NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 3 । Iswaran the Storyteller Question Answer

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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 3 । Iswaran the Storyteller Question Answer

Think about it (Page 18)

1. In what way is Iswaran an asset to Mahendra?

Ans:- Iswaran was the best cook Mahindra could ever find, he washed their clothes and would never say a word about them having to travel from one place to place to another due to Mahindra’s job asking for him to do so, the most extraordinary thing Mahindra found out was that it never mattered where or how desolate the place maybe he would find not only eatable but also fresh vegetable to cook and prepare a meal in about an hour of their arrival at the location, these were enough reason for Iswaran to be called an asset for Mahindra.

2. How does Iswaran describe the uprooted tree on the highway? What effect does he want to create in his listeners?

Ans:- Iswaran dictated the story of the fallen tree in a dramatic manner by mentioning how the atmosphere was perfect for a horror story, how frightened he was to think of the fallen tree as a beast, and then how relieved he was to find it was nothing more than a fallen tree. He wants to create horror as well as suspense effect for his listener.

3. How does he narrate the story of the tusker? Does it appear to be plausible?

Ans:- Iswaran was even more detailed and specific in this tusker story, he explained why the elephant was around the town while what it doing there and what would happen if that same elephant went rampant, this was his prologue, the main story begins with the elephant going rampant and moving toward a school, ending up in the school grounds where the students were playing before the elephant’s arrival. The students locked themselves in their classes and the teacher standing on the rooftop, Iswaran was there as well although he was a high school student. Iswaran took a stick and very swiftly hit the elephant with the stick, and the mahout of the elephant took it after a few days. The question was, how did Iswaran do it!?, But instead of explaining the climax Iswaran left mumbling about his work being left undone and didn’t continue the story until Mahender’s curiosity took the better of him and he asked for him to explain that part of the climax. Iswaran told that it was some sort of Japanese art, named ‘karate or ji-jutsu’.

I don’t find it anywhere near plausible for a kid to be courageous enough to stand in front of a gigantic elephant and it goes beyond my imagination to think of a kid subduing an elephant. It was definitely a made-up story.

4. Why does the author say that Iswaran seemed to more than make up for the absence of a TV in Mahendra’s living quarters?

Ans:- According to the author, Iswaran’s storytelling was far more incredible than one could imagine as his hand gestures and his choice of words were not one to be ignored and entertained the author, filling the absence which gets left behind by a TV.

5. Mahendra calls ghosts or spirits a figment of the imagination. What happens to him on a full-moon night?

Ans:- On a full moon night, Mahendra, already unsettled after hearing the horror story, heard a wailing noise and even though he wanted to ignore it, it kept going on and on, in the end, he has to look outside and when peeked from his window he found a figure standing there holding something in its hand, this scene frightened Mahender.

6. Can you think of some other ending for the story?

Ans:- The story could’ve ended with the scary situation being a prank made-up by Iswaran in order to take revenge for scolding him in return for his incredible storytelling.

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