Electricity Class 10 Handwritten Notes

You switch on the fan and then the fan turns on. Have you ever imagined why it happens? 

This is due to electricity and because of this not only the fans but also many other electronic devices work on them from the turning of the fan to the launching of a satellite it all works due to the presence of electricity in the environment. Everything we use in our daily routine mostly works on electricity. So, to know about these devices go through this chapter and find out more details on this term.

In this chapter, we will learn about the term electricity; its importance; its applications, and many other things. We will also know about different types of products that are used in our daily life routine. We will also learn about the different types of electricity and came to know how are they made and what are the different uses of different types of electricity.

Electricity Class 10 Handwritten Notes

Class 10 Science Handwritten Notes Pdf

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