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The last lesson is a strong story written by Alphonse Daudet. This chapter shares a story of a student who is not interested in studying their native language. Today we will share The last lesson summary in Hindi with you. Everything discussed here is in detail and according to the curriculum of CBSE. For your ease.

Summary in English

The last lesson is by the author Alphonse Daudet. In the last lesson summary, the author Amorites Lewints about the year 1870 when France was captured by Bismarck-led Prussian forces. Furthermore, the Lorraine and Alsace districts went under Prussian rule. There was a discontinuation of the teaching bunch in these two districts. There was an order for the French teacher to leave. Consequently, Hamel was not able to stay in his old school. Despite this, the last lesson from him was full of devotion and sincerity. One student of M.hamel was afraid of him. There was an anticipation of punishment from this student when he came to School that day. However, he learned that this will The his last lesson. Soon he realized the importance of this subject.

This story shows us how people feel they don’t learn their native language. The narration of this story is by Franz, Franz is a lazy boy. However, in his laziness, frank likes to play and is sensitive. Franz hates, his teacher. He has no interest in school and studying french. An order has come from Berlin after taking over the districts of Alsace, and Lorraine. France that the German language rather than France should be taught in the Share.

Furthermore, it is the last day of school for M. Hamel. This teacher is working there I’m last forty years. The village men attend their last lesson. Franz receives shocked when he learns that this is his last French lesson. Instantly, he develops a liking for M. Hamel his hatred for him suddenly changes and comes to an end.

There is a reflection of his patriotism in his praise. for the freak language in the world. It seems that M.Hamel is emotional on this occasion, Fathoment, he as the class to guard this language. He says being classed to one’s language is a way to escape the clutches of slavery and then realize the significance of their mother tongue. French that it is impossible to remove language from a person. This is because of something natural to a person. This means that no matter how hard Dislike may try, one will fail to remove one’s “language”.


Today we discussed the last lesson summary in Hindi. This story was written by Alphonse Daudet. It conveyed a very strong message to us. Through this blog, we tried our best to teach you the last lesson summary in Hindi. If you like this blog the last lesson summary in Hindi then comment your thought in the section and you can also help your friends by sharing the last lesson summary in Hindi. so that they can also take proper benefit.

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