NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7 । The Last Leaf Question Answer

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NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7 । The Last Leaf Question Answer

Think about it (Page 48)

1. What is Johnsy’s illness? What can cure her, the medicine or the willingness to live?

Ans:- Johnsy was suffering from a high fever and had pneumonia. The doctor had been coming and treating Johnsy for more days than one should be treated but the fever wasn’t breaking, in the end, the doctor informed Sue that Johnsy’s unwillingness to cure herself and waiting to face death was what was making her unable to be cured from her pneumonia.

2. Do you think the feeling of depression Johnsy has is common among teenagers?

Ans:- I think nowadays, depression is a common instance in a teenager’s life. There are too many things that they fear, too many emotions they need to face, and too many hurdles that they need to cross especially failure, failure in relationships, failure in education, and failure in their work life, these failures are not easy to recover and end up becoming the sole reason for one’s depression. Society has started pressuring these teenagers for the future that may come which has led them in disturbing their present which is already in process, teenage is a time when one is neither a child nor a fully grown adult, and the realization that they need to make a decision they won’t regret in the future and the farewells that they have to deal with at this age sometimes becomes too much for them and makes them depressed. Depression isn’t a good thing but it has definitely become a part of a teenager’s life.

3. Behrman has a dream. What is it? Does it come true?

Ans:- Behrman was a sixty-year-old adult who had only one dream at that age and that was to paint a masterpiece. Yes, Behrman did make his own masterpiece, it was the last leaf left on the creeper, which was considered as Johnsy’s last breath by Johnsy herself. He painted the brown and dry leaf, making it ever so green and long-lasting which helped the young Johnsy to snap out to reality and treasure her life once again.

4. What is Behrman’s masterpiece? What makes Sue say so?

Ans:- According to Sue, Behrman’s masterpiece was his last work on the dry brown colored leaf which had become green, and not letting the creeper go after one sudden night that Behrman was out. Both the timing of Behrman going out and the last leaf turning green were two periods that collided with each other which clearly stated that it was Behrman’s work, the yellow and green colour in his room cleared all the doubt that Sue would’ve had. Calling it a masterpiece was not praising it more than it should be, because that one painting, saved someone’s life and was admiring to be looked at.

Talk about it (Page 48)

1. Have you ever felt depressed and dejected? How did you overcome such feelings? Share your experience with your classmates.

Ans:- It was a day like any other, my mom was cooking our meal, dad was reading the newspaper and enjoying his Sunday morning while I and my elder brother, who is three years older than me, were playing with our cute little Pomeranian dog whose name was Jenna, actually, she was a little too restless nowadays so, I and my brother tried to raise her spirits but there was no response although she never stopped wagging her tail telling us that she was loving it. It was pretty scary to see her behave like that, I was continuously petting her, her white fur was as soft to touch as it always was.

Only an hour later, an uncle came to our house I got to know that he was an animal doctor, and my parents called him to check on our Jenna. After a little while of checking up on her, my father held her in his arm and took her downstairs, I was not allowed to follow them so I thought that they were taking her to the doctor’s clinic for further check-ups or something. I asked Mom, “Mom, Jenna’s going to be okay, right?”, In reply to my anxious query she silently nodded and continued to stay silent. After an hour of me waiting downstairs, I saw Dad with nothing in his arms and Jenna was nowhere to be seen, my heart sank at that very moment while my dad went upstairs not saying anything and my mom consoled me with many tales about how she will be happy whenever she is and many other things like that, I don’t even remember what occurred after that, three whole days went by and I still don’t remember what I did all I remember was my countless cries to my mother to bring our Jenna back, something was broken in me I just couldn’t put a finger on what was happening or what I was feeling, I was depressed.

Nothing was interesting for me, I couldn’t understand anything and all I did was bowl my eyes out. It was like I had hit rock bottom then I met a little puppy that lived right next door it had white fur with some black spots on it, it seemed a lot like our Jenna but it was a newborn and the cutest version of a dog which was nowhere near the appearance of the old and mature dog that our Jenna had grown into. That was when I realized that she is really gone and she was never returning. I couldn’t take my eyes off that little puppy so I went to play with the little one at every moment I got, the cute little puppy had slowly but gradually healed me.

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