NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Moments Chapter 6 । Weathering the Storm in Ersama Question Answer

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NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Moments Chapter 6 । Weathering the Storm in Ersama

Think about it (Page 42)

1. What havoc has the super cyclone wrecked in the life of the people of Orissa?

Ans:- After a sudden super cyclone, the whole town was covered with water that had been flooded in by the winds. There were a lot of things floating in the water including the carcasses of animals. The most disgusting thing to see were dead bodies of humans including men, women and even children, it was a heartbreaking scene to fathom for the protagonist and the readers as well. The houses were blown away into pieces and the trees were uprooted from their grounds by the strong wind that came with the super cyclone.

2. How has Prashant, a teenager, been able to help the people of his village?

Ans:- Prashant was a young guy in his teenage. This young guy became hope and solitude for the people of his village as well as for the other survivors present in the camp. He stood up and took charge of leading everyone present on the campus. He divided the people present into groups according to their gender and age group. He assigned each group with their tasks to be performed for the betterment and survival of all. He took great care of the feelings of the widows and the orphaned children.

3. How have the people of the community helped one another? What role do the women of Kalikuda play during these days?

Ans:- The people of the community who were divided by Prashant into groups of men, women and children, contributed to the survival of the community accordingly. The men were tasked to search for food and materials for shelter, the youth were tasked with the cleaning work of the camp. The women of Kalikuda, including the widows, were given the job that was basically built for them, they were tasked to take care of the orphaned children as they had no one to depend on or lean on and also to treat them as their own.

4. Why do Prashant and other volunteers resist the plan to set up institutions for orphans and widows? What alternatives do they consider?

Ans:- Prashant resisted the construction of institutions for the orphaned children and widows as after observing them in the camp he realised that in the institutions the children wouldn’t be loved enough and the widows would feel lonely as they only stay with people like themselves at the institutions which cannot help them in healing their emotional state. Prashant decided to keep the widows and the children in the community and let the children be adopted by childless widows while giving the widows to the children

5. Do you think Prashant is a good leader? Do you think young people can get together to help people during natural calamities?

Ans:- I think Prashant was a good leader as he had skills that included being dependable, understanding, quick-to-take-action and kind-hearted. Young people are much more open minded and quick witted than an adult could ever be, which makes them good leaders. Adults are people already polished but youth is a generation that can take and learn from every experience and every senior, all they need is good support and easy-going followers. The basic necessity of post natural disaster is the guidance of someone with the skills of communication and the most developed mind to be lead and I find youth to be the best candidate for it as they know how to respect and project their idea to others which just adds on to their list of capabilities.

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