Leela’s Friend Question Answers Class 11

The Chapter Leela’s Friend are written by R.K Narayan. In this blog, we have discussed all the possible questions of Leela’s Friend. Leela’s Friend question answers will help you in the preparation for your exam.

Leela’s Friend MCQ

1. Who was R. K. Narayan?

  • an American writer
  • an Indian writer
  • an African poet
  • a Latin American writer

Ans:- an Indian writer

2. Who was Leela’s companion

  • Sidda
  • Siddarth
  • Sikander
  • Siddique

Ans:- Sidda

3. After how many hours Sidda was taken back to the hospital?

  • One hour
  • Two hours
  • Three hours
  • Half an hour

Ans:- Half an hour

4. By whom was the chain discovered within

  • Leela
  • Mrs. Sivasanker
  • Mr. Sivasanker
  • Sidda

Ans:- Mr. Sivasanker

5. R K Narayan was born on

  • 1906
  • 1905
  • 1904
  • 1907

Ans:- 1906

6. When was R K Narayan died?

  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2001
  • 2004

Ans:- 2001

7. How many characters are there?

  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

Ans:- 7

8. What kind of issue the story covers?

  • Economic issues
  • Political issues
  • Realistic social issue
  • Educational issue

Ans:- Realistic social issue

9. By how many policemen Sidda was brought back home?

  • 4
  • 5
  • 3
  • 2

Ans:- 2

10. Where was the chain found?

  • Sidda’s pocket
  • tamarind pot
  • box
  • Leela’s school bag

Ans:- tamarind pot

11. While listening to stories, Sidda used to sit on?

  • on the floor
  • on a chair
  • on Leela’s bed
  • on a stool

Ans:- on the floor

12. Where does Sidda sleep while working at Mr. Sivasanker’s house?

  • in the servants’ quarter
  • in the drawing room
  • outside the house
  • in the covered veranda

Ans:- outside the house

13. For what crime Sidda was accused

  • saying bad words
  • leaving their house
  • arrogance
  • treachery

Ans:- treachery

14. Sidda was employed by Mr. Sivasanker as a housekeeper in his

  • Rs 1000/- and no meal
  • four meals and no money
  • two rupees and two meals
  • two meals per day and four rupees per month

Ans:- two meals per day and four rupees per month

15. Themes of the story

  • friendship
  • prejudices
  • exploitation
  • all of the above

Ans:- all of the above

Leela’s Friend Short Question Answers

16. Who is Leela in the story?

Ans:- The five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker was named Leela.

17. What is R K Narayan’s full name?

Ans:- Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami

18. When and why did Leela start crying?

Ans:- Leela was in tears when the police left with Sidda in their care since a link of love and devotion had developed between her and Sidda.

19. Where did the mother of Leela discover the chain?

Ans:- The chain was discovered by Leela’s mother in the tamarind pot in the home’s kitchen.

20. Leela’s story is a collection of

Ans:- Malgudi days

Karma – Khushwant Singh
Jimmy Valentine – O. Henry
Nobel Lecture – Mother Teresa
The Place of Art in Education – Nandalal Bose

Leela’s Friend Long Question Answers

21. Briefly describe the relationship between Sidda and Leela.

Ans:- Sidda’s employment as a household helper is mostly the result of Leela. She is lovable despite being spoiled a little. Sidda is quickly drawn to her endearing disposition, and Sidda enjoys meeting her immature demands. She keeps Sidda occupied in a variety of ways to fulfill her whims. She is perceptive enough to understand Sidda’s place in the family and to feel sorry for him. She valued Sidda’s companionship more than the gold necklace. She accuses her mother of mistreating Sidda without holding back. Without Leela, Sidda’s human essence would have stayed so mysterious since he was a weak and social pariah.

22. Sidda, who is he? Briefly describe Sidda’s persona

Ans:- Sidda is the primary character of R. K. Narayan’s short story “Leela’s Friend” and a servant at the Sivsankers’ home.

In addition to performing all household duties for Sivsanker’s family for only two meals per day and four anas per month, Sidda also spends his free time playing with Leela in the garden to bring her the utmost joy. With Leela, he might linger in the enchanted realm of the moon. Leela may now realise her long-cherished desire of marrying a teacher because of his illiteracy.

23. In what ways does Leela try to teach Sidda in return? How does Sidda get comfort?

Ans:- Being Sidda’s instructor brings Leela a lot of joy. Sidda transports Leela home after dusk. She gives him a lesson. She serves as Sidda’s instructor. She forces him to crouch on the ground while holding a pencil in his hands and a brochure in front of him. She attempts to teach him the alphabet using what little she knows about it. She invites him to replicate the letter “B” or a picture of a cat or crow that she has drawn. Yet, he is a terrible performer. He is unable to reproduce any of them, not even close. Leela, nevertheless, persists in her efforts.

24. He looked at her mutely like an animal’, Who turned to face whom? What was the circumstance at the time this happened?

Ans:- In the short novel “Leela’s Friend” by R. K. Narayan, Sidda mutely saw Leela as an animal.

One evening, Leela accompanied Sidda while he went shopping for sugar. A gold chain that Leela had been wearing was gone, as her mother had observed. Sidda was blamed for the event by Leela’s mother, who also reported it to the police. Sidda was brought to the residence by a police inspector and a constable four days later. When Leela saw Sidda again, she was ecstatic. She wished for his liberation. She said that Sidda had left the chain alone.

25. How was Leela supposed to teach Sidda?

Ans:- Playing the role of teacher to Sidda gave Leela enormous pleasure. Sidda brought Leela inside at dark, and Leela taught Sidda a lesson. She kept a box containing catalogs, picture books, and pencil stumps. She ordered Sidda to write a “B” or sketch a cat or a crow while holding a pencil between his fingers and a catalogue in front of him as he was forced to crouch on the ground. But, Sidda was unable to complete it effectively and pleaded for help by claiming her mother had called to invite her to supper.

Conclusion: Leela’s Friend Question Answers

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