Iswaran the Storyteller Summary Class 9 Moments

Summary of Iswaran the Storyteller Class 9 Moments

The story was narrated to Ganesh by a young man named Mahendra, whose job tends to take him to different places.

His being a bachelor, made it easy to move from one place to another but on the downside he didn’t have enough time to do the household chores he had one person who took care of everything for him, this person was Iswaran, his cook. Iswaran was a person with a talent for cooking, to be specific, wherever and whenever cooking.

One more great talent of Iswaran was his storytelling. According to Mahendra, Iswaran was a very good storyteller whose story would mostly describe the story of a Tamil author that he had read. He had his distinct way of describing his stories through hand gestures, and suspense in between while ending with a surprising climax.

Once he told about the story of his hometown, with his ever so generous vocabulary he explained how there was a lot of timber grown there and how Lorrie towed by huge elephants was used to transfer the logs from one place to another. One day an elephant or tusker went rampant and entered the town, bulldozing its way into the village and breaking anything and everything on its way, it ended up entering the ground of the school in which Iswaran was studying in junior class. Everyone was inside the building or on the rooftop. Iswaran also explained how heroically he went ahead and stood in front of the tusker and hit its toenail with the wooden stick that he was holding.

Somehow the tusker fainted and collapsed and Iswaran left Mahendra hanging on that part of the story while mumbling about his work and how he is going to prepare the dinner, this was his one way of leaving the suspense. Afterwards, Mahendra had to ask Iswaran what happened next and Iswaran explained how two days later its mahouts came and took it. The main question was how did Iswaran do it. And Iswaran’s answer to this was that he had learned some Japanese art – karate or ju-jitsu and the elephant fainting was the result of his training.

Iswaran was the best source of entertainment for Mahendra in his leisure time. One night, Iswaran served his promised delicacies for the auspicious day of feeding various delicacies to his ancestors. Suddenly, Iswaran started to talk about how the place was once a burial ground and how he had been through some supernatural incidents including him seeing a skull on his way coming or going to market and also the most extraordinary incident which occurred at midnight of the full moon, he saw a woman with eccentric appearance holding something like a foetus in its arm. Mahendra got frustrated and left the room mumbling how it was all his imagination.

On the next morning, Iswaran was back to normal as if nothing happened the night before so, Mahendra found it a little out of place but after a few days, he forget all about it.

Then came the full moon night, Mahendra was asleep but he woke up because of a sound that kept going on and on. Mahendra wanted to look outside the window out of curiosity but couldn’t as he was too frightened to do so. The curiosity took the better of him and he look out of the window, it was midnight and Mahendra saw a woman holding something on his arm, the woman was exactly how Iswaran has described her to be.

Mahendra went back to his bed although he wasn’t able to sleep. On the next morning, Iswaran was preparing Mahendera’s breakfast, the incident was vivid but still fading in Mahendera’s mind. The shock came when Iswaran mentioned how he heard the moaning and came to take a look while also explaining how Mahendra didn’t believe Iswaran’s words and now he had seen the woman with foetus in its arms just like he had explained.

Mahendra ran out even before Iswaran has completed his sentence and prepared his paperwork for leaving the place, determined to leave the place on the very next day.

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