Strong Roots Question Answer (MCQ and Short) Class 12

The chapter strong roots are written on the life of DR Abdul Kalam. In this blog, we have discussed all the possible questions of strong roots. We have also covered the strong roots question answer which has appeared in recent years of boards.

Very short MCQ type strong roots question answer

(1) Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam was our country President of


(c) 12th

(b) 11th

Ans:- 11th

(2) The birth place of Kalam was

(a) Rameswaram

(b) Kolkata

(c) Delhi

(d) Chennai
Ans:- Rameshwaram

(3) One of the forbearers of Kalam’s mother was Made awarded by British the title of –

(a) Bahadur

(b) Raibahadur

(c) Padmashree

(d) Bharat Ratna
Ans:- Bahadur

(4) Kalam’s father would take him to the mosque for

(a)Pre dawn prayers

(b)Mid-day prayers

(c)Evening prayers

(d)Afternoon prayers
Ans:- evening prayers

(5) Abdul Kalam’s ancestral house was built in –

(a)Mid 19th century

(b)Late 19th century

(c)Early 20th century

(d)Early 19th century
Ans:- Mid 19th century

(6) The Shiva temple was a……………..walk from Abd Kalam’s house.

(a)Ten minutes

(c)Ten hours

(b)Twenty minutes

(d)Two minutes
Ans:- Ten minutes

(7) The name of the high priest of Rameswaram Temple was

(a) Lakshmana Sashtry

(b) Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry

(c) Rameswaram Sastry

(d) Rameswaram Sastry
Ans:- Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry

(8) Kalam’s father was –

(a) Highly educated and wealthy

(b) Wealthy and wise

(c)Highly educated and generous

(d)Wise and generous
Ans:- Wise and generous

(9) Abdul Kalam’s father walked………………miles home from the coconut grove.



(b) Six

(d) Fourteen
Ans:- Four

(10) Adversity always presents opportunities for –

(a) Understanding

(b) Views

(c) Agreement

(d) Introspection
Ans:- Introspection

(11) For Kalam’s father his mother was an –

(a)Ideal wife

(b)Ideal guide

(c)Ideal friend

(d) Ideal helpmate
Ans:- Ideal helpmate

(12) Kalam’s locality was predominantly

(a) Hindu

(b) Muslim

(c) Jain

(d) Christian
Ans:- Muslim

(13) Rameswaram was famous to pilgrims for –

(a) Vishnu temple

(b)The Shiva temple

(c)The mosque

(d)The Tirupati temple
Ans:- The Shiva temple

(14) There were quite a lot of…families living amicably with their Muslim neighbours.

(a) Muslim

(b) Buddhist

(c) Hindu

(d) Christian
Ans:- Hindu

(15) The question that APJ Abdul Kalam asked his father once was about –

(a) The father’s austerity

(b) The relevance of prayer

(c) The existence of God

(d) The mystery of life
Ans:- The relevance of prayer

(16) After namaz Kalam’s father used to walk

(a) Four miles

(c) About ten minutes

(b) Eight miles

(d) About twelve minutes
Ans:- Four miles

(17) Kalam’s father used to start his day at –

(a) 7 a.m.

(b) 6 a.m.

(c) 4 a.m.

(d) 5 a.m
Ans:- 4 a.m

(18) After namaz Kalam’s father used to walk down to a

(a) Playground

(c) Vast field

(b) Mosque

(d) Small coconut grove
Ans:- Small coconut grove

(19) Kalam’s father would return from the grove with

(a) One dozen coconuts

(b)About two dozen coconuts

(c)Two dozen coconuts

(d)About a dozen coconuts
Ans:- One dozen coconuts

(20) APJ Abdul Kalam believed in the existence of a

(a) Natural power

(b) Supernatural power

(c) Divine power

(d) Devil
Ans:- Divine power

(21) Kalam’s father could convey complex spiritual concepts in very simple………………..language

(a) Marathi

(b) Tamil

(c) Gujarati

(d) Telegu
Ans:- Tamil

(22) By ‘Strong Roots’ APJ Abdul Kalam means –

(a) His family background

(b) His Indian origin

(c) His love for science

(d) His religious identity
Ans:- His family background

(23) Kalam’s father used to avoid

(a) Money

(b) Fame

(c) Comfort and luxuries

(d) Poor people
Ans:- Comfort and luxuries

(24) The divine power, Abdul Kalam thinks, can guide one to –

(a) One’s failure

(b) One’s true place

(c) One’s success

(d) one’s joy
Ans:- One’s true place

(25) Everyday Kalam’s mother fed with

(a) Many beggars

(b) Many outsiders

(c) Only her children

(d) All her family members
Ans:- Many outsiders

(26) The language of the…………….. prayer chanted in the mosque

(a) Arabic

(b) Urdu

(c) Persian

(d) Telegu
Ans:- Arabic

(27) In his childhood Kalam lived in his –

(a) Ancestral house

(b) Newly built house

(c) Rented house

(d) Hut
Ans:- Ancestral house

(28) Rameswaram had a temple of –

(a) Durga

(b) Kali

(c) Shiva

(d) Saraswati
Ans:- Shiva

Strong root Short question answer

(1) What is the source of ‘Strong Roots’?
Ans:- The source of ‘Strong Roots’ is wings of fire.

