The Adventures of Toto Question Answers । NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 2

Here we have provided The Adventures of Toto Question Answers. The Adventures of Toto Question Answers will help you understand the chapter better and will be helpful in your exam preparation.

The Adventures of Toto Question Answers । NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 2

Think about it (Page 11)

1. How does Toto come to grand-father’s private zoo?

Ans:- Grandfather bought Toto from a Tonga driver for a sum of 5 rupees and then he decided to add Toto to his private zoo.

2. “Toto was a pretty monkey”. In what sense is Toto pretty?

Ans:- Toto was described as ‘pretty’ because Toto had beautiful and sparkling eyes while teeth used to shine brightly when he smiled, he also had very thin but slender fingers which seemed eccentric and pretty.

3. Why does grandfather take Toto to Saharanpur and how? Why does the ticket collector insist on calling Toto a dog?

Ans:- Toto didn’t let other animals from their grandfather’s private zoo sleep at night which was the reason why his grandfather couldn’t leave him alone at house and took Toto with him to Saharanpur. Grandfather prepared a big-black canvas kit bag which was inescapable for Toto, which was the cage that Toto was transported through.

It seems the reason behind the ticket collector insisting on calling Toto a dog was just because he wanted to charge Grandfather for traveling with Toto and earn an extra penny for himself.

4. How does Toto take a bath? Where has he learnt to do this? How does Toto almost boil himself alive?

Ans:- As mentioned in the text, Toto used to check the warm water’s temperature with his foot confirming if it was warm enough for him to dip in, and when he is over with he used to sink himself in the tub of water and hold the soap while rubbing him all over himself and when he felt cold due the drop in water’s temperature, he would run in front of the fireplace to grab its warmth, he learned this from watching the author taking a bath.

Once when the tea was being boiled in a large kettle on the stove, Toto mischievously removed the lid of the kettle and thinking of the water as his boiled water for bathing, sunk himself in it, when he felt the water being too hot and started to get out, due to the cold temperature outside the sunk himself back in, this continued until grandmother saw him and took him out of the kettle herself.

5. Why does the author say, “Toto was not the sort of pet we could keep for long”?

Ans:- The author’s family was not financially stable enough to cover the continuous damages that Toto made, which ended up in the author and his grandfather realizing that Toto was not an animal they could pet at home.

Talk about it (Page 11)

1. Do you have a pet? Is your pet mis-chievous? Tell the class about it.

Ans:- I don’t have a pet now, but I did have a pet when I was young. It was a dog named Jenna. She was very mischievous but also a very docile animal and her being a dog made her loyal and loving towards us. She was a Pomeranian, so she was not allowed to sit on places on the sofa but she used to do so when we used to be absent, the proof was her hair on it, but we never her too severely for that. In the end, she was a very lovely animal and I loved her for her being with me and my family.

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