Fire and Ice Summary

Fire and ice summary in Hindi:- This is the fire and ice summary in Hindi given according to the CBSE curriculum. After reading a summary of this poem you will clearly understand this poem very easily.

About the poet

Fire and ice is a poem written by the poet Robert frost. He was a citizen of the USA. He was a well-known poet of his time. He wrote epics like The boy’s will and The Road not taken. He won gold medals in writing. In this poem, the poet has discussed the end of the world by referring to unique symbols like fire and ice through which the devastating end of the world has been shown.

Explanation of fire and ice summary in Hindi

 In this poem, fire is a symbol of lust and endless desires and Ice is the symbol of hatred. The poet wants to aware the humanity mankind that everything will end one day by human misdeeds. The poet says that both fire and Ice are disastrous firstly, the world will end by the fire of lust and desires. If the world has to destroy twice, it will destroy by fire and Ice. Firstly, the world will end with the fire of lust and desires and then be destroyed by the ice of hatred between man and man. These symbols were used majorly by the poet Robert frost.


So today we discussed fire and ice summary in Hindi in detail. This poem is written by Robert frost. We have discussed all the symbols shared by the poets to discuss the misdeeds of humans which will eventually lead to their devastation of themselves. The fire and ice symbol is used descriptively. We hope you liked our blog fire and ice summary in Hindi. kindly share this blog with your friends, if you find it slightly helpful.

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