Natural Resources Class 9 Handwritten Notes Pdf

A deep and on-point note of Chapter 14 Natural Resources of Science subject is given below. The notes are developed keeping in mind the concept-based approach. Natural Resources goes into great depth on the resources that are accessible on the globe, particularly land, air, and water. An introduction to the biotic and abiotic elements of the biosphere comes first. The first abiotic component, air, is thoroughly addressed in the chapter’s opening section, Natural Resources.

Along with the topic of the atmosphere’s function in regulating climate, the significance of various gases found in the atmosphere is brought up. After then, the idea of wind is considered. Here, it is discussed how our atmosphere changes as a result of air heating and water vapor generation.

Natural Resources Class 9 Handwritten Notes Pdf

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Using the aid of the chapter’s exercise on natural resources. Also included is information on air pollution. In the next section, water is highlighted. Along with water pollution, sources of water and their significance for the many living forms that exist on our planet are examined. The mineral-rich soil then enters the picture, with emphasis on the reasons and processes that are crucial to its production. Hope, students find it useful.

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