A Triumph of Surgery Summary Class 10 English

A Triumph of Surgery Summary Class 10 English Footprints without Feet

The story begins with Mr. Herriot, a veterinary surgeon, noticing the dog named Tricki looking extraordinarily bloated and his eyes seemingly turned bloodshot with other descriptions explaining Tricki’s health to be unstable.

When Mr. Herriot asked why Tricki looked like that, his mistress explained that Tricki had turned very gloomy and unwilling to do anything therefore, she ended up thinking that Tricki was suffering from malnutrition which was she started giving Tricki some extra food between his meal times including malt, cold-liver, and Horlicks mixed in milk. After hearing this, Mr. Herriot asked if she had followed his advice to cut down his sweet consumption and the reply was that she didn’t, he also asked about his routine exercise in return the lady explained that sometimes she couldn’t take Tricki for walks due to her busy schedule. All of this was proof enough for Mr. Herriot to believe that the problem was the nourishment given to Tricki by his mistress therefore, he brought Tricki to his own clinic.

For a few days, Tricki was given nothing but water until he was able to walk and whine to go outside where all the other dogs were playing then he was released outside for him to play with the others, later that same day when all the dogs were given food Tricki hustled his way towards other dog’s bowl as there was not one for him.

From the next day, Tricki played rough play with the other dogs and received meals three times a day. Tricki was getting proper exercise with the other dogs and proper meals at proper intervals of time which was enough to get him back to his health. Tricki was not given any special treatment that his mistress wanted him to be given. His mistress sent two dozen of eggs, wine, and even brandy for Tricki to be fed which was not to be included in his diet but his mistress didn’t seem like one hear them out. All of these luxuries were enjoyed by Mr. Herriot and his partners as they didn’t find it in their hearts to throw them away.

How they wished to keep Tricki with them and enjoy the luxuries that came with keeping him but they understood how anxious and worried the mistress was therefore they informed her about his recovery and on the next day she came to pick the healthy Tricki up. Tricki and the mistress were both happy to see each other and went home with the mistress telling Mr. Herriot that it was a ‘triumph of surgery’.

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