The Adventure of Toto Summary Class 9 Moments

Summary of The Adventure of Toto Class 9 Moments

This story begins with the author describing how his grandfather bought Toto from a Tonga driver for five rupees.

Grandfather had his own little private zoo as he bought some or the other bird or animal home every other day.

Toto was a clever but mischievous monkey. He was not very friendly and his presence had to be kept a secret from grandmother so, when grandfather and the author hid him in the author’s closet with a little opening thinking they had tied him securely but when they returned, the area where Toto was tied up was completely devastated and different from before and the author’s blazer which was in the closet was completely torn to shreds. Somehow grandfather sought him to be clever for he could’ve even used the blazer’s shred as a rope and run away if had been given enough time. Then Toto was transferred to a big cage where other pets were kept in grandfather’s house.

Grandfather had to go to Dehradun to take his pension and he couldn’t let Toto be at home, as he was quite the mischievous one while Grandfather was the only one who could tolerate his mischiefs so, Toto became grandfather’s companion. Unfortunately, the author couldn’t go but he heard about it from his grandfather. A special big black canvas kit bag was bought for Toto and there was no escape in that bag which secured him from leaving and causing trouble for grandfather.

At Saharanpur when grandfather was producing his ticket at the railway turnstile, somehow, Toto popped his head out of the bag and smiled at the ticket collector.

The ticket collector was shocked and then asked grandfather to pay for the dog, which he definitely wasn’t but the ticket collector was hell-bent on charging grandfather with the ‘dog’ so grandfather had to pay three rupees for the ‘dog’. Although he didn’t ask for any charges on the tortoise that grandfather had with himself.

After being accepted by his grandmother, Toto was given his house in the stables. It was winter season, and as mentioned, he was a clever one so, he used to copy the author’s way of taking a bath and checked the temperature of the warm water with his feet before sinking himself and then scrubbing himself clean. When the water’s temperature turns normal he would run toward the fireplace and warm himself there, it was a funny site for the author and the others but they couldn’t laugh as Toto would get agitated if he saw them doing so.

Once Toto was barely saved from getting boiled. A large kettle was left boiling on the stove for tea, Toto saw it and thought that it was his bath water and sank himself in the kettle. When he felt too hot he would get out of the kettle and after sinking the chilled air in himself, sank himself inside the kettle, and he repeated that until grandmother saw him and got him out of the kettle.

His mischievous didn’t end there, a large dish of pullav was kept at the center of the table and when everyone entered the dining room they saw Toto stuffing himself with it. When grandmother screamed, he threw the dishes around him towards them and when grandfather came back and saw Toto, Toto ran with the pullover dish towards the window and ended up on the branches of the jackfruit tree. After finishing his pullav he even threw the dish down from the tree which shattered into pieces as though spiting grandmother for shouting at him.

At the end of all these incidents, grandfather had to return Toto to the tonga-driver as he wasn’t financially stable enough to keep Toto and to keep him. In return, grandfather received three rupees.

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