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The Lost Child Summary: The lost child has been written by Mulk Raj Anand. In this poem, the poet has tried to show the circumstances of the lower-class family. The lost child is the highlight of this poem. The boy desires to have different things at the fair but his parents don’t allow him to do so. In the end, he gets lost and his all desires get vanished. We have tried to explain The lost child summary in a very easy manner

The Lost Child summary

It is a bright, sunny day. There is a fair going on, and everyone in and around the village is travelling to take the delights of the fair. Among them is a young boy. He skips and runs happily alongside his parents as they walk to the fair. Many people are travelling along them. Some of them are moving in bullock carts or horses while most of them are walking to the fair. The boy’s excitement grows as he sees all the people around them.

On his way, he sees a toy shop. He loudly proclaims that he wants a toy. His father gazes at him severely. To divert the child’s attention, his mother draws his attention toward the mustard field. There is a vast field of golden yellow mustard fields, and its color excites the boy. The field is also filled with butterflies. The boy is fascinated by the butterflies. As they fly close to him, tries to catch them, but he can’t.

His parents call out to him to join them. They have taken shelter in the shaded grove. As soon as the boy enters the grove, a shower of flowers greets him, and he holds out his hand to catch the petals. The boy looks around in wonder taking in all the sights and sounds of nature. From the grove, they travel along a narrow path to the fair.

From the serene world of nature, the boy enters the world of the fair. Different sites in the fair fascinate and repel at the same time. The boy stops in front of the sweet shop tempted by the delightful display of sweets. He wants a burfi though he knows his parents will not buy it for him. As they walk on, he is attracted by the beautiful garlands of Gulmohar in the next shop. Though he wants one around his neck, he knows his parents will call it cheap and refuse him.

Brightly colored balloons on a pole greet him next. He stops and gazes at the bright balloons floating in the air. He knows his parents will tell him he is too old to play with them. So, he moves on to where a snake charmer is playing the flute. He wants to hear the music, but he knows his parents will forbid it. Finally, he reaches the giant wheel. His eyes shine at the giant wheel, keeping on turning with its brightly colored lights and people laughing and shouting. He cannot contain himself any longer and demands to get on it. But his parents do not reply.

He turns around, but his parents are not with him any longer. Frightened, he starts crying. He runs here and there trying to find his parents. Tears are in his eyes and his clothes become dirty. He notices a temple around which many people are gathered. He hopes he can find his parents there, but there are too many people, and he cannot see them.

A kind stranger rescues him from the rush of the people. The stranger asks the boy about his parents, but the boy cannot tell him. The boy just cries and wants his parents. The stranger then takes him to the roundabout and asks whether he wants a ride, but the child doesn’t want one. The stranger then takes him to snake charmer and asks him if he wants to hear the music.

But the child closes his ears crying for his parents. He again denies getting balloons. Then he refuses to put a garland on his neck. Finally, the stranger takes him to the sweet shop, but the child cannot be consoled by the sweets. He continues to cry for his parents

Conclusion – The Lost Child Summary

The lost child summary shows the love between parents and their children in a unique manner. As we see in this poem The lost child was desiring different things when he was with his parents but when he lost his parent at the fair he forget about all other things. This shows overwhelming love between the child and the parents. Poet sincerely shows the bonding as parents may sometime rebuke children for some things but ultimately it is good for children. Their love is selfless and everlasting. So we can say the lost child summary has given us a good context of lower-class families as well as the love between a child and his parents.

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