(2) What was the name of Kalam’s father?
Ans:- Kalam’s father name was Jainulabdeen.

(3) What was the of Kalam’s mother?
Ans:- Kalam’s mother Name was Ashiamma.

(4) What was the full name of APJ Abdul Kalam?
Ans:- The full name of APJ Abdul Kalam was Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam.

(5) Write the location of Rameswaram?
Ans:- Rameswaram is a small island town in Tamil Nadu.

(6) What kind of parents did Kalam have?
Ans:- Kalam parent’s were widely regarded as an ideal couple in Tamil Nadu.

(6) What title did the lineage of Kalam’s mother get from British Government?
Ans:- Kalam’s mother lineage having bestowed the tiltle of ‘Bahadur’ by the British.

(7) When was the ancestral house of Kalam made?
Ans:- The ancestral house of Kalam was made in the middle of 19th century.

(8) What was Kalam given in his childhood?
Ans:- In his childhood Kalam got all necessary things like; food, medicine, and clothing.

(9) What kind of childhood did Kalam have?
Ans:- Kalam’s childhood was very secure, materially and emotionally.

(10) Mention the items of meals that Kalam was given by his mother?
Ans:- Kalam’s mother gave him rice, aromatic sambar, a variety of sharp, home made pickle and coconut chutney.

(11) Mention the date of birth of APJ Abdul Kalam?
Ans:- APJ Abdul Kalam was born in 15 October, 1931.

(12) What were Kalam’s parents regarded as?
Ans:- Kalam’s parents were widely regarded as an ideal couple.

(13) Where did Kalam live?
Ans:- Kalam lived on the Mosque street in Rameswaram.

(14) What type of life did Kalam’s father lead?
Ans:- Kalam’s father lead an austere life.

(15) Why Is the Rameswaram famous so famous to the pilgrims?
Ans:- Rameswaram is so famous to the pilgrims because of the Shiva temple.

(16) Who took Kalam in the mosque for evening prayer?
Ans:- His father took Kalam in the mosque for evening prayer.

(17) What did the people of different religion?
Ans:- People of different religion would sit outside the old mosque waiting for his father after evening prayer.

(18) When did people offer thanks to Kalam’s father?
Ans:- People offered thanks to Kalam’s father after being cured.

(19) What was Kalam’s father response to all thanks of the people?
Ans:- When people thanked Kalam’s father, he smiled and asked to thank Allah, the merciful.

(20) Who was Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry?
Ans:- Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry was the high priest of Rameswaram temple.

(21) What type of discussion took place between Kalam’s ER father and the high priest?
Ans:- The father of Kalam and the high priest of Rameswaram temple used to discuss spiritual matters.

(22) What did Kalam ask his father?
Ans:- Kalam ask his father about the relevance of prayer.

(23) What is the function of prayer according to Kalam’s father?
Ans:- Kalam’s father told him that there was nothing mysterious about prayer. It is nothing prayer that makes possible communication between spirit and people.

(24) What happen when one prays?
Ans:- When one prays, he transcends his body and becomes a part of the cosmos, which knows no division of wealth, age, caste or creed.

(25) What type of writing is of ‘Strong Roots’?
Ans:- ‘Strong Roots’ is an autobiography written by A.p.j Abdul Kalam.

(26) At what time of day Kalam’s father start his routine of life.
Ans:- Kalam’s father started his routine daily at 4 am after reading the namaz before

(27) How far was the coconut grove from KalaNEMASTER Kalam’s house?
Ans:- The coconut grove was four miles away from the house of A.p.j Abdul Kalam.

(28) What does adversity always presents?
Ans:- Adversity always presents the opportunities for introspection.

(29) What are the things that every human being is afraid of?
Ans:- Every human being is afraid of difficulties, sufferings and problems

(30) What does every human being look for when alone?
Ans:- Every human being look for someone who can help them i.e his companion.

(31) How many coconuts did Kalam’s father bring over his shoulder?
Ans:- Kalam’s father brought about a dozen of coconuts over his shoulder.

(32) What do people look for when they reach an impasse?
Ans:- When people reach an impasse, they look for someone to show them the way out.

(33) How did Kalam’s father help people in distress?
Ans:- Kalam’s father was a go-between in their effort to propitiate demonic forces with prayers and offerings.

(34) How long did Kalam’s father followed that routine?
Ans:- Kalam’s father followed that routine even when he was in his late sixties.

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