Class 9 Social Science Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

Social Science is a subject that is considered to be the core of all the knowledge a class 9 student can gain. The reason behind this is that it contains the development of understanding the society, economy and politics around you. Class 9 Social Science has comprehended everything in a syllabus that will help you in getting the knowledge of everything thing around you. Our Class 9 Social Science summary will introduce you to this syllabus in a way that’ll make it easier for you to understand.

Class 9 Social Science gifts students with the fundamental knowledge, skills and values that the students need to learn and also helps them by encouraging them to active participation in information meetings while serving their opinions and listening to others’ opinions as they know what they are talking about and what they are listening to. It is a great source of confidence and abundant knowledge.

Class 9 History Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

S.NChapter Name
1.The French Revolution
2.Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
3.Nazism and the Rise of Hitler
4.Forest Society and Colonialism
5.Pastoralists in the Modern World

Class 9 Geography Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

S.NChapter Name
1.India Size and Location
2.Physical Features of India
5.Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Class 9 Political Science Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

S.NChapter Name
1.What is Democracy? Why Democracy?
2.Constitutional Design
3.Electoral Politics
4.Working of Institutions
5.Democratic Rights

Class 9 Economics Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

S.NChapter Name
1.The Story of Village Palampur
2.People as Resource
3.Poverty as a Challenge
4.Food Security in India

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Our Class 9 Social Science summary has made it even easier for you to understand Class 9 Social Science as it was specifically prepared for your convenience while expecting you to be able to comprehend each aspect of Class 9 Social Science without any doubts or dismay.


You will acquire knowledge of the past and the effects that the past has brought upon our present through the study of history in class 9 Social Science. It revolves around ancient, medieval, and modern history while emphasizing the rich culture and heritage of all around you including your country, India. A student gets the basic knowledge of why he is living in this society and why the practices that he sees are being performed making him culturally aware and letting him get a sense of identity.


Studying geography helps students to understand the interaction of humans with the environment around them. It introduces you to different landforms, natural processes, global challenges and agriculture. You will learn about the things pertaining above the earth’s surface. This gives students a sense of global citizenship and environmental consciousness.

Political Science:

Political science will introduce students to how the government works, why the government works and for what purpose the government works. In technical terms, it helps students in understanding the functioning of political systems, governance, and democratic institutions. It helps students to gain knowledge about the principal and the rights that we the people of our country have fought our way through to attain. This makes students independent and aware of their citizenship while also making them acknowledge their roles and responsibilities as a citizen of their country.


Economics helps students to comprehend the market of their country and understand the rate of unemployment, poverty and many other sides of their country while also gaining knowledge of how the country came to this state, what caused it and how the government is trying to decrease that rate as much as they can. Social Science equips students with essential life skills such as financial literacy and decision-making.

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