

Ebright’s studied the spots on monarch butterflies and came to the conclusion that there was a hormone secretion that was unknown and was necessary for the butterfly’s development.

After this Ebright won many awards and prizes in science fairs whether it be national or international. He also got chances to research his theories in different departments which lead him to discover that ‘DNA is the blueprint of life’.

Ebright and his college roommate, James R. Wong, made a plastic structure to demonstrate their experiment and prepared a theory to explain their thoughts and conclusion on the topic.

His journey continued and led him to lighten the world of science with his theory of cells, he explained that it all began with that one book titled ‘The Travels of Monarch X’.

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