The Midnight Visitor Summary Class 10 English

Summary of The Midnight Visitor Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet

Everything begins with a short description of Fowler, who was a writer, of Ausable explaining that Ausable was a secret detective who had a very eccentric appearance, according to the writer’s description, he was fat and a person with a very uncommon accent.

The writer’s disappointment was caught on by Ausable and Ausable confronted him by explaining that his appearance may be shaggy but his work wasn’t and the very first incident agreeing to Ausable’s every word came into existence at that very moment.

A man was standing there, aiming a gun straight toward Ausable. Ausable wasn’t shocked in the least. He recognized him at once, his name was Max.

Max asked Ausable to hand him the documents as it would be much safer in his hands.

Ausable was still not surprised as if he was expecting it all along. He asked Max about how he had entered his room, was it the ‘balcony?’. Max told that he used a passkey as he didn’t know anything about the balcony.

Ausable explained to Max that, the balcony wasn’t of his room but of the next apartment, his room used to be a part of a large unit, and the next room used to be the living room. It had a balcony,

 which extends under his window now. One can get onto it from the

 empty room two doors down his room as somebody did, the previous month. He also added that the management promised to block that balcony off, but they hadn’t. He was trying to make Max believe there was a balcony.

 Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Then, Ausable claimed that he was already expecting someone to come for the document therefore, he asked the police to come and check on him and eventually, if he doesn’t answer the door they will enter the room.

 Ausable had cornered Max. As the knocking got louder and the voice raised, ‘Mrs. Ausable!’, Max started panicking.

 There was no other choice for him, he moved towards the window while pointing his gun towards Ausable and he slowly went down. Then he let the window-sill go in order to land on the balcony but there was a scream heard instead of a thud of a safe landing.

When the door opened, there was a waiter. He entered the room placed the tray of a bottle and two glasses that he was holding and left the room. After Fowler, who was flabbergasted with all the sudden intake,  questioned Ausable about the police then Ausable explained to him that there was no police but the waiter named Henry, whom he was already expecting. Then when Fowler asked about Max on the balcony Ausable explained that there was no balcony.

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