A Question of Trust Summary Class 10 English

A Question of Trust Summary Class 10 English

The story revolves around Horace Danby, an old unmarried man having, he was around fifty years old. He had a successful lock business – with his two helpers, he used to live with a housekeeper who was worried about his health. He was a good person, the only downfall was his dishonesty.

Horace had served in the prison library fifteen years ago which to him becoming a fanatic of expensive books and rare books but they were not something that he affords. This was why Horace broke a safe every year from a rich man’s house.

His next target was the house of Shotover Grange, he used two weeks to prepare and plan his robbery. He was expecting about fifteen thousand pounds worth of jewels in the Grange is safe.

There were only two servants who remained in the house of Grange and as they left for the day Horace entered the house knowing fully well where the keys were while wearing his gloves to use the key so as not to leave his fingerprints behind. There was a dog named Sherry which was a very friendly dog so it wasn’t a problem for Horace. The safe was in the drawing room behind the painting, it was all explained in the TV show, which made the robbery even more easy. There was a flower pot and Horace was allergic to pollen therefore, he was constantly sneezing while trying to open the safe so, he buried his face in a handkerchief.

All of a sudden, there was a thin clear voice asking whether it was cold or hay fever and Horace unconsciously replied, ‘Hay fever’. Then he realized that there was someone at the door. When he turned he saw a young lady with a kind voice, wearing an extravagant red dress, and Sherry who was rubbing on her.

The woman claimed that she was the lady of the house who was away for a while and had returned that same day with also asking some questions along the sentence. Horace was so shocked that he believed her every word and explained his plan for her every question. Horace started persuading her that he won’t do anything and just leave without causing any problem so she shouldn’t report him to the police. The woman took out a cigarette and to please her Horace removed his glove and gave her his cigarette lighter.

 The woman took advantage of his fear and innocently explained to him that her husband has kept the jewels inside that safe but she couldn’t remember the code to open them and she had to wear them for a party. Horace already believing her every word believed this as well and open the safe within an hour, and left the house immediately.

 After three days, early morning, he was arrested by a policeman. He had left his fingerprints all over the place as he had opened the safe without his gloves and nobody believed that the wife of the owner was the one who asked him to do so. But when the investigators asked the wife of the owner, she claimed it was nonsense. The reason behind her denial was that she wasn’t the woman that had asked Horace to open the safe for her.

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