The Book that Saved the Earth Summary Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet

The Book that Saved the Earth Summary Class 10 English

This story is written from the perspective of 25th-century citizens.

In the 25th century, there is a famous tale of how a book saved the earth. The librarian describes the twentieth century as the era of books. According to the librarian in the twentieth century, there was this book that saved our earth.

The librarian starts with narrating about Noodle the Mar’s leader’s close assistant and the leader named Think-Tank. Think-Tank had decided to invade the planet named Earth and had already sent some of his soldiers to Earth for inspection while keeping his army on standby.

When they came in contact with his people, captain Omega, lieutenant Iota, and Sergeant Oop, who were in a place filled with strange-looking objects, in the earth it was known as a library which was filled with books.

None of the soldiers present there knew what the shelves were filled with, not even Think-Tank and Noodle knew what it was.

When the captain asked Think-Tank about it, as they considered him an all-knowing being, Think-Tank took a wild guess by looking at its appearance and called it a sandwich, which it wasn’t and it didn’t even taste good so, the next guess of Think-Tank, which was on the basis of Noodle’s info, that it was a communication sandwich, so they tried to listen what the device had to say but couldn’t hear anything, then Think-Tank said it was a communication device for eyes, again on the basis of Noodle’s info.

After taking some pills in order to read the Earth’s language, Omega took a book and started reading aloud. It was a book containing poems, Think-Tank mistook it for the earthling’s discovery of how to grow metals and even took into consideration that they can grow bombs, and the next poem as earthlings having developed so much that they have even trained their animals to be civilized and then came to the biggest misconception, Think-Tank mistook the poem of Humpty Dumpty, whose appearance was exactly like Think-Tank in the book, as a threat directed towards the leader of Mars, Think-Tank, and Mars itself. After misunderstanding the last poem, Think-Tank commanded to withdraw all his forces and leave Earth alone, he even commanded to evacuate Mars as the earthlings were going to attack it.

The historian explains how after five hundred years they have befriended Marians and how they have taught them how to read and how the leader of Mars was replaced by the wise Noodle.

So, in the end, one rhyme book saved the earth while the Martians still could never bring themselves to read it, the book was – Mother Goose.

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