Madam Rides The Bus Summary Class 10 English First Flight

The story revolves around a girl who travels to her city on a bus and exposes herself to the world. When she travels alone she realizes the mystery of life and death as on her adventurous journey she encounters many things she would have never faced at home.

Madam Rides The Bus Summary Class 10 English First Flight

This is the story of Valliammai (aka Valli). Valli had no one of her age to play with her, therefore, she used to stand at the front door and used to watch the street. The most fascinating thing for her was the bus that travelled from her village to the nearest town, which is six miles from her village. Day after day after watching the bus, Valli grew the wish of travelling in the bus. She carefully listened to the conversations between her neighbours who used to travel often on that bus and used to ask some discrete questions too. She calculated and recalculated and planned and re-planned. She planned to take one-o’ clock bus to reach the town by forty-five and to her village by two forty-five.

One fine spring day, in the afternoon during the slack time of the day, when the bus has very few passengers, Valli rode on a bus.
Valli was surely excited to have her first experience inside the bus but as soon she tried to look out of the window, her view was blocked by a canvas that covered the lower part of the window. Therefore, Valli stood on the seat to look outside the window. As Valli was being wondered by the view outside, she was intervened by a voice that addressed her as a child and suggested she sit down. Valli was annoyed and replied that no one there was a child. She told she has given the thirty paisa fare like everyone. The conductor told Valli not to stand as she has paid for the seat but Valli refused to do so. As the bus reached the next stop, some passengers climbed the bus and afraid of losing the seat, Valli sat down. One old woman came and sat beside her and inquired about where she was going, then Valli told her that she is going alone to the town which shocked the old woman as Valli was really young at her age.

Valli did not buy toys and peppermints because of which she could save around sixty paise and used the time of her mother’s nap from one to four in the afternoon as her excursions. Valli witnessed the rash driving by the bus driver yet so smoothly the driver managed to pass all obstacles. Suddenly a cow galloped in front of the bus, the more the driver used the horn, the more frightened the cow got. Somehow this was funny to Valli and then she clapped her hands in glee. Valli silently gaped when the bus passed the train station and the busy streets. The bus reached the destination and the bus conductor asked Valli to get out as her thirty paise would only take her that far. Valli took another thirty paise from her pockets and gave it to the conductor. The conductor shrugged and they both waited until the bus started its return journey.

Valli was the same excited on her return journey the way she was before. Suddenly Valli saw a glance of a dead cow which was the same cow she saw before on her journey. The memory of that cow was constantly haunting her. She then glued to her seat until her village came. As Valli reached her village, she greeted the conductor nicely and went off the bus. Valli suddenly ran to her house and saw her mother talking to one of Valli’s aunts from South Street. This aunt was a chatterbox. In the end, Valli was satisfied that no one was able to speculate that she did all of that all alone.

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