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Science is the study of knowledge and understanding of the world and day to day to life things based on natural shreds of evidence. Class 9 science is the basic study of the concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. It develops a strong foundation in the basic scientific principles of children.

Chapter 1 – Matter in Our Surroundings

Chapter 2 – Is Matter Around Us Pure

Chapter 3 – Atoms and Molecules

Chapter 4 – Coming soon……

Chapter 5 – Fundamental Unit of Life

Chapter 6 – Tissues

Chapter 7 – Coming soon….

Chapter 8 – Motion

Chapter 9 – Force and Laws of Motion

Chapter 10 – Gravitation

Chapter 11 – Coming soon…..

Chapter 12 – Coming soon…..

Chapter 13 – Why Do We Fall ILL

Chapter 14 – Natural Resources

Chapter 15 – Improvement of Food Resources

Topics covered in Class 9 Science include:

•Matter in our Surroundings – Study the properties and state of matter.

•Is Matter Around Us Pure – Study the laws governing the behavior of gases and liquids.

•Atoms and Molecules – Study the basic concept of atoms and molecules and their properties and interaction with each other.

•Structure of Atom – Study the structure of an atom and learn about its properties and bonding.

•The Fundamental Unit of Life – Study the basic structure of cells and types of cells that are used to perform a different task.

•Tissues – Study the basic structure of tissues and types of tissues performing different tasks.

•Diversity in Living Organisms – Study how the different types of living organisms are divided into five groups.

•Motion – Study the concept of moving objects.

•Force and Laws of Motion – Study the laws of motion and then apply them to real-world scenarios.

•Gravitation – Study Gravity.

•Work, Power, and Energy – Study different types of energy and how they can be transferred from one form to another.

•Sound – Study the properties of sound and how sound travels in a different medium.

•Why Do we fall Ill – Study the diseases around us and how we can take measures to cure them.

•Natural Resources – Study different types of Natural resources and measures to conserve them.

•Improvement in Food Resources – Study how we can take measures to improve the quality of food by scientific methods.

In the whole course, students will engage in different activities like conducting experiments, analyzing data, using a mathematical approach to prove formulas and laws, and they will also get the knowledge of how to use scientific equipment and tools like microscopes, scales, burner, etc . which would help to continue their investigation and get to the deeper knowledge of the subject.

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